This Week in Astrology 14th – 20th October 2013

Pic67BSo it’s eclipse season and there’s an odd vibe in the air. The ever-strengthening Uranus-Pluto square is making itself known through the giant storm in India and the storm of another kind in Washington. It’s fireworks all round, literally in the case of a fireworks factory in Vietnam which exploded, killing 15 workers. We are waiting to find out if America will default on its debt which could catapult another world-wide recession. The terrible loss of life off the coast of Italy where two boats full of refugees sank within a week of each other seems horribly symbolic of that general ‘sinking’ feeling, that things are out of control in the wider world.

For each of us, these are challenging times and this week we are all trying to keep our heads above water as Mars moves in to oppose Neptune in the wake of the eclipse. There seems to be a lot about mental attitude, expectation and decision making. The eclipse is from the South Node, there’s a lot of letting go which fits Mercury in Scorpio. I feel like this week is a head-tidy week.

We begin with Mercury sextile Vesta on the 14th October. There’s a real stillness to this aspect. Mercury has been treading water for some time in Scorpio and now he begins a long, slow, deep dive towards the retrograde. With the influence of Vesta, this feels like a flickering light at the bottom of sea, a secret underwater cave. With Vesta in Virgo, the sextile reminds us that the mind is a tool to be used. We are not meant to be at its mercy. Through contemplation, mindfulness and meditation, the mind can be trained to focus.

If your mind is scattered, spend a little time today in meditation. A candle meditation is perfect in honour of Vesta. This aspect feels like a preparation for the retrograde period proper which starts at the beginning of next week.

Mars enters Virgo on the 15th October and generally this is a time to hone your skills. When Mars moves through Virgo, the emphasis is on getting the details right. Mars can still work fast in Virgo but is less likely to skate over those finishing touches that make things stand out from the rest. The trouble is Mars is building up to the opposition with Neptune so it’s easy to get lost in those details! It could however be the perfect time to get your spiritual warrior on. Whether it’s crusading for a cause or working on your on spiritual path, the emphasis is on the path of the apprentice. Be willing.

Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus midweek on the 16th October providing a change of energy to gloss over other rather heady transits. It’s the perfect day to try that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing up or risk making a play for the guy or girl that’s caught your eye. Venus and Uranus are in a slightly mischievous mood so make things light if you can. If someone suggests an evening out, a party, a gathering – take up on it. Sometimes you need to do something a bit different, even if it is on a school night!

Uranus trines asteroid Pawlowia on the 17th October offering the chance to review your expectations. Pawlowia is named after the famous psychologist Pavlov who taught dogs to salivate when a bell was rung. With Uranus in the mix, it could be time to monitor whether your expectations are high or low and what triggers this response. Expectations can be changed.

The 18th October is dedicated to the Lunar eclipse in Aries on the Sabian symbol “A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold”. We all have skills and talents and ideas in abundance but at some point a decision has to be made about which to launch. Sometimes having too many options is just as stressful as not enough. The eclipse says you might not be able to keep all your balls in the air. Let some fall so that you can catch the rest. For more information, check out my eclipse post.

Mercury makes a conjunction to asteroid Phaeton on the 19th October which seems to tie in with the theme of the last two days. Phaeton was the child of Sun God Helios. Wanting to impress his mates, Phaeton tricked Dad into letting him drive the chariot of the Sun but ended up in a heap after crashing from the sky.

The upshot is that a bright idea may seem like a good thing at the time but its in danger of falling flat in reality. You may feel egged on by others into making a decision that doesn’t really align with your integrity. Maybe you feel under pressure to respond in a certain way. Free yourself from the need to prove yourself to others.

The week ends with the Mars-Neptune opposition perfecting on the 20th October. Thank the Gods its Sunday because we might all need a lie in. One of the most frustrating things with Mars and Neptune is that action is dissipated. You may feel like you don’t know what you want and therefore can’t begin anything. The mind can fall into victim mode with the “I can’t” chant floating up every time you go to make a start. Procrastination and loss of focus scupper your plans. Listen to your dreams. Figure out what you truly desire. Remember that your imagination is your driver. You can choose whether to have fantasies of failure or success. 

3 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology 14th – 20th October 2013”

  1. “Figure out what you truly desire. Remember that your imagination is your driver. You can choose whether to have fantasies of failure or success. ”

    Is this how to fight a Mars-Neptune opposition in transit? How about when it’s a natal aspect?

  2. Hi Laura – I think the imagination doe tend to go into overdrive with difficult Mars – Neptune contacts. As for the natal aspect…I’m going to be writing more about that soon 🙂

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