1 thought on “February 2014 Astrology Forecast – Video”

  1. Leah, sorry, hate videos and hate the talking. Would much rather see it in print. I can’t process spoken words like I can when it is print. I love your analysis, but hate the vid.

    If you need to continue with the vid thing, I have to find someone else.

    After the crisises Aug. thru Nov., Feb. (My birth mo.) has brought the possible diagnosis of macular degen……………………………..!!!!!!!!! At first, stunned, shocked, ambushed, reeling from the shock. Mer. retro. helped, because it gave me time to take seniority over my eyes. I think the message for me is to look INSIDE. Inside is where the major changes are happening. Also, to make sure the clairvoyent energy stays in the 6th and doesn’t molest the physical eyes. I have it in only one eye. I know that there is some quote rattling around in my head abt. being one-eyed, and I think the source is Jesus. Chiron and I are on intimate terms because it is conj. my no. node in Leo. Since I’m a doc, seems fitting, but my own healing has been my focus all of my life.

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