Full Moon in Leo – February 2014 – Love and Hate

portrait-of-eugene-serebryakovThe Full Moon in Leo occurs at 23:53 (UT) on the 14th February at 26Leo12.

Generally speaking, the Full Moon in Leo shines a spotlight on the inner child in us all. It’s the time when we want people to notice us and pay the odd compliment. In turn, it’s also the time to recognise the achievements of others and offer a round of applause. Leo has a generous spirit. Leo is your inner artist, compelled to create in one form or another – from your masterpiece with felt-tips pens to the first cry of your newborn.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and connects to the heart centre. It’s about joy and happiness and all things good. It’s Leo you draw upon when you have a flutter, trusting that lady luck will see you right. It’s Leo energy that you draw on when you openly flirt with someone who caught your eye. And it’s Leo energy that is present in your children’s rough and tumble.

The Leo Moon is a playful Moon but there are some warnings wrapped up in the lunation chart. The Moon is on the asteroid Megaira. Megaira was one of the Furies and her name means ‘hatred’. Hate is a powerful word and an even more powerful emotion. The Moon is also opposite retrograde Mercury and square to Saturn. Mercury is sat on the asteroid Nessus who, amongst other things stands for consequences. As I look at the aspects, it makes me think of watching the kids playing happily with their friends and then all at once they are kicking and fighting and there are black eyes all around. There’s something off with this Moon as if boisterousness can easily switch to bullying. Love can turn to hate.

The dark side of Leo is arrogance and a demanding nature that insists the world revolves around them. This side of Leo can’t bear it if someone else is getting attention. As with all things, there is always an opposite – the opposite to creation is destruction. Leo reversed in upon itself is like a black hole, a collapsed Sun that seems to suck the light out of the room. Those that can’t show their own light often seek to take the light of others and so hate is born – fresh from the bowels of deep insecurity.

Full Moon in Leo - February 2014

The Moon opposite retrograde Mercury in Aquarius can be about feeling unheard. Saturn square to the Moon feels lost and lonely and may be inclined to wall up feelings to ward off further pain. But in blocking off those feelings, it then is impossible to activate the fabulous creative energy of Leo.

Thankfully there is a sextile to Mars – a little courage goes a long way. With the square to Saturn, these are industrious aspects. Sometimes you’ve got to work for what you want. It doesn’t always land in your lap. It’s about taking action and being persistent and not taking no as an answer.

But it’s a fine line between bold and bolshy – choose your words and actions carefully. With the square to Saturn, it may be that you need to ask for advice from your elders and betters. The opposition to Mercury may suggest gathering further information to get a different perspective.

With Leo being the sign of drama, there can be a tendency to put on a mask but these masks are caricatures of the real person within. Don’t be afraid to show the real you. You don’t have to pretend to be anything to be loved. Open your heart.

The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

The Luminescence Of Dawn In The Eastern Sky

This symbol speaks of recognising the divine spark within. It’s the dawning of a creative idea and the ray of light after a long dark night.

This symbol reminds you of how a child looks at the world. It’s about staying present. Each day is a brand new day. The past and future don’t exist. The core essence of Leo is about seeing the beauty in every moment. It is also about potential – a knowing that you can achieve anything your heart desires. You can be what you want to be.

Painting – ‘Portrait of Eugene Serebryakov’ by Zinaida Serebriakova

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  1. Visually this chart is stunning ! It is almost perfectly symetrical. I’d love to get a poster of it ! And what do the colors mean I wonder? Kind of a color wheel. Does it have any signifigance ?

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