This Week in Astrology – 23rd – 29th September 2013

Pic48bI have the mother of head colds. My nose is comically red, my eyes swollen and I’ve reached that streaming stage. I’m sniffing Olbas oil like there’s no tomorrow and garlic is my new best friend. It seems fitting that my body has gone into healing cleanse over-drive as I’ve spent the week cleansing the house from top to bottom. I’ve had more energy than usual and my appetite has been on the ‘famished’ scale – both warning signs that I’m fighting off a bug. My astrology amused me as I lost my voice on Friday, exact to the day as Mercury opposed my natal Saturn! Meanwhile Mars is transiting my 1st house which characterises both my energy boost and the consequential crash and burn. That said, my raised temperature produced an extraordinary dream where I looked up to the sky from a room which had a whole wall as a window and the sky was exactly like one of those beautiful Hubble photographs with multicoloured gaseous clouds and spinning galaxies.

I have readings to work on but I’ll be doing it gently over the next couple of days with lots of rest between working hours. The cosmos too is pretty much taking a break for the first few days of the week. There are no major aspects until we hit Thursday 26th September when Venus trines Jupiter and even that is a lazy aspect that eases us in gently (or perhaps lulls us into a false sense of security). Venus trine Jupiter is the pleasure principle at work so it’s time to kick back and relax. Do what makes you happy. Indulge a little.

There’s an undertone to this transit however in the form of the Sun quincunx Neptune. It makes me think of those times when you plan time off from everything and then, when it gets to that time, you don’t quite know what to do with yourself. Nothing feels quite right and maybe something else is better and in the end nothing really gets done because you can’t commit to this way or that.

But these are creative aspects. Indulge your imagination. Play a little. Cut yourself some slack.

The last quarter Moon on the 27th September is on the Sabian symbol “At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By A Train”. This rather ominous symbol can be read on many different levels. The most obvious is ‘look where you are going’! Sometimes it’s easy just to keep pushing ahead without taking into account of what’s going on around you. This is a ‘heads up’ Moon that says you need to stop and take a moment to check your surroundings.

The car is symbolic of being ‘in the driving seat’. The train represents the collective – the wider social forces that are at work. The train isn’t able to deviate from the track but the car can stop, turn around and manoeuvre in a different direction. The onus this week is on you to change direction if you must to avoid a crash course with authority or the group.

Taking this symbol on an inner level, it can represent the need to stay on track and to watch for warning signs of self-sabotage and wilfulness that can derail your efforts. Stay alert.

The fractious energy continues into Saturday 28th September with a tempestuous square between Venus and Mars. Once again this is a creative aspect, not all bad on the face of it. The difficulty comes when you are looking to someone else to provide your sense of happiness or motivation. There’s a tendency to rock the boat just to get attention. Venus in Scorpio has got it into her head to point out everything that’s wrong rather than what’s right. And what’s more, she wants something done about it – right now! But this stampy foot tantrum could erupt in her face if she isn’t careful because tempers are a little frayed. Best to amuse yourself doing what you enjoy and leave the rest for the time being. Of course, for the lovers amongst you, this could produce some passionate making up after the fall–out. The trick would be to not fall out in the first place.

The pressure is on as Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 29th September. If you have work to do that requires intense concentration and/or deep research, this is the perfect time to throw yourself into it. The mind is in detective mode and this is great for piecing together a thesis, a large project or a book.

Your perceptions are unusually heightened. Mercury doesn’t miss a thing under this influence. The mood in general becomes serious and it may feel like everyone is looking for the sub-text. Whilst there’s a suspicious vibe at work, it’s wise not to get caught up in mind games and power plays. Mercury in Scorpio is the perfect time to reflect upon your own motivations. Scorpio has a deep abiding love of truth, even if it hurts. Don’t be afraid to confront those darker aspects of yourself, those mind shadows that you normally run from. Mercury in Scorpio is brave when it comes to exposing skeletons in the closet. It may also be a good time to open conversations that are difficult and address things that are normally swept under the carpet. A little psychic house-keeping every now and then doesn’t go amiss.

4 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 23rd – 29th September 2013”

  1. “The car is symbolic of being ‘in the driving seat’. The train represents the collective – the wider social forces that are at work. The train isn’t able to deviate from the track but the car can stop, turn around and manoeuvre in a different direction.”

    Very well said, thank you Leah….and isn’t this just the point with a strong influence touching our bigger picture of what is going on astrologically as we ride out the Pluto Uranus Square?

    Going against the collective towards change is what it is all about. Yet not to quickly get out of the way, as to not get hit, but to stand up take a different route to be an example.

    It is not easy for any of us who are awake in this moment to be a leader at the front of this aspect? It takes courage to have the vision, the awareness in this life that we are here to create change. To be aware of this and listen to a call to maneuver. And especially in light that the end of the new path is still in development, takes great faith and trust. Yet the alternative to live in a world where the collective is currently heading -headlong down a path unable to diviate is quite literally being stuck on the tracks. This is is a scarier road to contemplate and follow in my view.

    Leah, thank you for all your work and being one of the healers leading us along on this new path. I feel obliged to also speak to this, as my MC is placed on this same Sabian Degree.

    Still your warnings are well taken and I will stay aware! ; )

  2. Hi Leanne – Beautifully said yourself! And yes, exactly re. the Pluto-Uranus square and the clash of the individual with the collective. I very much had the same feeling. We need change and this takes individual action which in turn can become collective action but running headlong into the throng isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it. As you said, it’s about staying aware.

  3. Leah, is there an astrological aspect with the Sabian symbol ” A woman cooking nourishing chicken soup simmering on the stove”?

    Because you and your head cold need that chicken soup …

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