This Week in Astrology – 28th October – 3rd November

call-of-the-sky- by Nicholas RoerichOh boy, is this a big week in the skies! Can you feel it building? There’s tension and excitement, fear and uncertainty and a copious sense that something is coming. The scales have been tipped and we have been unceremoniously dumped into Scorpio to deal with the proverbial. It’s interesting that already during this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, the US is in trouble over their spies being caught with their pants down so to speak, with revelations of intelligence monitoring the German Prime Minister and millions of French phone calls. I’m surprised anyone is surprised. Merkel’s comment ‘the seeds of mistrust have been sown‘ is very apt. The trick however is to stay aware of these forces without being overwhelmed by our own sense of suspicion and distrust.

As I write, There are news headlines talking about a hurricane force storm on the way to the UK which is in line with the extreme weather events noted by the Uranus-Pluto square which forms the backdrop for the entire week. Ever one to interpret signs and symbols, I wonder if there are storms of another kind also about to land on our English doorstep. The storm has been named Saint Jude – patron saint of the impossible.

The week starts of innocuously enough with a square between Venus in Sagittarius and Vesta in Virgo on the 28th October. This makes me think about what and whom we serve and why. It’s about doing your duty when pleasure calls and delayed gratification. Venus is fired up for ranging far and wide, the pleasure of experience. Vesta is quiet and dutiful with her eyes cast down, ensuring everything that she does is perfect for her mistress. Somehow both Goddesses must be appeased in order to diffuse any tension. It’s worth bearing in mind that Venus is also trine to Eris, so whilst it is important to do what needs to be done graciously, it is beneficial to allow for a little me time too.

The pressure builds on the 29th October as Mercury retrograde conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. It’s like running into a brick wall in the dark, stubbing your toe on the toy the kids left in the stairs. Mercury meeting Saturn pushes for a serious appraisal of where you are now, never mind where you want to go. The now is important because your only power is in the now. If you aren’t in the now, you aren’t fully present, your mind cannot be fully engaged. The trouble is sometimes the now isn’t as you would like it to be and that’s when worry can set in. How can I make things as I want them to be? How can things change? I hate it here! Mercury conjunct Saturn however is not about judging your situation. Stop, sit back, take it in, be honest. Worrying won’t change it. Later down the line, action will.

The 30th October brings a little light relief without any major aspects. Venus however makes a conjunction to Tunga God Quaoar who danced and sang the universe into being. With the heavy and intense vibes being batted around this week, a little music may help to relieve some of the tension. Each of us has a soul song. Can you hum your tune? Listen to your heartbeat and move your feet to the rhythm or tap your fingers. Can you feel that powerful beat? Listen to your favourite songs and consider what they say about you. Find a soundtrack to help you write, think or work.

Hallowe’en (the 31st October) brings some feisty energy. I feel like we are going to need it. Mars throws himself into a trine with Pluto and suddenly it’s all bravado, loud laughter and slaps on the back. Right now we might think we can face anything, no matter what old ghosts come knocking. My feeling is that perhaps we haven’t seen anything yet, there’s more to come! But Mars and Pluto certainly give you an edge today as well as some boundless energy to boot.

The Sun is also conjunct the North Node today so karmic issues are highlighted. This is the traditional time when the veil between the worlds is thin. Seek out the light. Ask for guidance.

And then it all kicks into high gear as the Uranus-Pluto square becomes exact again on the 1st November. This aspect points to extremes on a global level. On a personal level its figuring out what part you are playing in the big picture. Whilst war and political machinations may sometimes feel very far away from our day to day life, this aspect is working in all of our charts. Look to where Uranus is to show what is awakening in your own life. Is he touching any planets or points? Revelations are coming. Look to where Pluto is activating your chart – here he’s showing you what needs to be released. Stop struggling to hold onto it!

And whilst all this is going on today we also have *takes a deep breath* Mercury sextile Mars, Sun trine Chiron, Sun quincunx Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury quincunx Uranus. Yep, it’s busy as hell up there and retrograde Mercury is in the thick of it.

In fact it’s a big ol’ yod going on – Mercury-Sun and Mars form the base of it and Uranus is at the apex. These aspects are likely to get us all talking about change. The Mercury conjunction to the Sun and sextile to Pluto gives a sense of suddenly seeing clearly. This is bolt from the blue stuff! It’s about looking at where we can take action but don’t forget, the action itself may have to wait until Mercury is ready to move forwards again. And therein lies the pressure. This powerful need to DO something may feel a little stressful. The Moon buts in to make this a boomerang yod. The finger of God then, points right back at ‘the people’ – you and me. We want the outer world to wake up but the responsibility falls firmly back into our hands. Just what are we going to do about it? A clue may be in the position of Mars in your natal chart as he’s the man of action.

The 2nd November sees Mercury move into trine Chiron repeating the Sun aspect from yesterday. It’s about being conscious of other’s pain, recognising that we are all in it together and finding the right words to soothe both yourself and others.

The final day of the week sees a Solar Eclipse on the 3rd November in Scorpio just kicking off the whole thing. One of the themes of the eclipse is about loyalty. It may be prudent during these tense times to look to where your loyalties lie. Loyalty, for the right reasons and motivations is incredibly powerful.

It’s lightening strikes, bolts from the blue and surprise revelations all amidst the cross quarter festival of Samhain. What was once invisible is now seen, the dead arise. Time to question all you know. It’s up to us whether we make it into a horror story or just a scary movie that leaves us giggling. The times they are a-changing! Hold onto your hats.

This week’s video offering comes from Russell Brand who becomes the mouthpiece of the Uranus-Pluto square in this inspirational interview.

Painting – ‘Call of the Sky’ by Nicholas Roerich

11 thoughts on “This Week in Astrology – 28th October – 3rd November”

  1. Hi Leah ~ After reading some of what Russell Brand had to say, my husband commented how he (RB) had stolen my thoughts. I’m noticing how many of us are saying the same kinds of things these days. It’s all about changing ourselves (which is really the only thing we have control over), then having our actions be a reflection of those inner changes. What are we waiting for anyway? Whatever it is, it’s an illusion.

    This week’s Boomerang Yod is pointed at my 2nd house Ceres in Libra, so naturally I’d like to see *peaceful* efforts aimed at working towards something positive, rather than destructive. Lately I look around me, and the world seems filled with pointless “stuff”, much of it created by invisible, voiceless slaves waiting for us to open our eyes and see the Truth. Waiting for us to make a different choice.

    I’ve made a lot of changes lately. And we just joined an organic food coop. It fits, doesn’t it?

  2. Interesting, “This is the end. Things must change.” I guess creative, open people feel it in their blood, their bones. A lot of us sensitives do. But, it’s so massive, what’s needed; just start somewhere in your own world is all you can do. Comforting the sick, volunteering at the soup line, at the animal shelters. These things are just small energies, but maybe they ripple out.

  3. I felt this during dreamtime last night – a kind of stomach twitters embellished by a fear of being unraveled from the security blanket of our social scenes. I had just shared something about Russell Brand on fb earlier in the day. The loyalty issue is right on target for me because I have to constantly integrate my concerns for animals and nature with my choice to pursue a jewelry business.

  4. Hi Nancy – I completely agree. It IS overwhelming to think of how much needs changing in the world. But each of those tiny steps we can make on an individual basis can certainly change the tide eventually.

  5. Joining a food co-op sounds perfect for that connection to Ceres! And yes, as Nancy said below, we can make small changes on an individual basis which put together makes big changes. We are the revolution.

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