3 thoughts on “April 2014 Astrology Forecast – Video”

  1. Hi Leah. A rather scary April we are facing!

    I know there is a warning against having elective surgery at the time of any full moon, let alone at a time like this mid-April eclipse.

    But what if the surgery is non-elective, what if you are scheduled for this date and you MUST have it?

  2. Hi Laura – yes there’s quite a lot of tension in the skies! I think a lot of surgery is non-elective and therefore it would be about looking at how the transits of that date are affecting the chart and focusing on using the energies represented in the best way possible.

  3. Thanks Leah! I get your point.

    The person in question does not know her time of birth though.

    Moreover how to actively use the influences when you are under the influence of an anesthetic?

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