Transits – Saturn opposite Mars

sword-of-courageI’m an astrologer. I’m meant to go with the flow, study the planets, meditate on the meaning, assimilate the meaning, understand the full potential of any aspect both positive and negative – but holy hell the first pass of Saturn opposing my natal Mars knocked me over and with natal Mars in Taurus it was like being sucked into quicksand, uggh! The more I struggled, the more I sank deeper – into a pit of depression and frustration and inner rage that threatened to spill out in all directions like an oil slick poisoning a normally calm sea…

Saturn is duty, structure, responsibility, mastery. He delays, restricts and slows everything down. When transiting Saturn confronts natal Mars in the chart, often it can manifest as a feeling of utter defeat. I think of it as the Ten of Swords transit but the key lies in the exaggeration of the card. One sword in the back would have done the job. Here we have ten. It’s extreme, it’s over the top and in some ways laughable. You have to see the funny side but that is a challenge with Saturn, I know.

swords10Saturn opposing Mars can FEEL deadly. It can feel like everything and everyone is against you. Saturn will force you to look at your motivations with laser sharp precision. If you have procrastinated (as I have) through fears (the flip side of anger), then Saturn will show the consequences and do away with excuses.

Often the opposition manifests as fears and unowned parts of the self being exposed through confrontation with others. It can feel as though you are being opposed by others on all sides. Most common is a feeling of being at the mercy of figures of authority – everyone from your boss or Father to official red tape that makes you want to tear you hair out and a have a full on stampy foot tantrum! But these kinds of oppositions are often a reflection of the shadows inside that haven’t been given the time of day.

A sense of defeat can be characteristic of this transit yet there is an old Chinese proverb that you’d do well to remember: –

If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through.

Many things may be demanded of you during this transit and sometimes it may seem as though what is being asked of you is unreasonable. Saturn and Mars can in fact help you to understand where limitations may have curbed your actions or ability to assert yourself and conversely it also shows where some boundaries need to be set.

Mars is your will and drive. With Saturn breathing down his neck, it may take enormous effort to achieve what you want to achieve during this time. Faced with competition, you may feel like you don’t measure up and doubts can plague you to the point of paralysis. Mars want to act – to DO something to make it right but Saturn is cautious, sometimes to a fault. What is needed is carefully considered, sustained action. The trick as ever with Saturn is to do the work. Despite sometimes enormous frustration, if you can learn to implement a steady, organised approach you can achieve a lot. This transit can teach you a great deal about what motivates you and how you can motivate yourself to do the things you want to do as well as deal with those things that you don’t want to do in an adult way.

To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles. T.F. Hodge,

Unresolved anger can rise up from nowhere. Railing against the system, what happened when you were six or anything else for that matter won’t help. But the anger must be dealt with, channelled or otherwise acknowledged. Robert Hand and other astrologers note that this transit can be plagued by illness if anger is turned inwards. Hardening of the arteries and arthritis are two noted conditions. In extreme cases, anger can manifest through accidents. Hard physical exercise is one route to siphoning off excess negative energy. Personally I’m finding that meditation is another (my Mars in Taurus never did like exercise!). Meditation teaches me to stop struggling in the quicksand. Inner stillness is key.

The key word for Saturn opposite Mars is patience. Everything will happen in its own sweet time. Saturn is the ruler of time and he’s most likely going to let you know that he’s the boss! But if you let Saturn show you the way, you might just find that he does wonders in the end for your confidence. Once this transit passes, you’ll probably hold your head just that little bit higher knowing that you’re finally strong enough to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Keywords and phrases
Patience, stamina, perseverance, resistance is futile! Blocked at every turn, keep calm and carry on, rage against the machine, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Painting – ‘Sword of Courage’ by Nicholas Roerich

What has been your experience of transiting Saturn opposing Mars? Please share in the comments below. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say 🙂 If you are looking for an interpretation of this transit in your own chart, please check out my readings page.

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  1. You’ve outlined exactly what’s happening to me right now! I have transiting Saturn in my 6th opposite Mars in Taurus in the 12th. I can’t remember feeling quite as angry I have recently – often turned inwards at myself, which seems very typical of a 12th house Mars. It’s also manifested in a health problem in that an existing thyroid condition has flared up, causing odd and frustrating symptoms. I’m currently waiting to see if a change in medication will help. Saturn in the 6th really has felt like a hard slog – pushing a boulder up hill only to have it roll back down again – even before it opposed Mars! The trick, I suppose, is to keep pushing regardless!

  2. Oh no, you too Jan! Yes Saturn in the 6th can bring up health conditions although he should also stabilise them over time. Fingers crossed that the medication change helps! And yes, keep on pushing. We SHALL overcome! I should have put that in the keywords and phrases bit 😀

  3. Hello and thank you, love your words and wisdom. When did this transit begin and how long does it last? I might have missed it, sorry if I did . . .

  4. This is so helpful. Another Mars in Taurus (18 deg). I’m glad you’ve confirmed my gut feeling that slow and sustained action is the key to working through this. . I’ve got a barrel-load of other long-term aspects with the outer planets going on as well, and all of this is manifesting as a stubborn health issue. I’m really needing to draw on the Mars in Taurus methodical and persistent approach (which is a real asset in my otherwise very airy and fiery chart).

    Thank you again for a realistic and encouraging post.

  5. I should have added: My Mars is in 8th. One of the slow steady jobs I’ve been doing during this period is slow, systematic decluttering of my home.

  6. Hi MM – Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear you have been experiencing health problems. As you say though, Mars in Taurus can be very useful for just keeping going when necessary. I tend to forget that with my own Mars (I have lots of impatient fire in my chart!). Decluttering sounds like an excellent way to use this energy 🙂

  7. Hi Elizabeth – this transit is only happening right now for those who have Mars in Taurus in their birth chart (between 19 – 30 degrees). Next year, people who have Mars in the early degrees of Gemini will have this transit.

  8. Hello Leah, thanks for your site! I’m a big fan.
    I’m a little alarmed/fascinated to read about this transit because I have Mars at 27 degrees Aries in the 12th and Saturn at 26 degrees Libra in the sixth in my natal chart.
    I thought life is like this for everyone! I think the rest of my chart gives me strength.

  9. Hello, I left a comment this morning, now it’s gone? I have Mars in Aries in the 12th opposite Saturn in my birth chart.
    I was hoping for some insight from you, Leah?
    You’re too busy? My comment wasn’t appropriate for this column?

  10. Hi Ellen – No I hadn’t yet approved your comment as I was working today 🙂
    If you have Mars opposite Saturn natally then you already have a good idea of how this transit works. For those of us without Mars/Saturn aspects in the birth chart, these transits can be more frustrating as we aren’t used to that energy. A natal Mars-Saturn opposition means a life long journey with understanding this aspect and certainly gives some staying power when the going gets tough – especially with Mars working as a spiritual warrior in your 12th.

  11. Finally! I was checking your website every day for this one 🙂
    My Mars is in the 2nd house and Saturn is transiting my 8th, where it will meet Neptune – as in your case probably, we seem to be of the same age, although your houses are different.

    Yes, money is tight, energy is low, talks of a new job that looked promising dried up as soon as the transit started. Things break down and the replacements bought with incredible financial contortions break down too. But my main concern are my parents, who are old and frail and I am so afraid something will happen to them before I can pick my body parts off the floor to be of any use. I think of death all the time, I see death everywhere, I wake up at night in panic attacks and not able to breathe. And no one, no one helps, not even with a kind word, in fact it’s like I’ve become invisible.

    I don’t remember feeling this much desperation and hopelessness, ever.

  12. Hi Laura ((((hug))) Yes it’s a tough one that’s for sure and yes, I will have Saturn conjunct Neptune as well although that will thankfully be a one hit wonder! I know how horrible it is to suffer from panic and anxiety. I would recommend mindfulness meditation (as I did in the post). It really does help. I do this one http://youtu.be/aS5QpPRFdbg daily. It doesn’t make all the problems go away but it does help you to feel stronger.

  13. Thanks Leah! I did not check the Saturn-Neptune conjunction from this perspective. But I did check the Saturn-Mars opposition and it’s a three-hit wonder! Some people say “oh you’ve survived this one before, so no worries”. Sure, 28-29 years ago, but at that time all my Saturn oppositions were one-hit wonders while this time around all were three-hit wonders. Not the same.

    Thank you for the meditation link, I hope it works otherwise I’ll have to ask for meds and I try to avoid meds if possible.

  14. Hi Leah,
    When more members of the same family all have Saturn transiting their 8th house, does that mean death in the family?

  15. Hi Laura – Death is one of those things that I would never try to predict Laura. Also, death is only one of the ways that Saturn in the 8th can manifest. Obviously deaths do occur in our lives but people are effected by death in different ways, the death itself can occur in different ways and hence different planetary action can be in play at the time. For example, when my Mother passed away it was all Neptune action on my chart at the time.

  16. I just want to say that the way you prescribed this transit is very factual. I am saying this because in my natal saturn opposes mars is actually happening so for me it is not Only a transit, but a lifetime learning lesson. Let me just add that mars conjunt my moon, pluto and uranus on top of it opposing SAturn. So probably you can figure it out I was born with that famous uranus pluto conjunction vs saturn in the middle of the 60s. Yes, I can say that my life does sometimes feel like a constant battle (since the irony is (that on top of it) I am an Aries lol!) and I just woke up to this realization since the uranus square pluto aspect kicked in. Yep, I did not get along a lot of time with teachers or bosses or even within my family, (Mars conjunct pluto and uranus doesnt want to lie dowwn to easily for saturn’s demands :), but let me tell all of you who feel angry ( just because as I said it is a life time process for me) that I start to see good old SAturns benefit sometimes (Maybe I mellowed a bit by age and give in a bit easier). Sometimes it knows better what is good for you or not and I start to believe that if you have to put up too much of a fight for something it mighn’t be good for you or worth it for some unknown reason, so listen to it and save yourself from some frustration. If it was not meant to be it will not happen no matter how hard you want it! I am not saying to give up. I am saying try, but if you cant be successful trying the same thing 2- 3 times dont get angry just take it this way. Something better is around the corner!

  17. Yep, I guess Saturn is winning! (Well, I am not giving in that easy (LOL!) all the time, sometimes, it is till a bitter lesson! I still have to learn to be the nice and woolly lamb instead of the wild ram 🙂 just ask my husband! (I am being wiser at work, though, not because they are smarter but because I am wiser ;)!
    And thanks to some of the really good astrologers who helped me figure out who I am, where my strengths and faults are. I guess people like you are the Saturnian teachers for me :)!

  18. Thank you sooo much for your descriptions of this transit! Transiting Saturn is at an exact conjunct to my natal mars in the 8th house. I totally relate to the feelings of defeat. I am so tired of the hard work piece of it.
    Mars rules my second house, Neptune rules my chart. My business is drying up, I’m making very little money, and I’m facing limitations from authority structures as I try to learn new skills. Some of this isn’t new to me because of what I have in my natal chart (12 house Saturn, mars conj Neptune, and Saturn square both mars and Neptune). Following the rules is easy but I’m really tired of doing it.
    Thanks again for putting words to this transit. I’m off to meditate, exercise, do my best, engage in activities that are Neptune-inspired, and practice patience as I let go of what I have no control over while standing up for what I believe in. 🙂

  19. My Mars in Taurus (22 degrees) is in my 3rd house, so with that and Saturn opposite in the 9th house, it’s all about trying to get through the last couple of years of a really long and intense 5-year program of studies to get my professional accounting designation. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, and the details involved in accounting work and all the assignments and exams can be overwhelming. I spend 30-40 hours a week on schoolwork, plus my day job.

    Saturn is helping me get excellent grades, but it’s also restricting my creative Taurus energy because of so much number crunching and not-so-exciting accounting theory. I long to return to my ‘other’ life of sewing, gardening, dancing and singing, or at least get some more balance!

  20. Hi Niki – Wow, you sound very busy with your studies! It sounds like you’re doing really well. Like Saturn says, it will be worth it in the end and you will be able to find that life balance again. That creative energy will flood back 🙂

  21. Hi! I will have this transit hitting my taurus mars soon enough, but it will ALSO be trining my midheaven and sexitiling my saturn….. (natally I have mars trine saturn, btw.) Do you think this will *hopefully* have a beneficial outcome?? the thing is, i was planning on joining the marines soon but was giving myself some time so I’m thinking I will probably end up joining right around the transit… thanks in advance!

  22. Hi Lisa – thanks for your comment. How things manifest may depend on other aspects and so on in your chart but the key is in doing the work as Saturn suggests. Mars does relate to the military and Saturn the establishment so the symbolism fits what you want to do.

  23. Oh Mars oppose Saturn is a toughie! Mars in 12th too (seems to a lot of us), so 6th house Saturn transit…, had operation (over that now) on bladder (Scorpio!), then terrible wisdom tooth issue, and now at the end of the transit (all these occurred with Saturn DIRECT) have heart rhythm issues ,very worrying. Long term frustration I think. And the ANGER! oh just exploding all over the place! But also very TIRED. No energy!

  24. My mother has Saturn transiting her 6th house (Scorpio) opposite Mars in Taurus in the 12th.She is now under a chemotheraphy treatment for colon cancer.Mars is natally aspecting Jupiter in the 3rd house too.

  25. Hallo Leah, thanks for this wonderful sentences about Mars & Saturn – I was looking for something nice about this couple in the web, something what elevates and comfort me, and not frustrates … Frustration ist high actually – with birth mars 18degr. in Taurus – and the visit of transit mars square natal Saturn in aquarius – now!!, a good starter before the final Opposition in a few weeks – i decided instead of starring at my angers and fears, just focuss on stubborn, but necessary works – and wonder – it functions! … most of the time … and the best … i get things done!!! and nearly forget the rubbles – with mars in Taurus in the eight house … have so much security stuff at work, all popps up and cries for solving …(maybe an eight house Thing ?) anyway
    Transit Saturn conj. Neptun – i had the visit recently … be careful of your feet – I got nearly flat feet, and didn´t realize that before the Transit has passed
    good luck to everybody 🙂

  26. Hi Petra – Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad to hear that you are finding a productive way through this transit. Your Mars is very near mine (mine is at 17 degrees Taurus) so we are walking the path together right now 🙂 I think the last hit of the transit is often the easiest in many ways as we incorporate everything Saturn has been trying to teach us.

    Ah – I shall keep an eye on my feet when Saturn conjuncts my Neptune later this year. I never thought about that!

  27. Hi, there. Well, having natal Mars in Scorpio opposing Saturn in Taurus in fourth/tenth house axis respectively, this transit(Mars and Saturn in Scorpio) is trying to teach me how to balance anger with patience which is enormously difficult. My policy is to let Saturn the master of the planets show when it’s time to act. On the other hand, my powerful Mars in Scorpio needs an outlet and I really don’t know how to calm it! Exercising is useful but, not enough. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi Leah, hope high noon has passed – with mars Saturn –
    what a week! lots of headache, sometimes full of energy, restless nights and from time to time high burn out Feeling in between – and – i finally understand the complete lesson with the Opposition to my Radix mars in eight / Taurus – it´s me who has to delegate all the responsibilities in my Job – which don´t really belong to me – back to the right owners, one rank higher (hard work for a virgo ascendent, who never could say no, when some challenge for organizing and logistic themes raised up in the air – after 12 hard years these multitasking abilities nearly killed me and at least nearly ended up in a big burn out – the worst i try to avoid now … obviously with the help of this marssaturn-visit … (actually i cann´t believe, how successful my new strategy of setting limits functions – i´d learned to think in a complete new way, which also integrates my limited energy ressources.
    hope your experiences were as positive as mine and the suffering didn´t overwhelm you – again thanks for this wonderful essay to this special couple – it helped me a lot … love petra

  29. That’s brilliant Petra – glad you found the benefits of this transit. And yes the 8th house, other people’s ‘stuff’! For me, I found a lot of self-discipline for my work and writing (natal Mars in the 10th ruling the 9th. Oh, and I bought a freezer the day after the final pass which is perfectly symbolic too 😀

  30. Hi Leah,

    My natal Mars is in Taurus, and from mid August until about mid November Saturn in Scorpio is opposing my Mars. Not to mention that Scorpio is in my house of true love, lol. But this opposition is really killing me! I am so tired, I’m usually one who can’t sleep more than 7-8 hours and now I can stay all day in bed…but I am solo busy! Money is tight, I have so many things to take care of. I’m normally very active but can’t find the energy in me to exercise when I have spare time, which is rare. School, work, family, everything is piling on top of me as soon as I got back from summer vacation. A lot of self esteem issues and personality conflicts have come up, I feel like Saturn is making me look at myself long and hard to fix what was always buried deep down, to let go of things I really do need to let go of. All of my insecurities about myself and my past and my childhood just came right up to the surface at once. I am so anxious and on edge, I honestly can’t remember such a stressful time in my life (I’m 20). This is a depressing transit, but I’ve really been pushing myself through and trying to work on self-love. I do hope I can really come out much stronger after this passes.

  31. Hi Moni – I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with this transit! It sounds like you are really taking on board the Saturn side of things though and I think that your awareness of what is happening will help you. You are still very young so this will set you up for the future. Hang in there, the feeling of strength will come 🙂

  32. I can talk about when saturn was transiting at 0 degree on my natal mars and moon, squaring pluto, opposing jupiter, while transiting Neptune was squaring Neptune transiting Venus and mercury squaring my natal saturn, I know you don’t like to talk about death but with this aspect my mother died

  33. Hi Emily – Whilst death itself can’t be predicted as it can come under a myriad of transits, sometimes certain transits can manifest as the death of a loved one. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  34. Another Mars in Taurus here, at 27 degrees so just getting hit now. My Mars is in my 10th house, so Saturn is opposing from my 4th. I don’t feel any anger particularly (I guess I’ve mostly processed all my old resentments since Saturn moved into my 4th at 7 degrees!). It seems to be manifesting as back tension and pain from my workload. You mentioned the need to set limits and I’ve found this with previous Saturn transits. I have Virgo Sun square Saturn natally so I work hard already. When Saturn last transited my Sun I hit a wall at work – back pain and spasms – and had to take a vacation and learn to say no to some work demands (no longer at that job, a real burnout kind of place). I really like my current job, love my boss, so no authority problems this time. Just have to pace myself, slow steady Taurus Mars! Get regular exercise (no meditation here, I sit all day as it is), stretch, relax, take breaks. Looks like once it passes it won’t retrograde back as far as 27 – yippee!

  35. Hello… I have a grand cross in my natal chart and the oposing ones are Saturn-Mars and Mercury-MidHeaven
    I would like to understand more of this, because from what I’ve seen it makes sense…. also, saturn is right on my ascendant degree, wich is pisces…

    I was born on july 6th, 1995
    in Leiria, Portugal… at 1:30am…

    my chart also kinda makes a pentagon, I’m very curious if anyone knows how to analize this and gives me some advice i would be very grateful, if not, then it was not suposed to happen.

    love to you all <3
    ( sorry for bad english im portuguese xD )

  36. Olá John, você fala inglês muito bem.
    Vou falar em Inglês por que eu não falo português muito bem 🙂

    There are many ways to interpret this aspect pattern in your chart and some of it will depend on the rest of the chart and your life experience. Generally however…
    Saturn conjunct the Asc from the 12th house can indicate fears and inhibitions, feeling guilty for no reason, fear of what is in your unconscious. Chiron/Mars conjunct the Desc may say something about worrying that what you do will alienate you from others.
    All the stress comes down to Mercury which can suggest, the more you worry about what others think of you, the harder it is to do what you want and be who you are. By allowing yourself the freedom to express yourself honestly, you can reduce anxiety. Overall, there is something here about healing the mind, mastering the mind. Meditation may be good for you to practice.

    If you would like to explore this further, I offer readings here https://www.leahwhitehorse.com/readings

  37. Hello Leah
    I have this transit of Saturn transit my 9th H opposition my natal 3rd H Mars, this tran saturn will also be squaring my natal pluto which in my 6th H conj DC, and all of this will also be forming a grand cross with my moon AC which is opp my natal pluto, also trans Neptune will be conjunct my moon AC making the grand cross with added nep tran AC … Phew what’s going to happen, I’m a bit worried after hearing previous posts on the Saturn opposition.

  38. Leah, Thank you for your article on Saturn oppose Mars. I’m currently experiencing this (I have natal Mars in Gemini at 0 degrees in my 5th house). Have felt its effect since December – frustration/disappointment in relationships (romantic, family, friends, and co-workers!). ( Makes sense with the 5th/11th houses being impacted.) This has caused angry feelings and a fight or two with my beau. I try to control it by meditating, exercise, and being more reclusive. Feel a little ungrounded at this time wondering what to do next (with work, relationships, and where I live). A lot of reflecting on my past and realizing the consequences of my actions and how its landed me here. Throw in a little depression (situational hopefully) and a stomach flu and now a cold. I study astrology so I find it all interesting and intend to navigate through it the best I can and come out for the better.

  39. Hi G. Preston, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling down under the weather. It sounds as though you are doing everything to work with this transit though. It can certainly be tough but it is a great teacher. I hope things start to improve for you soon. Blessings.

  40. Hi, I have Pluto square Mars in my natal chart (8th house, 4th house UNEQUAL HOUSE SYSTEM)…with Saturn transiting….This past week I was robbed by gunpoint by two thieves at 3:30 in the afternoon in front of my house!! Cindy Any suggestions since this transit lasts another two weeks and then again for a month in August? Any way to dispel attracting dark energy?

  41. Hi Cindy – Oh I am so sorry to hear that. What a frightening experience. Having been mugged in the past, I can understand how scary it is. There are a few different ways to dispel negative energies and it will depend on which really speaks to you personally. For example :-
    A simple prayer if you have a particular faith or believe system.
    Traditionally a line of salt across the boundaries of your home is considered a protective force.
    A small mirror hung on your doorway facing outwards can deflect negativity away from you.
    Carrying a crystal such as smokey quartz, black tourmaline or hematite which absorbs negativity around you – wash it under the cold tap at the end of each day and imagine the stone being cleared.
    When I was mugged, I cleared out and cleaned my entire house, getting rid of old stuff, anything with negative associations and so on and then blessed my home using reiki, chanting and a little bell to chase away any remaining negative energies.

    On a really practical level, counselling to work through the experience may also help – as might self defense classes. I haven’t done self-defense myself but a friend of mine did and found it really helpful.
    I hope that helps.

  42. Dear Leah,
    I am extremely worried about SA/Ma opposition in January. I am in a very big health, family and relationship problem. I am so afraid that it could be worse. I feel the shadow of incoming opposition. Just want to ask is there any way to combat the Saturn in 4, in Sagg. and Mars in 10., in Gemini opposition?
    Thank you VERY much

  43. OMG – reviewing this article (thank you Joe and God Bless) – was sooo scary!

    Everything I was afraid would happen happened – especially the passing of my father.

    Interestingly how Joe dug this out on the day of my Dad’s B-day …

    Regarding the black tourmaline, smokey quartz and hematite – I wear them in my bag, in a pouch, and don’t leave house without them.

    Looked at them recently and the tourmaline is broken into many pieces! Careless handling or too much negativity, I wonder?

    Many thanks Leah as always!

  44. Hi Laura – Sorry to hear about your Dad. With the tourmaline, sometimes stones can break like that. Maybe you no longer needed that particular stones energy. Do you cleanse your crystals? I do mine once a month by leaving them under the full moon and then under the sunshine the following day.

  45. Thanks for this helpful post, Leah. Having lived with this influence for the last year (last pass of three happening exactly now, compounded perhaps by the fact that Gem and Sag are intercepted in my chart, and Mars retrograde), I’ve slowed way down. Some of that has been necessary, some enormously frustrating. I can’t leap out of the house as I used to — getting ready in itself feels like a task. And all projects have taken ages — in fact almost none have been completed in this phase but most are near completion. It’s compelled me get clearer about what I want and to prioritise because I can’t do it all — and certainly that’s what I’ll take with me from this time. Fresh winds just ahead!

  46. Oh my gosh..I knew it was on its way! I just left my saturn opposite mercury in mid october…my Mars is at 16 degrees Geminii…my Sun is at 18 degrees Gemini! I feel EXHAUSTED..and have had depression and blockages in many projects. They are all in the 10th house. I can see that having the doors shut and windows bared a spiritual ” awakening” is occuring…but i just hope I can make it through to the other side.
    Would SO APPRECIATE any positive affirmations for this continued long haul. am already carrying the largest piece of Hematite I can fit in my purse and smokey crystal too…any ideas of STONES ? Blessings to all

  47. My Mars is opposite a Saturn in Aries while it (Mars) is in Libra. Oh and not to mention that Mars is also in retrograde. I literally have The Great Wall of Un-Forward Movement and Procrastination in my map. I think I’ll cry myself to sleep now…

  48. Wow..just found this…well I am a Mars 12 house opposite Saturn in the 6house Scorpio…diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2014.. Come through it seems but still on tender hooks as for the past 3 years prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer, I remained undiagnosed thanks to failing medics with Giardia which rendered me first bowel incontinent…eventually diagnosed went through antibiotics…the combination has wrecked my guts and I am experiencing serious issues with the opposite I.e. Mainly severe constipation..etc but really bad..I am very disciplined, I have made the effort to learn to feel the gap where I feel the medical profession has totally failed me.. Diet to repair my guts…but I have not yet managed…so here is my next turning point. Facing colonoscopy on the 17 December 2015, not looking forward to it, apprehensive of course after coming out of breast cancer treatment with a clear mammogram a year on in late November.. I would like a break for Christmas and the New Year!…my 6 House is massive and Saturn still transiting it even when it goes into Sagitarius…never ending..and I am back full time at work since July 2015… And I walk 3 miles a day…a life line..but very concerned about what may be going on with colon and bowel…cancer doesn’t always means that the person does not look fit and healthy on the surface..and I am a typical example of that..I know others who were doing triathlons prior to diagnosis, rugby..it is not always what you would expect and not just a matter of family history..I have none….so in suspens for some days or weeks as here in the UK it could take them up to 8 weeks for results of tests, if they take samples during a colonoscopy!!….

  49. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. I’m so sorry to hear you have been suffering so much with your health. It sounds like you have been very proactive in doing what you can to help yourself – 3 miles walking a day, gosh! I could do with doing that too! I do hope the colonoscopy goes well, not nice to have I know but hopefully it will give you some answers and the right help. Blessings, Leah

  50. Thank you Leah, I am also going through my Saturn return of course.. Ironically whereas my first Saturn return was tumultuous emotionally, this one is not considering, no anger. I feel very centred and appreciative of life, content with what I have materially, nothing grand, I live a simple life…so it has all been a strange combination of being a physically fit 60 year old (March 15) fitter than many of my younger colleagues in their mid to late 40s and this hitting me.. Mars in the 12 house seems to attract me to Marshall arts and Tai Chi as well as dynamic reflective nature. I have put the outer personal struggles aside, professionally, I know move away from obstacles, have nothing to prove at my time of life but I work so I have to deal with them, I just don’t let it affect me anymore…so this is the upside of my Saturn return opposite Mars…let’s hope this will take me through the downside. Best wishes to all.

  51. Great way to explain it. I have mars in sag getting smacked around by saturn after saturn just squared my pisces moon. I feel so so much anger right now and I’m pretty easy going…but anything that I feel tries to control me, tell me what do, have to do it somebody else’s way instead of figuring out my own way, or disrespect of any kind is causing this hulk like rage inside and I want to explode at everything and everyone. Several friends have said you are very angry lately. I get mars in sag so maybe why freedom related stuff is bringing anger…I have an app to help me breath…to meditate..but I dont know how to deal with this anger and I feel like I’m gonna end up shooting myself in the foot

  52. Hi Butterflies, thanks for your comment. It sounds like your app to help you breathe is excellent. Both that and meditation will help with anger issues. Maybe journalling your feelings would help too, to understand what triggers your anger and what it means and where it comes from on a deeper level. Anger isn’t a bad emotion, it can help to protect us when necessary. It’s when the level of anger outweighs what’s happening that we need to take a deeper look. Anger is often the flip side of fear so it can be useful to consider ‘what am I scared of’ when you feel anger to see if your inner Mars warrior is just trying to protect you from something you find scary.

  53. Hi. I will be having Saturn opposite my natal mars (in Gemini in 5th house). Can you tell me how this transit could manifest?

  54. I’m dealing with this now -Saturn just passed over my midheaven, is about 2 degrees from exact conjunction to my natal Neptune & 4 degrees from opposing my natal Mars. I can barely get off the couch, more from lack of motivation than anything else. Any tips for determining what work it is that Saturn is pushing me to do? I’m not sure how to ask that better, I think what I mean is that I’ve been meeting every challenge the best I can, following up, etc. At this point I just feel like life is entirely pointless. Recent developments are all the more frustrating because after years & years of difficulty I had finally started to feel like I was actually getting somewhere in the last year & now it’s like someone slammed on the brakes & threw me back to where I was a year & a half ago. How do I figure out what is is that Saturn is trying to get me to do?

  55. Hi Rosie, sometimes it is hard to figure out what Saturn wants! 🙂 I would recommend going back to look at your natal position of Saturn in your chart for your overall Saturnian challenges (and benefits) and also focus on the areas of life indicated by the house where Saturn is currently transiting. Think about how that area of life may need strengthening, any fears it brings up, any responsibilities and commitments of that part of life. Here, Saturn is saying that this part of life is maturing to a new level and it’s about breaking through any limitations found there.

  56. Dear Lea, I wrote to you in October being frightened about upcoming opposition. Now, Sa opp Mars transit came and I feel enermous energy fall, artritis and muscles weakness. I can barely walk and I am 34. Because of my very bad aspected Neptune and because of this transit I can not prove my illness and I have very bad relationship with my father and husband. No one believes me. What stones would you recommend for this transit ? Thank you very much! Your posts are very significant for all of us.

  57. Hi Joe
    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling so poorly. The symptoms you describe certainly correlate with Saturn and Mars. I really hope that you can find an understanding doctor as you’re not getting the support you need at home. As far as stones go, I would recommend something like red jasper. I also recommend this video for more choices (and this lady knows way more than I do about crystal healing – she’s great) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qDlXetmQNo
    I hope you feel better soon x

  58. Dear Lea, thank you very much! I really appreciate you answer. Everything the best for you! I am wondering wheather officials in your text speaking about this transit mean doctors, as well. Because of badly aspected Neptune, ruler of 7# and 8# in 4# there is an extremely strong misunderstanding between me and doctors, public…thanks you very very much!!!

  59. Hello Leah. I’ve been studying astrology as a hobby for a couple of years. I started this transit in January and boy am I feeling it!!! I have my natal Mars in 13 degrees of Gemini in the 4th House (1 degree from 5th House) and this transit is going to last until Mid-November! With my Mars in Gemini I have a ton of energy (often all over the place!), but it seems as if I’ve come up against a brick wall!!! My energy level is sometimes 50% of normal. The transit started when Saturn was in my 10th house. It went into the 11th house for a very brief period, and is now transiting retrograde back into my 10th house, and will be there through the very end of October.. I’ve been having a lot of frustrations at work. My natal Saturn is at 5 degrees 56 Capricorn, barely in the 12th house (5 degrees 03). I’m also Capricorn rising 29 degrees 57 minutes, so I’m working on learning the lessons from my best friend Saturn ;).

  60. Hi Leah.
    I feel relief after reading this article and comments… I’m not the one who experience this totally freak transit. I have natal Mars on MC opposition Moon on IC. So now, Saturn is in conjunction on my natal Moon and opposition to my natal Mars…
    Everything changed. I moved to another country with new boyfriend in November and transit started in December. I cant find myself in this country, i dont know language (and i have no motivation to learning it), i hardy could find a job, but it was so hard, that i gave up… now I try to find another job. “Try” – becouse mentally I sabotage idea of working… My money are almost gone… I feel lack of will, I could sleep all day, I dont have even motivation to clean my flat. Everyday I FIGHT with myself to do something constrictive… It is like a nightmare. 🙁 Futhermore my family situation dramatically changed. I’m so lucky that I have loving, forgiving, patient boyfriend… He has in natal Moon conjunct Saturn in Carpicorn so he is disciplined for us both. I’m looking forward to the end of this transit… but it will be here to December!!! 🙁

  61. Hi Alicia – Thanks for sharing your experience of this transit. Ouch yes, I can see how it’s been tough for you with the conjunction to your Moon as well. It’s lovely that you have the support of your boyfriend through this though. I’m sure things will have worked out by the end of the transit.

  62. arggghhh, i finally figured out what in the hell is happening to me! i am a triple aries with mars in gemini, currently opposing hateful saturn. literally any and everything in the world is determined to make ever step of my day annoyingly frustrating. i can’t get anything small off the ground unless i do it four times. i’ve also had a stream of men actively pursue me and then stop all communications, one after the other. saturn is literally my least favorite planet in the sky. i would hang all year with pluto over 2 weeks with saturn. to me he’s like the guy that comes to the party with you even though you didn’t invite him, counts your drinks and spends the whole time reminding you that you have to be home at midnight. just need to hold on for another 6 weeks. will hide under the covers until such time.

  63. Haha, love your description of Saturn at a party, that made me laugh. I’m sorry he’s giving you so much trouble. I do admit to having a great deal of affection for Saturn but yes, sometimes his influence can be a pain 🙂

  64. Oh lord.. It has been nothing short of misery this transit. 4th house gemini mars with transit saturn in sag in 10th… Health issues galore. No doc can figure put the issue. Looks like its a pituitary hormonal issue ( mars rules the head ofcorse) abd it started in jan and is over in nov! Praise god! This year was so uncomfortable i lost all hope. My dreams disolved and the bed became my best friend. Cant wait till its over. I wish saturn would implode and leave the zodiac honestly… Its always trouble. Id take pluto on its worst day over saturn

  65. My Saturn opposition Mars transit started with a bang.. a man drove into my car and I was then chased by him (I didn’t stop because i felt he was aggressive and unsafe) .. he literally blocked my path with his car and i was forced to drive into oncoming traffic to get away.. in the end the police thankfully arrived.. dear god I hope there’s not more drama to come with this transit!!

  66. Hi Leah
    I have my saturn in the 11th, Mars, in 5th transit. I am 68 in July, widowed. This was alwaya a tough transit during my lifetime marriage, ie, boundaries, lots od slippery slides from him.. … it became just best to. adopt where there there is a will there is a way, and go to the. gym,is this a repeater shoulda new romance appear 2017?

  67. Hello Leah,
    I’m a medical student from India, with a Saturn in House 2 opposite Mars in Libra, & while I understand that meticulous & planned action is the key to becoming a well capable doctor, other than the last 4 months of my prep where I burnt the midnight oil like a maniac (& found myself mumbling to figures in my dreams who’d provide me the answers to MCQs, showing just how one-track my mind had become) the first year of my MBBS saw a languorous lackadaisical me, who ultimately ended up failing. This from a student who’d secured a rank in the entrance. This second year, after rewriting year 1 after 6 months, I’ve been terribly bitter & continuingly lazy, sometimes wondering if any of it at all is worth the effort, since one forgets everything he learns in a few months time unless revised. I never truly have sat down & talked to myself about having failed, & in my mind, I still haven’t sealed with it. Only slowly everyday, a little more of it dawns upon me, sometimes when I see my ex-classmates walking around in the third year, & now it has reached borderline depression, or so it feels. Nothing feels right anymore. Any plans I make in the night for the next morning just don’t see me follow up. I have 0 ambition for my future & am almost ‘along for the ride’. I don’t talk about this to my parents, who don’t understand how a strapping teenager like me could want to do well & not work for it. I’d love a few words from you….

  68. Hallo
    I’m having this fantastic transit over my head.
    My mars is between 2 and 3 house and Saturn is retrograding on my 8 house over my sun.
    Panic attacks, a 4200€bill to pay unless i shouldn’t because otherwise they’ll cut energy off my flat. Literally caged in this flat because i’m visiting lawyers to solve the situation but they are just stealing money so i’ll have to pay them plus the bill.
    Confusion with health doctors delay on diagnosis plus they gave me infections more thsn once.
    I also have Neptune in 8.
    My “father ” wants to kick me out of my apartment to sell it so I’ll be sick and homeless with no job after he ruined my life ( i was very good at schools and university but i couldn’t finish and get my phd because of the mess about the house…my natal Saturn is in 4).
    The worst thing to me are the panic attacks as i have them daily, my health and the mess doctors are doing. I’ve bumped i fake doctors as well. At least 20 times.

  69. Plus
    Ive been reading all the comments.
    It seems Laura had gone through a similar situation. I would like to know how is she now :).
    I’m literally terrified and left alone not because people hate me, not at all, but because my real friends live faraway . I’m getting benzodiazepines because i can’t even eat without suffocating. ..im just 42..and i was a warrior
    Im scared to death and have this terrible feeling i’ll die soon in an awful way

  70. Reply to Sophie
    I was born with Mars/Saturn conjunction and now having the opposition to both and I know just how you feel. I have become disabled with lungs (Gemini) joint and muscle inflammation (Saturn/Mars) no help from anywhere plus blocking and deceit from authorities (life long) especially medics. I have learned that looking for help brings more stress. I will not take medication from drug companies and I have learned I need to trust myself more and have faith even though I feel so sick/tired/ angry and frustrated. I can’t exercise it away either. You are still a warrior! I am happy to share with you what I have learned for support if I am allowed to give my email.
    [email protected]

  71. Thanx for the answer Kay!
    what do you mean by disabled in lungs?
    I also have mars in gemini and since june I’m having problems breathing properly, I have lungs mucus everyday and it’s like suffocating.
    been in ER twice but I live in a big city with recession and it’s also summer,means no doctors,no beds, no admissions.They told me there must be something blocking my breathing but I have to pay someone to tell me what it is:).
    Yes ..and in the meanwhile I can’t eat because of mucus suffocating me nor breathing properly. Obviously now i’m taking benzos, which i totally dislike, but i need the half pill not to have a panick attack every day cause i can’t breath nor eat.
    Alone in a big city in summer with no possibility to escape and no doctors. No one here to save me.
    I’v ebeen fighting since 2012.Now i’m terrified.

  72. ps. joint and muscles inflamation too. Since 2012 even if I don’t have sat opp mars natal.That started with saturn squaring my 1st house moon

  73. I have Mars in Gemini in the 11th house, with Saturn in my 5th now. I definitely feel frustrated twords my love life and friends, relashionships in general. This transit have a element of reflexion, you’ll be forced to reevaluate yourself and how you act in the world. There is so much I want to change about my self, my actions, about my envoirment and my habits… there are people I want to let go off. I’ve been practicing meditation and yoga, so it helps. The 10 of Swords represents very well, especially to a Mars in Gemini who is constantly living in their heads overthinking meaningless situations. I want to let go of bad behaviours as well, but the more I try the more I fall in the same place with the same people, like ‘wow why is so hard for me to change my ways!’ or ‘ i’ve made a decision so why is it so hard to act on it’. This transit is finally in the last degrees and will soon fade but NOW its when I truly 100% feel this transit in all it’s glory and heaviness. Hope to feel a lot better when december comes.

  74. Hi Lua,

    Thank you for this information. I am entering a Saturn opposition Mars transit starting Feb 1 2018 and ending Nov 2018. I have mars in 12th house cancer at 5 degrees and Saturn in 8th house 2 degrees Pisces. I find that people dread Saturn. I don’t necessarily. Saturn matures and structures things, which ain’t all bad. I hope I don’t have too much blockages or frustration. I have been feeling physically tired and weak. Do you think there is any other positive aspect to this transit? Does having my Mars at 5 degrees mean that it will be over quickly? Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gina

  75. This at the same time as Uranus square Saturn. Heavy – thank you for these insights and others for their comments.

  76. Hit exact on my secondary progression chart for December 5th 2016, which once it turned about 1am there was a knock at the door and long story short, Home invasion. Me and my boyfriend survived, he did not.

  77. I’m in this transit now, mars in cancer 6th so saturn is in my 12th. I just feel utterly defeated, extreme fatigue, depression, fear, withdrawing from the world. I have severe tooth ache and inflamed gums giving me persistent headaches. I just got breached for something at work (I’m an after-hours cleaner & have a time limit of when I’m authorized to enter) that I’ve been doing with no problem for 3 years. There are several other situations where I feel trapped & frustrated due to “authorities.” To top it off, I have neptune squaring my sun, has been for a long time now & pluto is about to make it’s second exact conjunction on my ascendant in 3 weeks. Yew good times!

  78. I’m about to experience this transit with Saturn in my 2nd (Capricorn) house and Mars in my 7th (Cancer) house. I’ve already been feeling it and I’m not looking forward to the near month-long stay, however, I am looking forward to the healing and lessons that are coming for me. Thank you for your wisdom.

  79. Saturn opposite 6th house Mars – exact yesterday. Slipped on ice and severely sprained my ankle. Now confined to couch. Could be worse.

  80. My saturn return in 1st house is about halfway over and its opposite my natal mars in cancer in 7th house. I have never felt so much anger before. It turns self destructive within minutes. I am exhausted by thwarting thoughts of self harm every few hours. Have been in and out of crisis for months which is alarming considering I have never felt suicidal before 6 months ago.

  81. I don’t have the strength for this transit. I will end up homeless or hurting somebody if I’m not careful. I’m so fucking weak or angry. It’s always one or the other. This is hell.

  82. Wow this is just what I needed to read Leah as the current saturn transit hasbeen tooing and froing over my mars saturn conjunction in 4th for the past year. Of the trump age group and normally a very active and healthy single lady used to doing all her own maintenance,repair,creativity etc I came down with bronchitis, breathing, and really low energy and motivation. After returning from a trip back home in 2017 and feeling very homesick for my northern roots,saturn squared my sun,opp my moon squared asc,neptune and mercury and now this one so what I thought was depression has actually been a time for me to really look at what I really want for myself rather than keep giving. On the plus side it is coming up to a sextile of my sun when it conjuncts with pluto at the end of this year.
    The last time this happened I walked away from a disastrous relationship which echoed the shades of my childhood, a job which was working me to the ground. I was thrown totally on my own resources with almost no income except from my sewing skills which until this time had been used only for my own creativity. BUT the end result was an inner core strength which is currently seeing me through loss of people I thought were friends, severe drought and health issues though minor for the first time in my 73 years and a gratitude for some knowledge of astrology.

  83. Hi saturn in capricorn is opposing my natal mars 25 cancer third.
    I do feel like everything is against me. Sabatoge. Maybe pluto jupiter factor too at this time. Drive thro s sugar up my oatmeal rather than fruits. Inflammations threaten to return feeding on sugar. Immunity might go so low as to allow covid on senior me.
    I have another month. October 2 saturn goes direct and Nov. 1 its not in tight opposition anymore.
    Its quite mysterious as to what the problem is. I like one other persons post how it helped her put limits on. I m going to go think about it that way.
    The limits would be Capricorn 9.
    And besides I feel like I m going in circles – like I d like to do better but just can t see the way.

  84. You know how clowns do in a parade on their bikes,going round and round just.missing each other. Happens when we go bike riding and come to an intersection cycling round and round trying to determine our direction. Always breaks me up.

  85. Thank you so much!
    I have been reading other some other post on the subject and everyone is writing how bad this aspect is how we are going to “suffer”.
    No one explains “why” this aspect should actually be embraced and how to navigate through.
    Understanding horoscope is to understand how to improve our life and if there are lessons to learn to become better/evolve.
    This exactly points why is this aspect the coolest one to experience!
    You guide us through it with tools needed to understand it and come out of it stronger and more confident.
    I had 2 transit strikes in the past few months- and it kept it cool and faced all the fears it was giving me- it was scary at times but kept going. The confidence that came after can not compare to any gift money could buy!
    I’m about to face another one. With all it’s value at the end I am looking forward to face it. Wish me luck hah!
    Thank you so much!

  86. Hello.
    While panicking online I found this website and I would like some help if possible. I have Mars in Leo 6 degrees and Saturn also 6 degrees in Aquarius opposed to Mars. I’m 29 years old and I’m super scared because I will have my Saturn return. I don’t know what does degrees mean but I don’t have a good feeling. I used to have troubles with panick and anxiety but went to a therapist and calmed me down. I’m very afraid of death mine or my loved ones. Could you help me interpret that natal opposition and it’s degrees pretty please ? Thank You

  87. Hi – Unfortunately I am booked up until the end of February with readings and I don’t offer free readings in the comments section due to time constraints. However, what I will say is never fear a transit. I also have experienced panic disorder and anxiety so I also understand that it’s easier to say than to do 🙂
    The planets movements reflect the lessons and experiences that are there to help us with our soul’s development. You might like this video on Youtube on Saturn Returns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFt18tA0MN0 by Adam Elanbaas (now Acyuta-bhava Dasa) who explains very clearly the Saturn return journey.
    Or, there is this webinar by Steven Forrest available on his website for the price of a book.Steven’s work is excellent. https://www.forrestastrology.com/products/your-first-saturn-return-video-download

  88. Hi there!
    How would you comment transiting Saturn opposite Mars and vice versa?!
    Natal chart wise, Mars is in Leo and (natal) Saturn is in Capricorn in 3rd house?
    But I’m more concerner about the slower transiting Saturn opposite Mars in Leo in 10th house.
    What do you think?

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