Full Moon in Virgo – Chop Wood, Carry Water

iowa-s-productThe Full Moon occurs at 17:08 (UT) on the 16th March at 26°Vi02′.

This week I found a window cleaner. You would not believe how hard it has been to find someone willing to clean windows on a second floor! Every day, the Sun has being shining through, highlighting the layer of grime from the dual carriage way nearby. One minute, I’ve been thankful for the growing Spring sun, flowers and the gorgeous blue skies – the next, I’ve been grumbling about the dirty windows and considering whether it’s safe to dangle outside with a mop. But now they are gleaming. Bathed in sparkling light, I baked a cake and made chilli; unheard of for me! Normally, the most ‘Domestic Goddess’ I get is throwing together a salad and occasionally dragging the hoover across the floor. Meanwhile, a broken branch that had been laying across my phone line was finally removed and I experimented with self-syringing my ears to discover that actually, my morning alarm is really rather loud!

This is Virgo energy at work. It’s fixing up, completing projects that have been hanging around all winter/summer and dealing with things that have been bugging you. These kinds of things produce stuck energy inside and out, so it’s important to address them. Once these blockages are cleared, you can get on with the real work.

And with a sextile from the Virgo Moon to retrograde Saturn, there’s a strong emphasis on work during this lunation. Virgo is the sign of service and apprenticeship. It sits opposite the sign of Pisces, the spiritual master. During this lunation you may find quiet pleasure in a job well done.

Sometimes, having a job to do gives you a sense of purpose, a role to fulfil, a structure to everyday life. Sometimes, it’s simply necessary to focus on the task of daily living – paying the bills, organising your home, dealing with the humdrum and even the downright boring! As the Zen saying goes – Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

Full Moon in Virgo - March 2014

An aggravated sesquiquadrate to Venus however may make it feel like all work and no play. You may feel a tug to ditch the chores but even if you do so, the problem remains. The other side of this sesquiquadrate is that you may feel an urge to try to solve someone else’s problems, to make it ok, to make it all perfect. It can feel like what you are doing isn’t quite good enough, so you push it. But applying pressure may emphasise the cracks. Virgo is a sign of humility and respect. It’s about knowing in your heart that you have done your best and it is not up to you to have to try to fix everything. You can only do your best and no more. Silence your inner critic.

Ruler of the Full Moon, Mercury, is in a semi-square to Pluto which emphasises the tendency to obsess over details. Used correctly though, it may help you to hone in on what really needs to be done. Mercury semi-square Pluto is ‘cut to the chase’. Trine to the North Node, Mercury is in tune with a karmic call, a sense that something needs to be eliminated in order to free up the path. Destiny calls. Discriminate.

Virgo is also the sign of health and well-being. Consider how you are taking care of your body. The Virgo-Pisces axis reminds us that the body is the temple of the soul.  With the Full Moon sesquiquadrate to Venus, maybe the consequences of unwise dietary or lifestyle choices are showing. The sextile from the Full Moon to retrograde Saturn encourages you to be more discerning on what you consume and how your treat your body. Mostly, it’s about treating your body with the respect it deserves.

The Full Moon sits on the Sabian symbol :-

A Group Of Aristocratic Ladies Meet Ceremonially At A Court’s Function

This image calls to mind the power of the divine feminine which is an essential trait of Virgo. Whilst she is often associated with ‘the Virgin’, she is also associated with fertility as she holds a sheaf of wheat. The key is that she is self-sustaining. The group of aristocratic women is a reminder of Great Goddess that both gives and takes life. The aristocracy are those who pull the strings of power but whatever power is holds must be used wisely. The ceremonial process and court setting suggest that everything must be done in a proper order and correct manner. There are set patterns to observe.

Administration is a necessary part of life. But we all know how red tape can get in the way and drive us nuts in the process! Change in this case comes from following well established rules and conventions (echoing the Full Moon’s sextile to conservative Saturn) but it’s a fine line between processes that allows change to unfold and those that hold to order for order’s sake.

During this Full Moon, overhaul your life, your diet, your work. Administrate. Deliberate. Deal with that pile of papers hiding in the drawer. Think about your routine. Is it working for you? What does your body say? It speaks to you in aches and pains and illness. Are you listening?

Clear out what isn’t working. Examine the processes you use. See what is effective and don’t be afraid to throw out methods that are no longer getting results. Be willing to test, to try out new ways. Seek advice and be open to accepting constructive criticism in order to hone your skills.

Be willing to learn from a master, a teacher, a mentor. Open your mind.

And don’t forget the dishes.

Painting – Iowa’s Product by Grant Wood

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  1. It’s always good to be given credit for ‘getting it right’. Full marks Leah, on your reference to “karmic call” – re.Mercury/ North Node trine. This very week (to come) – I am certainly answering mine, in the form of knocking on Nemesis door…….literally! Wish me luck!

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