This Week in Astrology – 16th – 22nd September 2013

Pic116Change is a curious thing. I woke up this morning and my first though was “Wow, my life has changed” and I felt curiously empty. All the excitement, all the build up and suddenly it’s here – my new life. But it hasn’t quite begun yet. I’m taking a week out from everything (aside from writing for the Lua!), just to re-orientate myself, clean my house from top to bottom and have a head tidy in the process. Everything has felt muddled for the last few weeks. That strange emptiness is the space that’s left from 7 years of having the same rhythm to life, the same old thoughts of ‘how the hell do I get out of this!’, the sudden realisation that it’s finally gone and I am free to pursue my passion. But space is necessary in order to ring in the change, to celebrate it, to incorporate it.

In the last few days I’ve been noticing the chaos that breaks out in times of transition. In my own life, in the lives of others. Suddenly everything is spread out, nothing seems in place and just to top it off the weather has gone mental! But this is it, times of transition force everything out of its place precisely because we need to see everything. When change comes, it’s necessary to extract the debris and find new places to put the stuff we want to keep. With change comes a new rhythm and just like when a new tune starts on the dance floor, you need a little time to find your feet and to let the rhythm work its way into your body. The wind blasting outside and the horizontal rain remind me that nature too is transitioning from summer to autumn. Everything is trying to adjust and find its centre.

On the 16th September, it’s probably best to accept the chaos as Mercury opposes Uranus. The lunatic leaves flying outside my windows seem just typical of this energy. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury who brings cosmic messages in the form of flashes of brilliant understanding. But sometimes you don’t quite know how this new understanding fits with everything else, even if it has that feeling of ‘rightness’ about it. The winds of change are blowing with these two planets and its challenging what you think you know. It can be an anxious energy, nervous and generally scatty. Things may be left half undone as your mind scatters. Breathe. Let the quirky energy in. It’s ok for things to be a little messy sometimes. Sometimes life needs a little shake-up to keep it interesting.

The caution today however is that Mercury and Uranus together can indicate speaking out of turn and with Mercury also forming a quincunx to Chiron, those words might hurt. Be ultra-cautious of what you say and how you say it. If you are on the receiving end, its best to view it as a learning experience. Don’t take it to heart.

Saturn conjunct the North Node in Scorpio on the 17th September brings a serious tone to the table. It’s like Saturn has just walked into the picture, held his hands up and stopped the action. Leaves float in mid air.

 “Now”, he says “What do you see?”.

Saturn likes slow motion because it allows you to focus on what’s really there. It’s about reality, your reality and how you see it. Saturn conjunct the North Node is reminding you of your karmic mission and the responsibilities that entails. You can’t run from what needs to be done.  

Coming, ready or not” shouts Saturn

And he will find you if you try to hide.

Mercury and Mars also form a sextile on the 17th which helps to channel off the waning Uranian energy from Monday. Any brilliant thoughts that struck you could be put into action today. Be prepared and be patient. Self discipline and a willingness to do the work will keep Saturn on your side.

The karmic vibe continues into the 18th September as Venus also conjuncts first the North Node and then Saturn, the big man himself. This whole gathering makes me think about the law of attraction. Venus is love and happiness; Saturn is time, responsibility and manifestation; the North Node as I mentioned before is the karmic pull towards your own soul growth. This may be a day for working out karmic debts in relationships or for revealing the spiritual contracts made between you. It’s also time to consider what it is that you are attracting into you life. How is your love life and relationship to money? Do you take time out just for you? What are you allowing to flow in? What are you creating? What patterns keep repeating? These are all the questions asked by the Venus, Saturn, North Node conjunction. Venus and Saturn have a hard time in astrology, yet whilst they may signify problems they also represent true commitment. Commit to love yourself as much as you love others and in turn you will gain the respect you deserve.

The Full Moon in Pisces of the 19th September is on the Sabian symbol “The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky”. During this ethereal in-between time, take a moment to consider all that you have achieved up to now. Revel in triumphs both big and small. Bless every gain. Use these experiences to feed the promise of more triumphs to come. The universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone

Pluto stations direct on the 20th September. This marks a moment of transformation. Consider what you have learned about yourself in the last 5 months whilst Pluto has been retrograde. You may have had to battle inner demons or make significant shifts in order to reclaim your power. Now is the time to let the process unfold. Change is happening and it may feel intense. What was once unconscious is now conscious.

The knowledge acquired may feel overwhelming as Mercury also squares Jupiter today but with a trine from Venus to Chiron, there is a healing element at work. Resolve to clear the last of those thoughts that threaten to throw you off balance. Stay with the truth of what you know and both Jupiter and Pluto will bring you a wealth of enlightenment.

On the 21st September, comes a wonderfully steadying influence from Saturn and Pluto as they form the third and last sextile aspect between them. With both planets being in mutual reception, there’s an understanding of what it takes to make things work. The key motto to live by with this aspect is ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’!

And so finally we reach the Autumn Equinox on Sunday 22nd September as the Sun slips into Libra. After a shaky start to the week and deep karmic issues being brought to the fore, now balance is regained. Focus on inner and outer harmony.

All in all this is a powerful week which move from chaos to order by way of self-discipline and acceptance of your karmic path.

Image – Detail from ‘Autumn Leaves’ by Eyvind Earle

6 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 16th – 22nd September 2013”

  1. Wonderful thoughtful and sensitive review of the week Leah! Yesterday there was chaos and disaster, true. I am curious about the Venus-Saturn conjunction. I was born with it (1st house) and now it happens in my 8th house. Not sure what that means. An astrologer I visited many years ago commented on the natal conjunction as “a frosty demeanour but you’ll age well”. Not sure about either, and not sure what they mean in the 8th house – love your taxes? LOL

  2. Right on time. Got messy sending out my complaints and exposures to the corrupt officials of Philadelphia naming their crimes. I have natal Saturn at 7-8 Scorpio in 9th house. They razed my life, exposed me to environmental toxics and hate crimes to cover up when Pluto passed by natal Mars conj. G.C. in 2006. They’ve nearly killed me and have killed others. My moon/sun conj is at 11-12 Aries and Uranus is inspirational to kick ass. N. Node & Saturn right on top of my natal Saturn. I tone it down but truth outs and there is no way to really be mushy about corruption that kills. I’ve got the evidence and they know it. Let the chips fall where they may. As a writer , I have a great book. Going on healing retreat in the 19th and working at things from spiritual dimension for 4 days with other healers.

  3. Hi Margaret – Sounds like you do have the makings of a good book there! Making something positive out of such negative experiences is a wonderful way of transforming that energy. I hope you enjoyed your healing retreat.

  4. Hi Laura – ooops, sorry for the late response. Love your taxes, yes haha! Generally it could mean that you take intimacy and the concept of sharing very seriously. On another level, depending on what else you have in your chart, it could mean that you are very good with money, whether you have a little or a lot.

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