This Week in Astrology – 2nd – 8th September 2013

Pic113I’ve spent a lot of time this past week discussing coming into your power. As we celebrated an end of an era at my soon to be old workplace, our conversations focused on what we had gained. Friendships, patience, the ability to work with people who are different to ourselves. But most of all, the trials and tribulations of working in a difficult environment have lead many of us to begin to question ourselves and reflect upon our true wants and needs. These Saturnian trials make us stronger in the end, even if you think they are going to break you at the time! There have been many discussions about having the guts to take a chance, to make the leap, to peer into the abyss of the unknown and just jump! It takes guts, that’s for sure but there’s something incredibly powerful about doing it. Suddenly, with nothing more than a bit of faith, you find yourself flying. Onwards and upwards. Many of us have experienced something that has put us on notice that things have changed irrevocably and now all you can do is go with the change. Fighting against it takes too much energy. It’s energy better spent on pursuing new horizons.

This week, the aspects leading up to the New Moon are a little stormy. It’s a bit like realising that the drop beneath you is a lot further down than you thought as you are flying through the air! On the 2nd September Mercury in Virgo moves into a semi-square to Mars in Leo. It’s all about holding your nerve. DON’T look down. You’ve already started so you have to finish! This really is a test. Does the courage of your convictions stand up to pressure or does it crumble in the glower of a disagreeing spectre?

I watched a Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy this week: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are I confess that sometimes anxiety gets the better of me but with the changing times ahead of me, I am fighting tooth and nail to remain calm. In truth, I’m feeling 90% excitement rather than fear but I still have the moments where I look down at the drop beneath me and my wings falter for a moment! So I tried out Amy’s suggestion of standing in a power pose for two minutes. Chin up, hands on hips, legs strong. It’s a slightly arrogant stance but it’s amazing how calming it is. The knot in my stomach dissolved. If Mercury and Mars find you too wrapped up in knots, try it and see. Gather yourself and be ready for the challenge.

The problem on the 3rd September is that Mars moves into a quincunx with Neptune and later the Sun is opposite Chiron. Delicate little flowers might want to close their petals against the nasty, too hot Sun and shrink away into the shadows. But this really isn’t the time. The Mars-Neptune aspect may feel edgy but it’s about getting your spiritual mission on track. You have to be vulnerable to being hurt sometimes to stay with the programme. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to heal those inner wounds to give you the strength to pursue your passion. This tape will self-destruct in 3…2…1…

The Sun’s quincunx to Uranus on the 4th September still has everyone feeling a little tense. The universe is pointing out that you have a special skill, something that no one else can do. Rebelling against what needs to be done is like rebelling against yourself. There’s an strange vibe in the air. Don’t be surprised if the odd Munchkin is seen scuttling in the shadows. If you have been whirled away to Oz, the only thing you can do is to follow the yellow brick road. It’s no use being a cowardly lion.

The no nonsense New Moon in Virgo on the 5th September is on the Sabian symbol ‘A Family Tree’. It feels akin to your Grandmother grabbing you by the ear when you were naughty and giving you a good ticking off. But it’s all for your own good. There are things that you need to hear during this Moon – insights that you are becoming aware of. It’s no use trying to shirk your sacred duty or any duties for that matter. Sometimes you just have to put the work in, but you’ll probably be surprised by how transformative this can be. Watch this space for more about the New Moon coming shortly…

The 6th September sees Mars in a forceful aspect with Proserpina (the Roman version of Persephone who was whisked away by Pluto to be his wife whether she liked it or not). This may feel like one of those moments when you’re backed into a corner and you don’t know whether to keep trying to fight your way out or simply wait until your capture has got bored and goes to get drunk at the local hell bar.

What I feel from this aspect is that it’s not as bad as you think. With all that heady adrenaline coursing through your veins, you can’t really think straight. This aspect is about staying strong and not giving in just because the competition seems bigger and better than you. But there is an element of needing to use your energy wisely. Pure fight for the sake of it is exhausting. Quit it! Let that energy flow inwards until you feel completely connected to your true core strength.

Finally the cosmos lets up a little as we reach the weekend. On the 7th September the Sun makes a lovely sextile to Jupiter. It feels like the Opener of Ways has granted access. It’s up to you if you take the opportunity but it feels as though things are on the up. With the signs emphasised being Virgo and Cancer, there’s no place like home. Offer a helping hand and the universe is likely to return the favour at a later date.

Mercury creates another sextile on the 8th September, this time to Pallas. It feels like this aspect nicely rounds off the week. It seems like this week is a mental journey – making your mind up, planning strategies, building confidence, biting the bullet and doing what needs to be done, whether you like it or not. But the reward in the end is clearer thinking and a strength of mind that sees you through the next stage – and realising that the wizard is within you.

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  1. This is amazing! I watched the very same video about a month ago, all the time wishing Amy would get a drink of water to stop that lip smacking. Then for the next two weeks I did the winning pose at home in the morning and at work in the toilet. Then I forgot. Sometimes I remembered – but it did not seem that important. Reading this makes me think it IS important after all.

    Thank you for reminding me.

    And thank you for the Saturn-related reply. It did not occur to me to see the other side of the coin, that I may be restricting myself too much in any area … that’s got to mean something.

  2. Hi Laura – I found myself giggling doing the pose feeling rather silly but I was so surprised it worked I’m going to keep doing it! Glad you found the Saturn stuff helpful 🙂

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