Mercury Retrograde February 2014 – No Half Measures

the-fish-and-the-moonIt’s that time of year again when we play host to Mercury retrograde. During these periods, the cosmic trickster sometimes puts spanner in the works to see if you are paying attention. Mercury is about the mind, communication and learning. He shows how you speak, your mannerisms and how you connect with others. Mercury also rules how you learn – how you connect fact to fact.

When Mercury is retrograde, there are usually dire warnings that everything will break, the computer will die and anything you buy will be a dud. The thing is, in real life, we can’t always put things on hold just because Mercury is retrograde. As an astrologer, I would normally advise waiting until the Mercury retrograde is over before making a large purchase or signing an agreement or contract. But, that said, if it isn’t practical to wait, then it’s about being vigilant. Check the facts – then check them again. Start out earlier if you are travelling somewhere to curb problems with delays. Check and re-check where important items are. It’s just about paying attention because Mercury will get up to tricks when you aren’t looking otherwise.

Mercury was the only one of the Gods to have an access all areas pass – heaven, hell and earth in between. He knows the depths of your subconscious, he dips into the collective pool of the unconscious and he is there when you are trying to remember where you put your to-do list. Mercury is the carrier of dreams from the realm of sleep to waking consciousness and he’s there in the shadows when you lay wakeful in the middle of night tormented by dark thoughts. He’s also there when the penny drops and you finally ‘get’ what you were trying to figure out. He connects.

But Mercury is a God and he doesn’t work with human time. Mercury retrograde reminds you that there is cosmic time as well. When your train is delayed and you stand aimlessly waiting, your thoughts turn inwards. Mercury presses for reassessment. No matter how much you need the train to arrive, Mercury may quietly insist you need some thinking time instead.

This year, Mercury will turn retrograde each time in a water sign but then back up into an air sign. It suggests that the focus then is on a reassessment of the emotional life (water) in order to relate better to others (air).

The first retrograde of the year will begin in the spiritual sign of Pisces so Mercury is diving into the depths, retrieving long forgotten dreams and wishes you once yearned for. As Mercury stirs these oceanic waters, you may find a message in a bottle popping up from the depths – a message to yourself.

Traditionally, Mercury in Pisces can be forgetful – retrograde, doubly so. Check where you put your keys! This is a dreamy time where it may be hard to get a handle on what is happening. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. To add to the confusion, when Mercury stations retrograde, he will be conjunct Neptune. It’s surrealism at its best. Mixed messages, going round the houses and forgetting something really important are all possible manifestations. As are vivid dreams, a sense on peace and a moment for quiet contemplation.

Check the house where Mercury stations retrograde in your chart. This may be the area of life where muddled messages manifest. It may also indicate an area where you need to retreat and rest. This area is sensitised and spiritualised. As I write these words, healing flows from my hands. Maybe you can feel it too…

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

On the 6th February, Mercury stations retrograde on the Sabian symbol :-

Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts

Things being clogged up. There’s a danger of not being able to make the right connections. It’s information overload. Maybe you feel stuck. Perhaps you have relied too much on the facts and followed your head instead of listening to your intuition and following you heart. The retrograde period will clear the way.

Mercury will trine the North Node on the 11th February, pulling you towards an as yet untried path. You may have a feeling that something is missing and a longing to search for it. A trine to Ceres on the same day is like a deep motherly love, the kind of unconditional love a mother has for a child. Reach into the depths of your soul to find it. It will help you to honour that karmic pull.

Mercury backtracks into Aquarius on the 13th February. The energy of the retrograde shifts from something deeply emotional into something more airy. Maybe now that you’ve done a little soul searching, you realise that you need some space. Alternatively maybe you’ve recognised that you need to widen your social circle and make connections with new groups.

Mercury retrograde will oppose the Full Moon on the 14th February and the chart’s aspects indicate there may be some heavy feelings as you struggle between what you want and what others want. A helping hand however is offered by a trine between Mercury and Vesta on the same day. She gently whispers, focus on maintaining harmony.

The inferior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury occurs on the 15th February. At this point Mercury is like Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods. In Aquarius, this conjunction seems to fan the flames of intent. You feel ready to move forwards. The future looks bright and you want to be there now! But it’s important to stay cool and let things unfold a little first.

A trine from Mercury to Mars on the 16th February gives you the impetus to want to get ahead whilst the ideas are fresh in your mind but be warned as a square to Saturn on the 19th February may put a spanner in the works! This uneasy duo will bring you up short if you’ve gone barrelling ahead anyway. Even if you have been patient, retrograde Mercury square Saturn brings a tendency to badger and berate. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just use this energy to fix what needs to be fixed.

Mercury finally turns direct on the 28th February so cautious steps forward are starred. Bear in mind though that Mercury won’t be completely out of it’s shadow until the 20th March.

Mercury stations direct on the Sabian symbol :-

A Forest Fire Is Being Subdued By the Use of Water, Chemicals and Sheer Muscular Energy.

Whether it’s too much traffic on the road or a forest fire, both stationing symbols represent something has got out of control and needs to be re-assessed. It’s about course correction before you crash land The second symbol gives the impression that you need to throw everything at it in order to resolve the problem. No half measures will do.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

Mercury enters shadow zone 22nd January
Mercury stations retrograde 6th Feb
Mercury trine north Node 11th February
Mercury trine Ceres 11th Feb
Mercury re-enters Aquarius 13th Feb
Mercury trine Vesta 14th Feb
Sun conjunct Mercury 15th Feb
Mercury trine Mars 16th Feb
Mercury square Saturn 19th Feb
Mercury direct 28th Feb
Mercury exits shadow zone 20th March

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Mercury Retrograde Through the Houses

Painting – The Fish and the Moon by Mordecai Ardon

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  1. Sorry, this should have appeared with above image.

    Night Hides the World
    Image Credit & Copyright: Babak Tafreshi (TWAN)
    Explanation: Stars come out as evening twilight fades in this serene skyscape following the Persian proverb “Night hides the world, but reveals a universe.” In the scene from last November, the Sun is setting over northern Kenya and the night will soon hide the shores of Lake Turkana, home to many Nile crocodiles. That region is also known as the cradle of humankind for its abundance of hominid fossils. A brilliant Venus, then the world’s evening star, dominates the starry night above. But also revealed are faint stars, cosmic dust clouds, and glowing nebulae along the graceful arc of our own Milky Way galaxy.

  2. “We are planning to buy a used car soon. When is the best time?”

    Not so much as a ‘please, thank you’ – or even ‘hello’! You couldn’t make it up.

  3. Thankyou Leah..It’s too horrible at the moment!

    I’d like to share my mercury retrograde experiences this far:
    Tues 11th Feb- Received eviction notice. No grounds.(Not legally entitled to).
    Wed 12th-20th:-Sent 3 emails, one phone message and 1 txt negotiating paying extra rent in order to stay. No good. Search for a number of properties online leaving msgs with realtors. No replies. Two replies a few days later:unit no longer available.
    Thurs 12th:-Received a hand-made wooden laptop frame made to order. Didn’t fit.
    Thurs 12th Feb:-Applied for a job online. Resume was hacked by a phishing scam. Almost replied with personal information but luckily did not. Pisces radar was tingling.
    Fri 14th Feb:-Received a pair of shoes different design but same size as a number of pairs I already have. So tight they required a strenuous working out.
    Sat 15th Feb : My dear friend and upstairs neighbour wrote this: “I still have the feeling you actually really get the boot” in an email. After querying it, found out she actually meant to write “won’t” in there somewhere.
    Sun 15th Feb:-Decide not to drive out and look at motorhomes to purchase.
    Thurs 20th Feb:-Sent off very nice letter to owner asking for eviction to be reversed. No reply. Yet.
    Mon 24th Feb:-Prev found a beautiful bowl on ebay which I had asked the seller to relist after massive google image search-matches old art deco cups and saucers. Thrilled to find it. I asked her to take extra care when sending. Arrived today shattered in 9 pieces.
    Mon 24th Feb:-Local council has massive garbage throw-out. Husband and I have huge therapeutic cleanout.
    Going through massive internal dialogue and discussions with my lovely man about finances and where we are going. Have posted a few anti-mercury ramblings on a few websites but twice, my posts have disappeared. I have always been a healthy sceptic continuing to ask questions long after people have stopped because they’ve found the answer (no matter how deficient and incorrect) that gives them comfort. It’s about facts for me and the right thing to pursue. (Mars conj Pluto and Uranus in Virgo), but even this is stopping me in my tracks.

    (Had to post this twice as I didn’t fill in all details. Would’ve lost the entire post if I hadn’t copied it first)

    (Nope, three times)




  4. Oh Helena, good grief, Mercury has put you through the wringer hasn’t he! Sounds like you have some bigger transits perhaps on top of this. I hope you don’t mind, I moved your comment to the Mercury retrograde post 🙂 Still keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  5. Hi Leah-Thanks! We’re actually flying to New Zealand on the day mercury goes direct so I’m hoping for a significant turn-around of energy despite still being in the shadow..ow….ow..(Is there an echo??) My mother-in-law is turning 90..We’ve checked the booking and sister-in-law has made the hotel reservations but what are the odds?? hmm? ?!? There’s a car convention that weekend in Taranaki so all hotels are fully booked..ha! This should be good..

    Knowing my luck..

    Do you remember that Twilight Zone episode “Flight 33” where during the flight the plane experiences a weird speeding up and they pass through a time barrier and on the approach to New York see dinosaurs on the ground?? -And then, trying to re-trace the flight back through the barrier, they end up at the airport but it’s 30 years back in time?

    This may be the last time I ever write to you…I might actually be your grandmother..

  6. Hahaha – Yes! I remember that episode Helena. I loved that show! Well, if you are my Gran, please bake me a cake – I miss my Grandmother’s Victoria Sponge cake 😀 Wishing you happy and safe travels with no dinosaurs.

  7. Your Mercury Direct date is WRONG! It goes direct this Friday Mercury 28th not the 18th. 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely assessments of Mercury. I like them.

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