New Moon in Virgo – September 2013 – A Word in Your Ear

Pic114The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 11:36 (UT) on the 5th September 2013 at 13VIR04.

When the New Moon is in Virgo it’s time to start projects that require serious attention. Virgo’s skill is discrimination. She knows what’s what and what belongs where. Virgo likes an organisational challenge. Ruled by Mercury, she prefers to engage her mind to find solutions. She’s a problem solver. Give her a crossword and she’s happy. Virgo can easily fill in the blanks by applying some logic to the situation.

Virgo’s pleasure is to serve, to offer a helping hand to everyone and anyone who needs it. In the Tarot, Virgo is represented by the Hermit. In many ways, I think the Hermit himself is more represented by Pisces but the journey towards enlightenment which the Hermit undergoes is a Virgoan one. Virgo is the disciple who willingly learns from the Master. Whether Virgo is an artist, student or priest in training, she allows herself to be shaped and moulded by those who have walked the path ahead of her. As a mutable sign she is flexible. Her humility is her strength, knowing that there are things she doesn’t yet know. Virgo takes pride in learning the process and in perfecting her skills. Virgo as Virgin embraces the concept of purification within and without.

Look to the house where the New Moon occurs in your chart. This is the area of life that needs Virgo’s powers of analysis to fix what isn’t working. It may be where you need to be humble, to commit with studious devotion and where you need to eliminate what isn’t necessary so that you can concentrate on the important details. This is the house where some purification is required. On the flip side, this may be where you are too self-critical or where you have fallen into bad habits that affect your performance.

New Moon in Virgo - September 2013

The Aspect Picture
The New Moon is quincunx Uranus, sextile Jupiter, opposite Chiron and trine Pluto.

There is some irritation with the quincunx to Uranus which is the closest aspect in the chart. Perhaps the point is, you do things differently to others and sometimes this can upset the balance. There’s a need to trust your own process with this Moon. There’s a lot to learn with the sextile to Jupiter but some of it may be painful with the opposition to Chiron. Pluto however says, you’ll be stronger for it. It’s one of those times where you have to let someone make their own mistakes – or where someone has to let you go your own way for better or for worse. Because otherwise no one learns how to do things for themselves.

The Asteroid Picture
At the same time, it’s wise to listen to what others have to say. Mercury, ruler of the lunation, is conjunct asteroid Angel. There’s a whisper in the background, some advice to be heeded like a sweet angel on your shoulder. Mercury is strong in his own sign. Not to mention Pallas who is sextile to Mercury offering you a sensible word in your ear. You might not feel comfortable about it as Pallas is semi-square to the New Moon itself but that isn’t the point. Pallas has left her emotions firmly at the door even though she is currently passing through Cancer. The advice may come from a family member or someone who is like family. They have your best interests at heart.

There’s a certain uneasiness to this Moon but if you are open to the message, you may find that your life becomes a lot less complicated as a result.

 The Sabian Picture

 A Family Tree

I have to say I almost fell off my chair when I looked up the Sabian for this Moon. You see, I had a little excitement last week. I was contacted by an heir hunter and informed that my Grandmother’s youngest brother had passed away without leaving a will so the estate is being shared out between surviving descendants. Now before I start getting begging letters, I’ll repeat what the probate officer said which is “don’t get excited, it’s not a large amount”! But still, it is rather exciting and has made me reflect upon family heritage. The New Moon by the way will be widely conjunct my Pluto in the 2nd house and semi-sextile my IC. Pluto rules my 4th house of ancestry.

5th September - a-family-treeI never met my Grandmother’s brother. He was the supposed black sheep of the family. I don’t remember if she ever said what he did. I do believe he liked a drink and my Grandmother never liked a drinker. Maybe he was a bit of a bad lad in his younger years. I’ll probably never know. But it’s funny that somehow, these two black sheep, me and him, have converged along the line somewhere.

This Sabian is a reminder to reflect upon what has been passed down to you through your family line – what beliefs, what skills? Do you do things the same or differently? Can you see the resemblance with your Mother, Grandmother and beyond? Can you imagine your far ancestors, a hundred or a thousand years back? We are one great big family. What ancient knowledge and ways call you, if any? Essentially this Sabian comes down to ‘where do you come from?’. Biologically, if not emotionally, we are all related to someone.

And some of us regardless of heritage, feel like we don’t belong. For some of us, ties are broken. In these instances, we must find and create new roots whilst accepting that the seeds we distribute still bear some relation to the original tree, whether we like it or not. But these seeds still give birth to flowers.

Painting – ‘A Family Tree’ by Norman Rockwell [public domain]

8 thoughts on “New Moon in Virgo – September 2013 – A Word in Your Ear”

  1. Funny, my grandma and mum have been uppermost in my thoughts this week, I’ve come across their smell in their belongings still stored in my cupboards, I came across an article written by my mum’s cousin about how their grandparents were selling fireworks in Nijmegen as early as 1910. And today I found a pristine but well used wooden coathanger in our youngest (of 4) daughter’s wardrobe, which my grandma had inscribed in pencil with my mum’s maiden name and town, so that must have been more than 50 years old (and still going strong, they don’t make ’em like that any more!), and her hands had held it just like my hands were holding it. I explained in tears what it meant, and my little one in wonder and delight then proudly shared all that info with her sisters. Living history.

    Oh, and the new moon is in my 6th. Double tidy whammy.

    Love your posts. You make it all real. Thanks x

  2. Hi Cinthia – Oh how lovely to have found that coat hanger and shared the history with your little ones. It’s wonderful how small things like that can connect everyone together. New Moon blessings to you 🙂

  3. So pleased for you, Leah. Large amount /small amount, it’s still something positive. Don’t you think the timing of this news is rather striking? Only a short time ago, you burned your bridges, i.e. were courageous enough to chuck your job, after the fire. I’ve just realised what I’ve written! “burned your bridges, after the fire”…..! Awful tho’ it was, you didn’t let the smoke get in your eyes /blind you to what lay ahead; stark choices. I see this news as the universe’s way of saying, “well done”! And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit, if a certain ‘black sheep’ great uncle was smiling down on a little lass who deserves every penny of whatever’s on its way. Enjoy!

  4. Awww – that really made me smile, thanks Jacintha! Yes, I did feel like it was a cosmic validation of the path I’ve chosen 😀 The timing was absolutely brilliant haha!

  5. Dear Leah! What a nice surprise you got there from the Heir hunters. I look at that programm on the BBC quite often (I live in Switzerland) because I think it is fascinating. And you are one of the heirs!!! Good for you! I would not consider you a black sheep though. It somehow shows someone who is (often) marked by mishaps, misbehaviour, a troublemaker, someone who has lost his or her direction. I can not see you as such. You are doing a great service to all of us here, you write really well, you are dedicated. You AND your family should be very proud of you!! Thanks for this September Moon in Virgo. Nice reading, as always.

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