Natal Aspects – Moon conjunct Pluto

The Moon conjunct Pluto in the natal chart bestows an intense emotional nature. There is a powerful drive to be loved which may be motivated by a deep insecurity stemming from childhood years. Life needs to be felt mind, body and soul so superficial connection is passed over in favour of profound experience.

The native with this aspect is most likely to have had a powerful connection to the Mother or Mother figure. Whether it’s love or hate, either way, ‘Mother’ has been a dynamic force in shaping the emotional landscape. There may be a super-sensitive antenna for trouble, drama, chaos, darkness or simply negative energy. This may have stemmed from being psychically attuned to the surrounding atmosphere in early childhood. For some, Mother was controlling or abusive or she may have been experienced as disempowered, secretive or resentful. Mother may have been deeply suspicious of others and ever-watchful over her child or children. For some, the darkest expression of the Moon conjunct Pluto is sexual abuse/violence. However it manifests, there are often skeletons in the closet and demons knocking at the door.

Despite the negative overtones and interpretations of this aspect, the Moon conjunct Pluto native has an astute ability to psychologically analyse others and is sharply perceptive. Whilst they may find it extremely frightening to let others in to their own internal world, they have an uncanny knack of understanding the fears that motivate the responses of others. It can take a long time to earn the trust of the Moon conjunct Pluto but once trust is gained, it is forever held – unless that trust is betrayed in which case, watch out! This aspect can implode when hurt. The instinct is to ruthlessly cut off emotionally whilst they lick their wounds.

A certain sexual overtone is sometimes present. The eyes can be particularly sultry. Their intriguing and sometimes mysterious aura can be naturally enticing. These people can be wonderful lovers once they trust you enough on an intimate level and have the capability to kiss it better in more ways than one. With their keen insight into human emotion and innate understanding of sexual power, they have the ability to cast away the inhibitions of partners. When functioning well, this aspect nurtures their private life with loving attention.

If emotional residue from the past isn’t addressed, there can be a tendency towards seeing things in black and white and emotional self-sabotage. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a classic sign of deep pain. For some, the fear of being controlled by their emotional life is so strong that they attempt to shut it down which can cause further problems as the dam invariably bursts. Secrecy can be a coping mechanism. The trick with this aspect is that they need to allow themselves to be fully present with their feelings. Sometimes they can err towards controlling behaviour, especially when their own emotions feel out of control. In extreme cases unresolved problems can manifest as obsessive behaviour. The native may be hung up on cleanliness or find it hard to throw anything away. Everything can seem to have sentimental value.

There is a dark beauty to the Moon conjunct Pluto. There is a fearless compulsion to experience life in all its aspects from the darkest of dark to the lightest of light. Moon conjunct Pluto is unafraid to walk in the shadows because they know that within fear there is power.

Celebrity Examples

Edgar Allen Poe
Moon conjunct Pluto in Pisces, 5th House (rectified chart). Famous for his gothic horror writings. His Mother died early and his early life generally was chaotic. Addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Carl Gustav Jung
Moon conjunct Pluto in Taurus, 4th house (rectified chart). Famous psychiatrist/psychoanalyst. He described his Mother as being ‘unexpectedly powerful’ and had nightmares about her. Astrodatabank notes that ‘ He once dreamt Pluto was a sculptor’.

Anthony Shaffer
Moon conjunct Pluto in Cancer, 12th House  – A British playwright and author of ‘Sleuth’ described as a ‘brilliant double-cross mystery thriller’.

David Soul
Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo, 1st House – Famous for playing detective ‘Hutch’ in the 70’s cop show Starsky and Hutch. In his personal life he has been arrested and jailed for violence against his wife and is known to have been an alcoholic in the past. He has been in therapy for anger management.

Amelia Earhart
Moon conjunct Pluto in Gemini, 2nd House – The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic is also famous for mysteriously disappearing. The mystery of her death/disappearance continues to this day.

Jodie Foster
Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo, 9th House – A wide conjunction in her chart can be seen manifesting through her work where some of her most famous parts see her playing a strong women under threat.  For example: – The Accused, Panic Room and The Silence of the Lambs. Emotional intensity is characteristic of her acting style. She also famously keeps her private life private.

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  1. Wow you hit the nail on the head! That describes me to a T!
    My moon is conjunct pluto (1 degree orb) in Virgo (5th house)

  2. I am a Pluto conj. Moon in Libra, 4th house. Coupled with my Sun and Mercury in the 12th house of Taurus, have made for an interesting astrological profile. Lol!! THX!

  3. My jaw literally dropped. Never have I read a more concise description as what you’ve written here (Pluto 10 Libra, Moon 14 Libra – 10th house. Sun 26 Pisces. Asc 6 Sag.). This is bookmarked for future revisitations. Thank you!

  4. Very enlightening and accurate with my moon in Virgo at 0 degrees and Pluto at 5 in the 12th. Also sheds some light on a former partners aspects re: moon and pluto.

  5. I don’t have this aspect in my own chart but i know someone with this aspect , he is obsessed with his mother even though she died 2 years ago , he still writes and thinks about her a lot , her death still pains him and he misses her too much , he has a great understanding of other people’s emotions and very affectionate , so your describtion hits home

  6. My mum has moon conjunct pluto in leo in a fixed t-square and I have moon square saturn in taurus in a fixed t-square as well. She drains me physically and emotionally in everyway. She cannot stop talking? putting people down and she treats every topic like a debate. She almost ruined me as she brought me up in her insensitive? cruel and controlling ways never once made me feel worthy of mryself despite been fully aware of my quiet and timid nature. Even after marriage? she continued meddling in my personal affairs until i realised i have to physically avoid her to get my inner peace.

  7. Hi, I am just uncovering the sexual abuse in my family picture. My mum never dealt with it, if she was abused, (my Aunty and my Grandfather were for sure) but I think the secrets of my Mums abuse and her need to keep it hidden, yet let me take the blame for her resulting trauma and anxiety has been hard to bear, until now I can see the truth and sit with my feelings. A yod to moon, mars, and topped off with Chiron I think means being in touch with my anger helps me to heal… love that Betty Page was a moon pluto! what a sexy beast! hope to aim more for that side of Moon pluto, 😉 peace Moon pluto’s! keep up the detective work! you might just be the end to dirty secrets and trauma passed on through generations….

  8. Hi Bell – I’m sorry to hear of the abuse that took place in your family but it sounds like you are really moving forward towards healing those wounds. The power of transformation 🙂

  9. Wow found this interesting! I have Moon-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th house

  10. This reads very true for me: moon/pluto in Leo in the 8th. My mother and I were locked in mortal combat from day one. I chose not to have children because I didn’t want to perpetuate this and didn’t feel able to work through it enough not to do so. Relationships have always been a challenge, though I am fortunate to have a long good marriage. I am now, later in life, with time to begin to work creatively, feeling these root issues emerging. Hoping I can make some progress transmuting this powerful energy into something that will inspire or free or at least help.

  11. Hi WDS – Thanks for sharing your experience of this aspect. It sounds like you are already making progress. That is the beauty of Pluto. It is the ultimate transformer 🙂

  12. So good! Im Moon conj Pluto in Scorpio 4th house. You described my childhood to the full extent!

  13. Hi Leah, – What an eye opening revelation that was. I have a wide 10 degree orb pluto
    conj moon in virgo 2nd house. And I have spent my whole life both intensely desiring an all consuming passionate relationship, yet when I am in them I am unable to be emotionally transparent and am always secretive and witholding the sharing of the intensity through my intense fear of being fully seen to really want the relationship to be something magnificent. Of course, I am always dissapointed when they dont (cant) live up to the expectation. And soon I cut them off at the knees anyway.
    What a glorious mess my lovelife has been, still is. My mother was to me a sad figure who was deeply hurt & abused in her short miserable marriage to my father.
    Who not only physically and emotionally abused her, but moved his psychopath girlfriend in while mum had to housekeep for everyone.
    Is it any wonder I have never wanted to marry. Oh well thanks to your transformative, insight into this aspect I may finally be able to get my beleagered lovelife into perspective, turn the page and start afresh. Thank you deeply and profoundly.

  14. Hi Gloria – Thank you for sharing your experience. Gosh yes I can see how your Mother’s experience may have influenced your future relationships. That sounds very hard.

  15. I have moon in leo square pluto scorpio

    I love it i am all fire so i dont hide my emotions

    When i gey angry i look in the mirror my eyes get dark and round muahahaj its beautiful

    Too bad my aries mars square neptune wich has ruined my life make me weak fearful and insecure

  16. Hi Wakil – are yes, the Moon square Pluto is very much expressed through the eyes! Don’t forget your Mars square Neptune can also be wonderfully creative, a spiritual warrior 🙂

  17. Leah I got redirected here whilst searching for Moon square Pluto, and i was absolutely blown away by its depth and insightfulness and how spot on it is about me! Later I realized it’s for Moon conjunct Pluto..i’m amazed…is it possible for Moon-Pluto aspects to share qualities? Moon in Cancer.. Thanks

  18. Hi Fia
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is a relationship between all Moon/Pluto aspects. With a natal square it can be felt more intensely. There’s more of a sense of struggle with it than with the conjunction but it can bring up very similar themes.

  19. Wow I was very pleased to find your wisdom on the moo-plu conjunction .I am moon pluto and ascendant all conjunct in leo (1st house) and I have chosen a spiritual path and have some profound abilities metaphysical and spiritual as did my mother who was a moon pluto conjunct in cancer she suffered sexual and physical abuse in her childhood however I did not although she was reclusive and anti scocial and difficult at times I was the opposite I think due to my strong connection with my very kind and social leo father.I am a professional psychic healer and teacher and have a degree in social work .I also had a near death experience in 1989 at the age of 33 that made my spiritual convictions deeper in fact there was a nasty pluto aspect happening at that time for me.My personality was hard to handle at times when I was younger for both parents and myself quite frankly ….lol! because I square myself with sun in taurus 10th house and saturn in scorpio 4th house.I have managed to harness this personality into being constructive rather then destructive as pluto can either build or destroy .Compassion is my strongest trait thank God and helped me stay on the right path……lol!

  20. Hi Chris – Thanks for sharing your experience of this aspect. It is a challenging aspect but it sounds as though you have also been able to manifest its profound positives as well!

  21. I fell (unwillingly) in love with a Moon conjunct Pluto in Libra. Then I found I had Moon inconjunct Pluto (by 30 dgrs). I have a lot in common with Moon conj Pluto, but this man, he looked and behaved exactly how you described it – and he was a “dark” beauty, never seen anything like it. He had white skin but his eyes were completely black (mine are turquoise). He was very likeable, but also easily suspicious, angry and obsessed, and easily lost control over his intense emotions. He was in a long term relationsship to someone, I would describe it as an “asymmetric” one, because she was his age but the feeling they gave me was he depended on her as if he was a little boy and she was his mother. We had a tight Eros-Psyche connection (among other really obsessive Pluto, Mars, Juno, Sun and Venus connections). He was Eros, I was Psyche, but the most interesting part was his natal Venus between our asteroids. And as you know, Venus equals Aphrodite (Eros mother in the myth). The feeling I had about them was confirmed by this aspect ..! We were never in a psysical relationship, but our story was in many ways a reflection of the Eros & Psyche myth (with his mother-wife in the middle), and I know that he learned something valuable from it, as did I, despite the many really difficult and hurtful moments. And just to be clear, I never intended to interfere with their relationship. Pluto-Moon will forever be associated with this person to me, and with the Eros myth as well because Eros sacrified his nature for his selfish mother-lover.

  22. Leah, just wanted to tell you, it was amazing when I accidentally discovered our Eros-Psyche conjunction and read the myth. Because it was a true reflection of the relationship. The insane attraction, the mutual distrust, the role of my two siblings, and the trials I went through. When I read my comment I come across as bitter, but Im not, and I know in my heart hes not. The myth is about facing that which keeps you from becoming whole (deep fears which separates you from yourself), and he gave me a piece of the puzzle. I know we will both use the insight to the best of ourselves and our respective relationships.

  23. Hey Leah, i just wanna say thank you if you ever see this. This explains a lot my issues with mom growing up. Im a Cancer guy. I guess this explains why i like older women or motherly women huh. Thanks for explaining everything ok
    Have a Bless one =)

  24. Hi Leah,
    Thanks so much for this article. Its quite difficult to find proper writing on exactly this aspect, without it becoming morbid and only focussing on the negative traits. This was spot on.
    I’ve got moon conjunct pluto in scorpio in 8th house opposite my sun. and its felt every minute of every day. Especially when its full moon or i get my period… When you say “to be fully present with their feelings”, its completely correct, though i’d like to comment that when an on-slaught of such intense self-ruining emotions hits and you know its happening and can’t do anything other than look at it all while this dark force inside you (which IS you, you know this!) starts tearing up anything positive you’ve been trying to build, then it can get pretty hard to keep one’ cool. This “darkness” that has a tendency to emerge in this aspect is more of a morbid longing to see life (emotions) as they really are, not as we want them to be. And so one is (unwillingly) willing to go to the such depths in order to uncover all the shades of black grey and everything in Between. So often the outcome of such searching is not mentioned which it should be cause the beauty that lies beyond is worth all the Struggle. Its very satisfying to come up on the other side, to understand one’s chaotic irrational emotions and feats and then to be able to spot them in everyone around you and help them face it too.
    Thanks again Leah, for this reflective moment your article gave me 🙂

  25. Thanks for your comment Anne. Yes, I can completely appreciate how difficult it is to sit with the darkness. I don’t have this aspect myself but I for other reasons had to learn to be present and that was a tough process – one which I can still struggle with. But there is beauty beyond it and I’m glad you’ve seen it too. Blessings.

  26. Wonderfully written and what like most about western astrologers is that they think outside the box and don’t see everything as black and white like most Indian astrologers do.. Thanks for the article! Very close Virgo Pluto , moon in eleventh house…sad u haven’t tackled eleventh house 🙁

  27. And when you have moon Pluto conjunct Saturn in the libra tenth house sextile Neptune Sagittarius first house. I wonder what that translates into ?

  28. Thanks Leah – I have this in Scorpio, my first house, grew up with a very dominating and controlling mother, and i only hope I won’t be like that to my children! I’m hoping that is the point; that I will be open and non-judgemental, but I am slightly …. demanding in relationships, and my ascendant is last degree of Libra so I definitely have that co-dependent vibe in my ideal relationship, its two extremes right now, either 99% of men are obsessed with me, or 1% are those I am willing to obsess over and give everything to, I suppose that is called Love, but my fear makes me want to take a middle way, without any committed love, but then with all of this scorpio/pluto action it simply isn’t possible with my sexual needs.

    Your insight to nurture my own private life – self-nurturing my deep emotional and sexual drives, is likely key and the path to healing.

    If you have another insights for Scorpios with that and love, would be very appreciate.

    Lots of love,

  29. Great post…
    Im with a sag stellium un 1th thst begins with pluto 0 degree.
    My mother was all of that, with time i learned to forgive her deeply, thanks for shearing (^^) instead of keeping just!

  30. True to the core…thank you for shedding light on my experiences with mother, partners and organizations (bringing up hidden stuff and demons for healing). Going where “angels fear to tread” so to speak and wondering why (?!)

    Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo in 2nd house (square Venus!)

    Btw my name “Kerry” means “dark haired ruler”

  31. Hi Leah! My solar return for my last birthday fell on a New Moon (7 degrees Scorp Sun). Someone told me then, that each New Moon would be a “gift” – I’ve found that to be true each month, and had to tell you, that stumbling upon this article was part of my gift as the Pisces New Moon Eclipse approaches this weekend.
    You did a reading for me late last June, and I often reference the charts. I was studying the pile of planets I have between my 10th and 12th houses, and, as I did, I looked above my packed with Libra 11th house to see my ex’s Moon and Pluto, sitting in Libra (his 3rd house) and saw that Moon/Pluto conjunction. I’d never noticed how close together they were, and though he and I are quite separated, something told me to look into it. I’m so glad I did, as your article provided an incredible amount of insight.
    I had never used the term “baby out with the bathwater” until I was explaining how my ex had handled ending our relationship.(Emotionally cutting off our 2 decade connection in a way that baffled my Scorp/Cancer sensibilities). I always thought it had more to do with his chilly Aquarius Moon.
    Before the breakup, there were many moments where I found myself thinking that he really had some issues with his mother that he needed to work through. She’s someone whose incredibly sweet demeanor cloaks control and manipulation. A likable person but – There’s a fist in her velvet glove that makes you feel a bizarre sense of guilt if you aren’t going along with her plan, or picture of perfection and happiness projected out into the world. His father was an alcoholic, who his mother came close to leaving. In many ways, my ex followed in his footsteps. I now see how she attached herself to her son as the relationship she could control. Throughout our relationship, he tested me as a child/teenager would test his mother. Had I known then what I now can see, I would have pushed harder for him (us) to get much needed counseling. Deep down, he has a beautiful soul. But without coming to terms with his past, he’ll continue to deal with the ugly side of Moon/Pluto.
    For me= Somehow, with my next potential love, I’m going to need to figure out a way to get his birth info right up front, to send to you immediately for review! It will save me so much trouble! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us Leah = You make a wonderful difference for people every day.

  32. Hi Leah,
    Thank you so much for this. I have my moon and Pluto in the 7th house in Libra opposite Venus and my ascendant in Aries in the first. The intensity of my emotions can get overwhelming and I am trying to find out more about Pluto/Moon conjunction in order to discover how to handle this aspect. Most of what I’ve read hasn’t been very encouraging so it is positive to hear that this can be worked with. Thanks to all those who have commented too it’s nice to know I’m not alone with this.

  33. Please add Friedrich Hölderlin (March 20, 1770-1843) to your list of Moon-Pluto conjunct personages. 0º conjunction in Capricorn. Sun at 0º Aries. He tried to make German verse as plastic as ancient Greek. Considered by many the pinnacle of German lyric poetry. Worshiped by Stefan George and Rainer Maria Rilke.

    It’s good to remind myself of his moon in Capricorn, which I think of as a rather “nefarious” placement. He does not seem to have had the calculating nature it is supposed to instill, but then I know him only through his highly spirited, sublimely effusive work. In the context of a Pisces moon and mercury and his Pisces-Aries cusp Sun + Jupiter in Sagittarius on the Ascendant, the infamous wryness and cynicism of the Capricorn Moon would definitely be off-set.

  34. I need help with interpreting mine miss. I know i am 20 degrees Pluto and my moon in the 7th house of Libra. I am not sure what this means for me nor my aspects to this. I would love any assistance. Thanks!

  35. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! This describes me so much part esp the part when I get hurt. I have 29 deg Libra moon-Pluto in the 8th house. I wonder how my house placement affects my personality more?

  36. Pluto and moon conjunct in scorpio 2nd house. I have a deep desire to feel all the feelings on the spectrum otherwise i feel like i haven’t lived, the more extreme the more alive i feel, it’s exciting but also very exhausting but totally worthwhile. I also find i am often aware of whats going to happen before its happened, my intuition is crazy sensitive

  37. Wow, never have I read an astrology interpretation that felt like it was written directly from my life! My moon/pluto is conjunct in Libra in the 4th house. I was abused early in life and my mom spent her entire life covering it up from my father and most of our family. When she died it sent me into a deep depression due to our relationship throughout her life which was dominated by her controlling nature and desire to keep secrets. I finally chose to go therapy in order to work through my issues and after reading this I know that was one of the best choices of my life. Thanks for this amazing break down Leah!

  38. wow this was amazingly accurate. i love being read like a book like this since i feel like i can read others so easily. moon and pluto exactly conjunct at 25 scorpio in the 10th house!

  39. Shawntay Crawford

    This is crazy! Astrology surprises me every time. This discribed my experience perfectly. Mine manifested in a negative manner with my mom and sexual abuse ( not my mom) but I hated her for not protecting me… after an awakening where I almost killed myself I decided to try to work things out and to give her a chance by walking in her shoes as I am now a mother as well. The manifestation of this aspect was causing me to be very anxious as a mother and it blocks me from my connection of love with my children due to my childhood. I’m still in the process of healing and trying to overcome all of this and my children were are my motivation and they have saved my life many times as I just wanted it to end..
    my moon is at 22 degrees conjunct Pluto at 22 in the sign of Scorpio in the 6th house. It’s pretty intense and being unaware of this aspect allows it to simple control me!
    If you have any advice I would love for you to email me!

  40. Hi! Just wondering what it means for a couple, both having, moon conjunct pluto in natal chart?

  41. I am moon conjunct Pluto which shows in my fifth chart Libra. I don’t know the degrees as new to this astrology world but there was truth ringing in your words when I read your explanation over it. The channelised energy of this conjunction is unknown to me so I am just going with the flow but it makes me harder to accept what it has brought me till date. I am deciphering it and I know it would be known someday from my constant meandering to find the acute meaning of this Life.

  42. This is one of the best descriptions of Moon-Pluto I’ve read. For those who skew Moonish or Plutonic, check out Aeprils Astrology at , or try the Burning Tarot podcast at

    Elsewhere, I read that a rectification of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s natal chart shows him having Moon exactly conjunct Pluto, separated by only two minutes ( 00 degrees, 02′). That’s the configuration of Moon-Pluto in my chart, but I don’t seem to have become a genius or composer.

  43. moon (15 degrees scorpio) conjunct pluto (10 degrees scorpio) conjunct asc (5 degrees scorpio) thank you for sharing your article.

  44. I’m moon-Pluto conjunct in sag in 4th house. I think this could mean your mother didn’t want you having freedom in the house. Also yes some abuse has happened. I have Aries Saturn in my 8th so you can do the math with my daddy issues. Things were tense and traditional in my house yet also my parents are liberals which is also like wtf you guys constantly contradict yourselves! Anyway, things are better with my mom but.. it’s been an intense feeling with my family.

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