This Week in Astrology – 30th September – 6th October 2013

pic3After a quiet week last week, the cosmos kicks into gear. We are now building towards eclipse season and the Sun is tripping the Uranus-Pluto square. This week we also have a tense New Moon. Hold onto your hats, the times they are a-changing….

The week begins with Uranus trine Pallas-Athena on the 30th September. There’s something quite brilliant about putting these two together. Uranus already has that quirky cosmic connection and because he has a higher perspective he tends to see what others don’t. Pallas is an excellent partner as she’s gifted with seeing patterns and patiently working out strategies. With these two in flowing aspect to each other, it’s the perfect time to brainstorm what you would like to see happen next in your own life. Don’t disregard ‘crazy’ ideas. Write them down or make a mental note. You may not need to act on them right now but they could prove to be inspired later down the line.

Mercury trine Neptune on the 1st October gives a rather lovely start to the month. These two could bring dreams – perhaps inspired by your brainstorming session yesterday! Don’t forget to make a note and keep an eye on your daydreams too. Mercury and Neptune prompt divine connection. It’s like the gateways are open at the moment and each an every one of us has an opportunity to receive a message, inspiration or simply a sense that there is something bigger at work. If nothing is coming, make time to just sit and give yourself permission to open up to the world of spirit. Pray, sleep, meditate – do whatever it takes to change gears and bring your frequency up a notch. Aim for a higher perspective even if life on earth is proving challenging. Mercury trine Neptune promotes mental peace.

And you may need to have found that inner peace to deal with what’s coming because the energy changes dramatically on the 2nd October when the Sun triggers the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. First up is a square to Pluto so everything can feel a bit raw. Pluto is pushing for release but the Scorpio Sun has got his claws into what he wants and doesn’t want to let go. Be assured Pluto will win that battle.

The best way to deal with the Sun square to Pluto is to release of your own accord whatever it is you are holding onto. That way Pluto is appeased and you retain a sense of  power. The problem with the Sun is that sometimes it’s easy to identify too much with something – it could be a person, an object, a job or even just a certain way of behaving. The only thing that is you is YOU.

The opposition to Uranus on the 3rd October increases the pressure adding anxiety or restlessness into the mix. This aspect can manifest as shocks and surprises, the unexpected rattles your cage. The Sun triggering the big square seems to be saying something about how it’s impossible to control others. People do the unexpected, just when we least expect it!

As just one example, the awful event that occurred at the Nairobi shopping centre shows the extremes that some people are willing to go to in order to enforce change. It’s true that bad things happen – things that shock us to the core. People can be unpredictable. But we cannot hide away from the world living in fear of what might happen. Somehow, we have to find the balance between looking after ourselves and each other as best we can without letting our guard down so far that we become a target. It’s about being strong in yourself –  and trust. Trust is hard, especially in a world where the media feeds on suspicion. But trust we must because otherwise our own identity becomes consumed by collective fear. We must remain free to be who we are.

The 4th October is reasonably quiet aside from asteroid Sisyphus entering Scorpio. He’s going to keep that ball rolling no matter what. Sisyphus was a mortal who tried to cheat death but the incensed Gods punished him by forcing him to roll a boulder up a mountain every day. Every time it got to the top, it would roll back down which meant the following day Sisyphus would have to push the rock all over again – and again and again until the end of time.

Scorpio is the traditional ruler of death. The entry of Sisyphus into this sign is a reminder that we too cannot escape death – not only physical death but ‘death’ in life – change in other words. Phases come to an end, relationships change, children grow up. Nothing stays the same. The more we hold on to that which needs to change, the bigger the weight upon us, the harder it is to push through life. Without change, life becomes relentless.

The New Moon in Libra on the 5th October packs a punch as it feeds into the t-square created by the Sun and also squares Jupiter. You can read all about it in my New Moon post but suffice is to say that there’s a feeling that things are being revealed and maybe it’s not something you want to see. Anything that has been pushed away will spring back to look you in the eye. Stay aware.

Also on the 5th October, Saturn and Uranus form a squeaky quincunx to each other. This aspect seems to ask a lot of questions about how to maintain freedom within the current structure, how to change without upsetting the status quo. It’s about taking the best from the past and using that as a stepping stone to the future. A new generation is growing up. What will we leave behind for them – what future are we creating? Adjustments need to be made to embrace both the old and the new.

The last day of the week is a little quiet with just a trine between Mars and asteroid Arachne catching my eye. It’s been a big week, the aspects just a little intense. The 6th October gives you a change to begin weaving it all together. There is work to be done but with both bodies in fire signs, it’s time to get creative. Your passion is your strength.

Symbolically, spider stands for fate. What patterns are you weaving in your own life? What ‘prey’ will you catch? The web can either work for you or against you. Does the design of your life fit with who you are on the inside? The criss-cross of the lines in the web represent the choices you are making, the turn of events, consequences. Be mindful that each decision you make is aligned with your integrity.

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  1. Quite a scary week ahead Leah! And today of all days the Amanda Knox retrial opened. Do you think the truth will finally come out?

  2. American girl studying in Perugia, her flatmate was raped and murdered in the house they shared. They caught the man who raped the flatmate. The prosecutor is a man with tendencies to sensationalise his cases, sometimes at the expense of truth as suspected in previous cases. His interests focussed on Amanda’s cold, almost sociopathic behaviour, poor police work and a media frenzy made the case trialled by media and practically unsolvable.

    Amanda and her boyfriend were sentenced to longer time than the man who admitted raping and killing the victim, then freed four years later as an appeal court overturned the verdict, but will be tried again. Trial started today. The world-wide fascination with the case and with Amanda Knox is beyond any reason or logic.

    Amanda Knox was born on the 9th July 1987 at 02:47 AM in Seattle, Washington, time zone PDT h7w (during daylight saving time).

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