This Week in Astrology 9th – 15th December 2013

the-hand-of-christ-the-palm-of-peaceThere seems to have been a hush in the wake of the death of Nelson Mandela. I confess, I don’t know as much about his life as I should. I’ve promised myself that I will buy his book The Long Walk to Freedom. He had such a beautiful smile, such wisdom in his eyes. His legacy is a powerful one, not only on a political scale but also on a personal scale for each and every one of us. To have been imprisoned and yet retained not only his sanity but also compassion and integrity he is a reminder what we can all overcome.

Whilst there is some conflicting evidence for his birth chart, it seems to me that he lived his Sun quincunx to Uranus. Uranus itself was placed strongly in its own sign of Aquarius. The quincunx is a strange ‘fated’ aspect. Perhaps it was ‘fate’ that we came to identify him with the very concept of freedom itself – not just political freedom, but a freedom of spirit. It feels a haunting correlation that Mandela died so shortly after comet Ison burned up in the Sun. Traditionally, comets are said to herald disaster, war, pestilence and the death of a leader or king. Much like I hope part of Ison survived its encounter with the Sun, so too I hope that what Mandela stood for will shine on for eternity.

The week begins with a First Quarter Moon on the 9th December on the Sabian symbol A Gigantic Tent, Villagers Witness A Spectacular Performance. There is something quite magical and mystical about this Pisces symbol. It reminds me of when I attended a fabulous local circus (animal free!) that created an otherworldly event with their dance, drama and acrobatics. I long to go to Cique de Soleil to see Alegria. This symbol is about ‘putting on a show’ but the key is getting like minds together. It shows what happens when something is imagined collectively, it can be made manifest. We as the collective can create something spectacular. Look at what Mandela did – one man with a vision! Now, what could happen if we all had the same vision of peace. How spectacular the result would be. The use of the word ‘gigantic’ makes me think of how things become ‘bigger’ when we band together. The result becomes bigger than the sum its parts.

A trine from Mercury to Uranus on the 10th December continues the circus theme. It’s big, bold and progressive and thoughts turn to future possibilities. Sometimes with Uranus, the future comes racing to meet us in the here and now with brilliant flashes of understanding and innovative ideas that seem way beyond their time. It’s a perfect day for brainstorming.

A shift of energy occurs on the 11th December as Mercury moves in to a moody square with Chiron. It feels like the slightest wrong word will send us off running in the opposite direction. The problem is running away isn’t going to solve the problem. Better to gently talk it through. This aspect can also manifest inwardly so take care to speak kindly to yourself. You can’t run away from you!

In the meantime on the same day, Pluto forms a stressful square to Vesta. There may be a tendency to hold a candle to the past. However a trine from Pluto to Pallas should help to keep things grounded. She’s likely to pinch the candle out with a sniff and get on with her day.

Vesta has better luck on the 12th December with a sextile from Mercury. This is a fabulous aspect for focusing your attention on what needs to be done. Whilst Mercury is still leaping through Sagittarius, Vesta provides an opportunity to tune into the philosophical nature of the sign. Balance is found through contemplation.

The aspect of the week occurs on the 13th December with Jupiter perfecting a trine to Saturn. Saturn provides some deep support for Jupiter improvements. Strength comes from an optimistic outlook. With Jupiter retrograde in Cancer there’s a distinct sense of good parenting wrapped up in this aspect. Here’s a chance to grow through loving kindness.

The 14th December sees the Sun sextile to both Juno and Angel. Consider your spiritual commitment. Make a promise to yourself to tune in to your higher power and connect to your own version of the divine. Keep the promises your whisper to yourself. The angels hear them.

Mercury sextiles Ceres on the 15th December. It seems a fitting way to end a week where there has been a lot of Goddess action. The message from this aspect is simply – go outside and speak to Mother Earth. Listen for her reply.

Painting – ‘The Hand of Christ. The Palm of Peace’ by Akseli Gallen-Kallela