New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2013 – Phoenix

PegasusThe New Moon occurs at 00:22 (UT) on the 3rd December 2013 at 10SAG59.

Someone I was talking to today reminded me of the story of how the Phoenix arises from the ashes and this is a little like this New Moon energy. The journey of the Sun through Scorpio may have felt intense, especially with the last solar eclipse. There are things that have been stirred up in the black waters of Scorpio. There may have been a letting go, an ending, a transformation, death, a door closing. But the New Moon in Sagittarius is like the first spark of the phoenix burning back to life.

Sagittarius is primarily about understanding. The centaur is on a quest to discover the meaning of the world and the meaning of his place within it. Here is the philosopher and the adventurer. This sign is a perpetual traveller. Sagittarius is about challenging what you believe by studying the world and its wisdom.

New Moon in Sagittarius - December 2013The archer aims his bow to the heavens. What are you aiming for? Sow the seeds of intention this New Moon. Visualise your goal. The New Moon is trine to Uranus offering possible flashes of the future as well as ingenious ways to make your vision a reality. A sextile to Mother Goddess Ceres suggests that you need to feed your passion. Find ways to fuel your creativity. Hunt out kindred spirits that share your enthusiasm. It can be a life line to have someone who shares your vision.

The square to Chiron can’t be forgotten however. Himself a centaur, Chiron’s pain reminds us of the goals that withered and died, the aims that didn’t hit the mark. The trial of this square is to find faith, even when you are hurting in order to go where you want to go. Sagittarius is about self-belief. If you don’t feel it, find a mentor, read an inspirational book, discover ancient teachings about the mind as well as modern day forward thinking practises. Be open to learning. Learn as much as you can. With the trine to Uranus in the background, it is possible to transcend limits.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

In The Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns In A Container Shaped Like A Human Body

The left brain is typically associated with logical decision making and linear thinking. Yet Sagittarius is a sign that thrives on symbolism and archetypal stories. This symbol speaks of bringing together intellectual and spiritual energy, uniting them as one force. The lamp burning in the shape of a human being is a reminder of the internal light of spirit that shines within you. The body is simply a container for the soul. We are souls having a human experience, a truly a wild adventure!

Keep an eye on the wide open sky above you in order to tune in to the big picture. Sagittarius is mind-expanding energy and the phoenix is rising.

Painting – ‘Muse on Pegasus’ by  Odilon Redon


6 thoughts on “New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2013 – Phoenix”

  1. Well, Leah, ………… evicted for no reason, got sick, really sick, had to have 30yrs of my hair cut off, LOST MY LIFES COMPANION…………………………………..WHAT MORE COULD HAPPEN?
    This new moon opposes my saturn/uranes conj. in Gemini……………………all of the above happened since late August. My intent is to be with my dog, Ivory who died, …………….if we ARE moving into the 5th deminsion I WILL be with my dog, Ivory. Since I had to put her down, she has been with me in a way that is so comforting…………………..she is helping me to be with her, and I dream of her, too. Because of my dogs and all of my animals, I am a better person. I wish humans could be like dogs, a much more intelligent race, believe me!!!!

  2. Mary – Oh I’m so sorry you beloved Ivory passed 🙁 I know how powerful the bond is. I felt much the same when my dog died. It is a great comfort to have dreams and also those moments when we KNOW they are there. My dog still comes to ‘visit’ me after all these years. I believe we are reunited with our loved once when our time comes. Dogs have souls, just like people.

  3. Yes, dogs are PEOPLE! People could learn a lot from dogs. I didn’t even mention 2 root canals, too. I feel totally overwhelmed!

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