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Transiting North Node enters Libra 2014 – Make Love Not War

fate Alphonse MuchaOn the 18th February the North Node enters the sign of Libra and will remain there until November 2015. I use the true node by the way but if you use the mean node, the entry date will be the 22nd March. Regardless of true or mean, this year we experience a spiritual shift of attention as the North Node points the way ahead and triggers a new round of karmic lessons to learn. The transiting North Node represents our collective spiritual task.

The last time the North Node was in Libra was from August 1995 to January 1997. It was during these years that we began to embrace connecting with each other online and the United Kingdom gave Hong Kong back to China. Amongst other things, Libra is the sign of agreements and diplomacy.

At the other end of the axis, the South Node will move into Aries. The South Node is a point of release. Some call it the Dragons Tail. The South Node symbolises what we have already mastered. In the natal chart it represents the gift of experience we bring into this life as well as old habits that no longer serve our greater good. It’s to the South Node we run when we need a soft place to fall but the universe keeps pushing us out of our comfort zone towards the teachings of the North Node.

As the axis of karma shifts, the emphasis is on releasing selfish attitudes and embracing working with others. The shadow side of this transit is passive aggression where people seem to be getting along but really it’s all a little self-serving. Whilst the call for revolutionary change is still heard loud and clear from Uranus in Aries, as a race we are pushed towards putting our heads together to find the best solution for the way forward. Aries is the Warrior, Libra the Peacemaker – and God only knows, we need a little peace.

During the passage of the North Node in Scorpio, many secrets have come to light and truths told. Edward Snowden for example exposed government secrets that were held for the sake of power to the detriment of the 99%. In the UK, the sexual abuse scandal rife within the walls of the BBC began with a documentary on Jimmy Saville which exposed the extend of his predatory behaviour as well as raising questions about the public bodies that protected and enabled him to commit such foul crimes. All this just as the North Node moved into Scorpio. Issues of power, control and corruption have been rife during these years.

So now with all this brought to light, the North Node challenges us to start again and to see how we can get along with each other. The blatant manipulation of the dark side of Scorpio no longer works. Empowerment has come through the truth, however nasty. The problem is, the South Node in Aries says that we can’t just stay angry about it. We need Justice (Libra) so that we can regain our balance.

With Venus and Mars becoming rulers of the transiting nodes, our own personal relationships will also come to the forefront. On a mundane level, sexual inequalities and gender issues may become more prominent. Venus and Mars, woman and men have just got to learn to get along.

As the ruling planet of the North Node is Venus, this Libra transit brings the opportunity to notice the similarities between each other in order to facilitate harmony. Venus naturally looks for ways to smooth troubled waters. The sign Libra is about give and take. For the next 18 months the North Node will push us to find ways to agree. Going it alone won’t work. Our leaders, politicians and diplomats may be forced to put their heads together to find ways to work together.

In our own lives, it will be necessary to reach out, to slow down, to be confident in our dealings with others. The house where the transiting North Node is travelling will show you where you will need to recognise similarities instead of differences and where you need to embrace a alternative or even opposing perspective. It’s time to share what you have and what you have learned. Share your gifts, share your kindness. It’s not a competition or a battle. Find a way to agree to disagree if you must. The transiting North Node in Libra shows us that peace is possible.

Painting ‘ Fate’ by Alphonse Mucha

10 thoughts on “Transiting North Node enters Libra 2014 – Make Love Not War”

  1. Oops … my natal nodes are exactly opposite: North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra.

    Am I going backwards? In reverse? Upside down? Inside out?

    Or all of the above, as it feels at the moment?

  2. Lol Laura – So, this is your nodal half return, just like mine – where the North Node will conjunct the South Node and the South Node will conjunct the North Node. I tend to think of it as a prompt to release old habits/contracts/karma that hold us back from fulfilling the lessons of the natal North Node.

  3. Gostei muito da reportagem sobre o Nó Norte, bem clara simples e sucinta.
    Voces estão de parabens. Peguei esta site por acaso e fiquei muito satisfeita.
    Espero que ele continue vindo e se possivel em portugues

  4. Olá Beth – Muito obrigada! Infelizmente eu não escrever bem em Português. Eu adoro a língua, mas eu preciso de aprender mais. No futuro, eu espero que escrever os meus artigos em Portugues tambén 🙂

  5. Hey Leah,
    Excellent post with in-depth description.This is the time to do self control or you can say self improvement.The title is best suited for this.Keep updating.

  6. I am very new to astrology and want to understand it. I looked at my chart and I have only the most basic idea of what I’m about relative to the planets … this gets all willy nilly for me quickly because of the enormous detail!!!
    I know the basics: sun scorp, lib.rising,moon in leo, n.node is Libra in my chart. ( But what does that meeeeeaaann??) lolol…Can you recommend a beginning book to purchase? Thank you so much!!!

  7. Hi Luann, lol! Yes, it is all a bit of a blur to start with. Don’t worry, it will makes sense in time. I recommend April Elliot Kent’s Practical Astrology. I have a review here https://www.leahwhitehorse.com/2011/11/03/the-essential-guide-to-practical-astrology-a-review/
    If you want to understand your natal chart, I do offer a Skype consultation where I’d be happy to talk to you about your chart and explain a bit about how it works and you’d be able to ask questions too. In the meantime, April’s book is perfect for beginners 🙂

  8. I think this ttansit is why most people are meeting their twin flames and work out their karmic issues in Libra areas.

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