This Week in Astrology 7th – 13th October 2013

Pic77Saturday morning just gone – I dreamed of a ‘newsflash’ which said ” The firemen are putting the fire out although there’s no fire” I woke up giggling at the absurdity and suddenly realised that I was lying in a pool of water! My hot water bottle had leaked it’s entire contents and everything was saturated. Consequently I am now sleeping in my study until the mattress has fully dried! It occurred to me that the universe is asking me to move out of my comfort zone in order to get the job done, so to speak. My emotions (water) are getting the better of me. There ISN’T a fire, there’s no need to panic.

This is rather like the message this week as Venus has also been out of her comfort zone in Scorpio and thinks she’ll find some relief in Sagittarius but there’s a danger of going overboard. Saturn and Mercury are also moving over the upcoming solar eclipse point, priming it. With Mercury now in its shadow zone and Saturn slow by nature, there’s a sense that our attention is being focused. In fact, it makes me think of rubber-necking at an accident only this time there’s no accident (like my dream said, there’s no fire). It’s as though Mercury and Saturn are sternly saying, focus on what you’re doing, never mind what everyone else is doing. Stop comparing good and bad, redefine the terms.

On the 7th October, Mercury creates a sextile to Pluto as Venus enters Sagittarius. Trust is the name of the game. Venus is setting her sights on new horizons but Mercury in aspect to Pluto is a reminder to stay true to yourself. Venus in Sagittarius can be rather fickle so it’s important to stay honest and clearly be aware of your intentions. The trouble with Venus in Sagittarius is that she likes to get above it all. She doesn’t want to deal with the details but Mercury and Pluto are insisting that she stay with the programme. This complex mixture of influences give you the opportunity to learn and grow at a pace you can handle.

Mercury is conjunct Saturn and quincunx Uranus on the 8th October which is an uneasy influence. On the one hand it brings a serious tone but Uranus is like a constant distraction. It’s deciding to get your research notes typed up, only to find yourself lost in Grumpy Cat memes and fascinating articles in New Scientist which are all far more interesting than what you actually have to do. You might feel like rebelling but reality bites and holds on tight. If you’re feeling unduly restricted, look at where you may have been holding yourself back or not allowing your mind some time to roam. Set some time aside to allow space to consider whether your current path is taking you towards your desired future..

The 9th October is like a midweek blessing with Jupiter in Cancer sextile to Ceres in Libra. This is about being grateful for what you have – for the experiences and people who have nurtured you and brought out the best in you. Showing gratitude has a direct effect on your levels of happiness and even upon your health. If you are in any doubt, watch this video which I saw the other day –Gratitude is the fertile soil into which you sow your dreams.

If your life is struggling to bear fruit, aim to improve your knowledge and understanding so that you can see what is out of balance – and try again. Don’t focus on ‘failure’, focus on what you gained from trying. You might enjoy this article on redefining failure.

The Sun is also conjunct asteroid Circe today. Magic begins from within.

Wild Venus in Sagittarius runs into some problems on the 10th October as she squares up to Neptune. This is another distracting influence only now it’s just a feeling of wanting to run for the hills! Venus square to Neptune doesn’t want to deal with anything nasty, difficult or mundane. She’s off chasing impossible dreams, spending money she doesn’t have and planning a trip round the world instead of doing the work she’s supposed to be doing.

Aside from the strong escapist edge, the trouble with this aspect is that it can also trigger a sense that nothing is good enough, nothing is right. Everything could be better, if only… Curiously Venus square Neptune can take the shine off everything because of an all pervading air of disappointment or dissatisfaction. If this is where you are at, spend 20 minutes or so sending out thoughts of love to those you love. Put your hands on your heart and just let yourself experience unconditional love.

The strange, unsettled vibe continues into the 11th October with Neptune moving in to oppose asteroid Eros. There is a strong compulsion to fall in love with love, fall in love with a lie. Nothing is as it seems to be. With Saturn hitting the eclipse degree, the message is that any ‘untruths’ may be revealed at the solar eclipse. This includes telling lies to yourself which are worse than any other lie. Endeavour to see things as they really are – even if you are afraid of what you might see.

The 12th October lifts the veil with the Sun square to Jupiter. It makes me feel like everyone is just so relieved that suddenly anything seems possible! That’s just the trouble with this square – it’s big promises and no follow through. But, the Sun and Jupiter can work well together, even in a square. Over-optimism is better than pessimism any day. At least if you do fall flat on your face, you’ll laugh it off and get up to try again. After the weirdness of the week, today’s aspect sees you regaining a little faith.

The 13th October see Venus opposite asteroid Aesculapia. If the strange vibration during the latter half of the week has caused problems, this aspect encourages an exploration of what you truly value. Living out of step with these values can disturb the balance of your body so much that it can manifest as sickness.

“Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and, deep down, they’re probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to”.

If something is out of alignment within, check out the Mind Tools article (quoted above)  to help you define or re-define your values. Love, both love for yourself and love for others is the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

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10 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology 7th – 13th October 2013”

  1. Leah, thank you for this post!

    I keep a gratitude journal, but sometimes, I get caught up into failure, and what’s not working, now, instead of what’s working in the present!

    Thank you for reminding me.


  2. Oh Leah, I wished I could write like you!!! Very nice description of the week. I will give it to my daughter to read because much of what you wrote really, really applies to her at the moment. Thank you for this and have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Leah, I was reading about Christina Aguilera’s biography the other day and thinking how come some stars are loved and worshipped and some bullied. recent case in point Robert Pattinson vs Kristen Stewart. Are there aspects – natal or transits – to suggest some people are more likely to be bullied than others? Some seem to triumph against all odds and some seem to be cheered on by the entire universe. Just wondering…

  4. Hi Laura – I I would look to Neptune aspects or transits for being the victim of bullying. I just looked at Kristen Stewart’s chart and she has a t-square with Neptune at the apex (Sun and Moon form the opposition). Interesting it’s in the 8th house too because that’s a little like everyone hears about her ‘dirty linen’ as my grandmother would have put it. Her most private stuff is apt to leak out into the public domain.

  5. Thanks Leah, that’s really interesting! So for example a natal aspect of Mars or Saturn or Pluto in 2nd house in opposition to Neptune in 8th house would point to bullying?
    How can someone overcome such aspects? Kristen finds herself quite often the topic of tabloids showing her most unflattering photos and doesn’t seem to care or at least retailate. Surely one must not suffer their entire life because of this, there must be a way to disperse the negative energy. One would hope.

  6. Hi Laura – Whilst bullying is absolutely NOT the victim’s fault, it may be that they needs to tighten their boundaries. Neptune is diffusive. I think it would be a case of looking to lower vibration Venus to look at how self-esteem could be strengthened and then Saturn to look at what boundaries would need to be in place. Whilst we can’t stop the bully’s (or the hounding media in Kristen’s case), as individuals, we have the power to choose how or if it affects us.

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