This Week in Astrology 4th – 10th November 2013

Two MasksAfter the heady aspects of last week, this week has an altogether quieter tone. It all feels a little serious but it’s certainly not without some excellent aspects that can help move things along even when you think it feels a bit like a slog through the mud.

Uranus kicks it off on the 4th November with a zingy little sextile to Juno which promises to keep your relationship alive and kicking if you give your partner the room to breathe. I don’t know why but I sense a sweetness in this aspect. It’s the sparkle in their eye when they don’t give the whole game away, the cute quick wink from across the room when they are talking to someone else. Space just means that there’s more to come and the static tension of the build up is exciting and enticing. If you’re in the UK, you’ll know it’s fireworks night tomorrow so a good analogy would be to think of that moment between when they light the spark and the explosion of colour! It’s all in the anticipation.

On a personal level, it may be worth considering a new commitment. If something catches your eye, know that you have what it takes to take it on.

On the 5th November, Venus enters Capricorn. After her jaunt through Sagittarius, Venus slips out of her jeans and walking boots and changes into business attire – and she means business. Once again relationships are in the spotlight. Perhaps the little bit of space granted by Uranus has triggered some serious consideration about whether the two of you have what it takes to commit to the whole journey ahead. We all know that sometimes things become a little rocky. It’s during those times that we find out just how committed we are. Do we hinder each other’s progress or cheer support? Sometimes work commitments get in the way and we don’t see as much of each other as we’d like but then it’s the quality not the quantity that counts. Venus in Capricorn can be the perfect time to make some long term plans as well as consider whether your relationship has staying power.

Aside from relationships, Venus in Capricorn also turns our attention to financial matters. It’s time to get organised and plan ahead. With Christmas around the corner [yes, I know I said it, sorry!], expenses may increase. Commit to saving a little of what you earn on a regular basis to build a solid financial foundation if possible..

And lastly, Venus in astrology also represents our happiness. Consider, what will make you happy in the long term?

We stay with the serious vibe as we move into the 6th November as the Sun makes a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio. It’s all about keeping it real. If you are feeling a little heavy of heart, focus on engaging with transformational practices that will help to shift the weight – meditation, a good routine, bringing your spirituality into everyday life, counselling or therapy. It’s about doing what it takes to stay true to who you are because from this you can build a better future. None of us are getting any younger. The time to start is now.

Jupiter turning retrograde on the 7th November emphasising the need to go within to examine your internal beliefs. This is a cosmic push towards inner growth. What is your philosophy on life? Does it serve you? It may feel like the opportunities you are looking for aren’t there but in truth maybe they weren’t quite right anyway. Jupiter retrograde is a pause for reflection and protects you from pushing too far in the wrong direction. It represents all those times you say ‘oh – that turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

The mood becomes lighter again on the 8th November as Mercury moves into a sextile to Venus and Venus moves into sextile Neptune. Oooh it’s like everyone is holding hands! It makes me think of children who don’t know each other meeting in a playground and within 5 minutes they are all dancing in circles together. With Mercury retrograde, there may be an element of shyness or reticence about saying how you feel but beautiful Neptune fills your heart with love. And with Venus in Capricorn, sometimes you have to make it real and just say it.

Heads out of lovey-dovey land on the 9th November but we are still in a feel good vibe with a fabulous hard-working sextile between Mars and Saturn along with a trine from retrograde Mercury to Neptune. Firstly, it’s an excellent day to really throw yourself into your work or whatever needs doing. Physical projects are starred but Mars and Saturn give you the diligence and determination to stay focused whatever the task. Despite the trine between Mercury and Neptune, this isn’t a day for day-dreaming – it’s a day for building your dreams, whatever they are.

Finally the first quarter Moon on the 10th November seems to turn the tide a little and throws us straight back into all those solar eclipse type issues. The first quarter Moon takes place on the Sabian symbol  ‘A Man’s Secret Motives Are Being Publicly Unmasked“. Back in the eclipse post I ended with the sentence, “What happens when we can’t hide who we are anymore?’. Hmmm – bit of a theme here then!

It’s a test of our integrity, to live honestly and truthfully so that nothing is revealed that would shame us once public knowledge. It’s not that we have to share every little thing about ourselves to everyone else: each of us is entitled to privacy and a private life. It is about being comfortable that who you are in public is closely related to who you are in private.

Going deeper still, this Sabian can also allude to your secret fears. Fear can be a powerful motivator. If your fears are running the show, go inwards and privately unmask them, before they become public.

As a helping hand, we also have Pallas moving into Virgo today and you can bet she’ll help you figure it all out.