This Week in Astrology 9th – 15th September 2013

Pic115When I was a child, one of my all time favourite movies was ‘She’ starring Ursula Andress. The tale told of a beautiful Queen who believes that young, handsome explorer Leo is the reincarnation of her former lover Kallikrates. Ayesha (‘She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed’) convinces Leo to step into the Blue Flame of immortality with her so that they can be together for the rest of all time. But Ayesha, having already gained immortality finds that the flame takes away what it once gave, leaving her a dead husk. Leo vows to wait beside the flame until it turns blue again so that he too can die. Unfortunately it only happens once every thousand years or so when the correct astronomical alignments take place…

As I wrote the cosmic tides for the week ahead, I found myself listening to the music from the movie in my head so it feels like a rather Ayesha and Kallikrates week ahead! There are obstacles like the dastardly priest of Ayesha who wants immortality himself, there’s a sacred flame, there’s passion, magic and a Finger of God. Let’s take a look at the plot…

On the 9th September, Mercury enters Libra and Mars in Leo squares up to Saturn in Scorpio. This is a tough day to get what you want done. Mars comes up against the full force of Saturn, bringing him to a skidding halt. In fact, it feels as though Mercury could be rather like a mediator, pleading with Mars and Saturn in turn to resolve their differences but both are as grumpy as each other and nobody wants to be seen to be giving in. Challenges from authority may leave you feeling like you have to fight your corner. The rules must stand so it’s how you use your will that counts.

Saturn ruler of time isn’t going to give in to the heat of Mars, even if he gets burned in the process. The trick is to dig deep and look to see if there is any unfinished business that needs attending to. If it feels as though something is stuck, maybe you need to root out the cause in order to get things moving again.

The 10th September sees Vesta (keeper of the sacred flame) enter Virgo. I’m thinking that with Mars still squaring Saturn it’s like a baptism of fire! But Vesta here is brilliant in her simplicity so the trick today is to keep things simple. Focus on the small tasks that need your undying attention. Even with bigger things going on, you can still make every act a sacred act. Practice mindfulness, be in the moment and your inner light will shine despite the darkness outside.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 11th September – cue Ursula Andress swaying sensually into view in her skin tight dress in a mystical setting. It’s a captivating influence that catches your breathe. Venus moving into Scorpio from Libra is akin to a polite dinner party now thoroughly inebriated on good wine, starting to throw their keys into the middle of the table. It’s a little naughty, it’s a little dangerous but superficial conversations just don’t cut it any more.

Venus in Scorpio needs a taste of what lies beneath the surface yet at the same time may be terrified to take her clothes off. It’s about revelation in nakedness, – not just physical nakedness but nakedness of the soul. It’s about bearing all, becoming utterly vulnerable in order to reclaim your power. It is through allowing yourself to experience darkness that transformation occurs. It’s the beauty of shadows.

Oh and hell yes, for the record Venus in Scorpio is the epitome of She Who Must Be Obeyed….

One the same day, Mars moves in to a quincunx with Pluto thereby putting himself at the apex of a Finger of God with Pluto and Chiron at the base. The square to Saturn is tailing off but Mars is still left saying

“What am I going to do”


And no one is answering because Mars needs to figure it out for himself like a child working out a puzzle. It’s like he’s caught without his armour on so now he needs to rely upon his creativity to  get himself out of a fix. If he can stand still long enough and lose the temper tantrum, he might just notice the big cosmic clue – even if he has got goose-bumps from that cold laugh from Pluto.

Mercury by the way is also quincunx Neptune so there’s seriously no point in asking him anything. He’s a little too stoned to care but the visions are great…

The 12th September sees the first quarter Moon on the Sabian Symbol “A Child And A Dog Wearing  Borrowed Eyeglasses” which seems to reiterate the previous message – see with your heart, not with your mind. It’s all about getting a different perspective. You might need to play with it, fake it til you make it.

Luckily Mercury has recovered his lucidity a little by Friday 13th September and moves into a sextile to Eros. Finally someone has started to see the light! Let it shine through your words today.

But don’t hold your breath because by the 14th September, Mercury has moved into a square with Pluto and Venus is trine Neptune and it’s all big orchestral dramatic music and intense starring into each others eyes – or even just your own eyes in the mirror. There’s an obsessive edge to all of this which on the one hand can be profoundly creative but on the other hand it’s too easy to be caught up in the glamour of a spell. Not everything is real today and it’s going to take strength of mind to see through the veil of illusion to the true beauty beneath. It’s Leo fooled by the beauty of Ayesha into bathing in the immortal flame. Don’t give yourself over until you are sure of what you are agreeing to. There’s still that Finger of God pointing in the sky as Mars squares Chiron. If you don’t keep an eye on the big picture, someone could get hurt.

And finally on the 15th September, the Sun in Virgo forms a square with asteroid Okyrhoe in Sagittarius. Okyrhoe was the daughter of Chiron gifted with prophecy who was punished by the Gods for revealing their plans. Even if you know it’s true, even if the eternal flame of immortality is burning blue, keep it to yourself. Not everyone is going to believe you and that’s even more frustrating. There is a time and place for plans to be revealed. It’s best to wait and watch, get on with the cleaning and let time pass. There will be other day, better days to discuss your insights. Ayesha’s other name was ‘She-Who-Waits’.

All in all it’s a dramatic week with some heady influences to negotiate. The key seems to be in with Vesta – keeper of the sacred flame. Tend to your inner light.

4 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology 9th – 15th September 2013”

  1. What a week awaits us! Thanks Leah,

    Regarding Mars and Saturn, astrologers rave when a “mutual reception” happens – as in this care would be Saturn in Aries and Mars in Capricorn being engaged in some sort of helpful alignment.

    My question is – how about when the opposite happens?

    In a few months I’ll have transiting Saturn opposite natal Mars AND transiting Mars opposite natal Saturn, at the same time! How does that work (or rather doesn’t)

    Have a happy week, maybe you inherit something after all. Besides family talents 🙂

  2. Hi Laura – Yep, interesting week ahead I think! I tend to think of what you have described as an echo transit. Also, quite often I have found the the faster transit triggers the slower one – so in this case the Mars opposite natal Saturn transit might trigger the Saturn opposite Mars transit into action. It’s kind of like a chord being played on a piano. If you add a lower or higher note, it adds depth and tone to the original chord so those other notes stand out even more.

  3. “becoming utterly vulnerable in order to reclaim your power” is such a powerful and apt way of describing venus in scorpio – it could also be described as venus conjunct pluto…great post thank you!

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