30 Day Tarot Challenge – Question 9

Q. What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case?

Cups7Overall, I think the card I pull the most often is the Seven of Cups but I also have phases where certain cards repeat again and again. Recently it’s been the Fool which I talked about in this post Words with the Fool – A Meditation.

The Seven of Cups is a fascinating card but one that can also drive me batty. That’s exactly why it keeps showing up in my own readings. It’s still something I must resolve. I am gifted with a very strong imagination. I have lots of creative ideas, some I act on, some I don’t. I’ve always got at least three of four projects on the go and I’m inclined to talk about more if my patient friends care to listen. As an example, right now I’m :-

  • Working on an astrology book about Lilith
  • Gathering research for a book on Psyche
  • Gathering more material for designing my own tarot deck
  • Thinking too about an oracle deck…
  • Have a floating idea for a webinar I’d like to run…or two
  • Thinking about designing a tarot course
  • Designing a short astrology course
  • Putting together a free ebook to give away on my astrology website
  • Jotting notes down for a meditation series…

*pauses for breath…*

And somewhere around all of this I’d love to finish my album (I’m a musician/singer) and I’m learning Portuguese..

Actually yes it makes my head ache looking at that list and I’ve probably forgotten several projects unless I look at my Trello board which keeps my life in some semblance of order.

But this glorious imagination sometimes means that I don’t actually do the physical work to bring it into manifestation, mostly because I get stuck trying to choose which project to continue with next! The Seven of Cups comes up in my readings to remind me to get my head out of the clouds and actually just pick one darn project and start work on it!

The danger of the Seven of Cups is living in your head. It’s all a fantasy and that may seem a lot safer than the reality. In my fantasy life I can dream of every project being wildly successful – or a horrible failure depending on my mood!. It is a safe place to succeed or fail because it isn’t real. But these imaginings can become a dangerous illusion of reality and can eventually effect reality, just like the magic in the card suggests (Rider Waite). The shadowy magician like figure may have a trick up his sleeve. The harshest manifestation of the Seven of Cups is a life unlived. Escapism, fantasising and agonising over options becomes a way of avoiding reality. And yes, I experience that too.

Cups7The Seven of Cups can indicate an over-active imagination depending on the surrounding cards and also an abundance of ideas – none of which have any value until they are brought down to earth. I particularly like the Mythic deck’s depiction of the Seven of Cups. I love how the girl is praying to her Muse for inspiration. She doesn’t even seem to notice that the Muse herself has already pointed out the correct cup to choose. There is a certain creative anxiety in the Seven of Cups  – spoilt for choice is the key phrase in many ways!

The key to resolving the problem of the Seven of Cups is grounding. Everything is so up in the air. In order to make a considered choice, there’s a need to reconnect to the earth in order to know which option you most want to make manifest. Sometimes, I just remember that I am indeed blessed to have so many choices.

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  1. Mads Elung-Jensen

    Seven of Cups to me is also stretching yourself, enter the the world of visions, go through the fear of losing yourself and feel the opportunity of the wider imagination. And like it’s major Arcana reference the Chariot, harness yourself, rest, induldge in your wonderful imagination and go through the fear, The choice will be made afterwards.

    i am a Tower guy at the moment. I used to be terrified when it appeared, but it is such a release to get rid of old illusions or principles that fit another time and let my energy float freely..

  2. Hi Mads – absolutely yes, depending on context, the 7 of Cups can be calling someone to engage in their imagination more – dream a bigger dream!
    Yes the Tower can throw up all kinds of fears but it is also a card of illumination. We break out of Hell (the Devil) via the Tower 🙂

  3. Mads Elung-Jensen

    Actually. considering a bit more, the Wheel of Fortune is even more apparent than the Tower in my drawings, as it is today. It iis one of the cards that I understand the least, so maybe that*s why it keeps reappearing. Would be great to hear what it means to you.

  4. The Wheel of Fortune to me can be quite a few different things depending on context – an awareness of cycles, to everything a season, fate, what goes around comes around, cosmic time as opposed to human time. Often when I see it in a reading, there’s a feeling that there is a window of opportunity – it’s Jupiter ruled. It’s about recognising that every difficult cycle is followed by an upturn – have faith! But also it can be encouraging you to be proactive and positive if things are getting you down. Lastly, it can also show up to indicate when there’s nothing you can do about a situation, let time pass.

  5. In reply to the Original Post Question :
    Google brought me to this post because, ever since I was a preteen, one card I almost always draw is The Fool. I used to assume it is ‘me’ in a spread. I’ve also always slightly less frequently drawn The Star.

    I always read and research for each reading’s questions and surrounding cards but,I am always surprised at how closely the cards connect astrologically as well.

    When I began reading tarot in my teens and twenties,another two cards I used to draw pretty often, almost every other reading would be either the Empress or the Chariot.
    This past month or two, I’ve been drawing them both either together or individually with every reading, whether virtually,on-line or “in-hand”.
    I attribute all the possible meanings to tarots, including times of year and people I am asking about’s physical appearance.
    I think it’s interesting that my rising sign is Aquarius and my Uranus is heavily aspected in my natal chart. These are the Fool and the Star…however, I am very much all aspects of the Fool including ‘blindly optimistic’ when needing courage/excitement for a new venture.
    My twin ‘ruling planets’ are associated with the Empress and the chariot : Venus and the Cancer/Moon.
    I am also heavily Mars/Mercury aspected in my chart.
    Almost every body has an aspect to them except some asteroids and Uranus, which aspects my Venus and Sun, and Saturn which aspects my Venus and Jupiter.
    As far as repeat cards for people/situations and my thoughts:
    Lately, I’ve had a lot to ask about including someone who I think might be my soul mate. His astrological cards are the Star and Strength.
    This past month, either one or all Judgment, Temperance and Strength have been coming up in every question about him, our relationship or our future, usually along with the Star or the knight of cups or swords.
    I’ve also been getting a lot of swords- every single one,frequently, sometimes all over the spread except for some court cards,pentacles or cups…very few wands. Two I’ve only gotten once for us: the three of swords, which I got once when I was upset with him and the Ace of swords once,when I ask what to do next. I was worried until I reminded myself that the swords are about communication and (often over) thinking, which has been our strength, our stumbling block and our succor with each other. We think about each other often and let each other know it with emails and actions or questions about previous statements/actions. Even when we do not see each other we phone and we often phone or email a few times each day.We also argue a lot but then comes:
    The Knight of Cups who is another frequent visitor in my questions/check-ins about our relationship, along with the Knight of Swords (who I’m pretty sure is meant to be whichever of us is rushing things or jumping to conclusions at the time. I actually gave my SO the pet name of The Jumper because he was convinced we would grow old together immediately and was trying to convince me we should start within the first month we met.He also bravely throws himself into whichever new endeavor he is tackling, and usually succeeds.He reminds me of the more gung-ho version of my happy little “Fool” soul.) and the Queen of Swords (who I am pretty sure is meant to be me).
    When I ask about myself alone, I almost always have the Queen of Wands or the Empress pop up in the reading.
    Interesting? (:

    Thanks for a great blog, I am enjoying exploring it.

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