New Moon in Cancer – June 2014 – Saudade

the-black-sea-at-night-1879The New Moon occurs at 08:08 (UT) on the 27th June 2014 at 05°CAN36

As the Moon rules Cancer, she is at home in this sign. Consequently her energy feels more pronounced, more immediate. It’s like someone tapping on your shell, quietly calling ‘is anyone home?’. Under this lunation we are rocked on the sea of emotions. A quiet lullaby floats back to you from the mists of time.

The Moon and the sign Cancer are all about the Mother – your own, your inner Mother and the Divine Mother. Cancer is about your needs. What nourishes you? What protects you? What makes you feel safe? It’s your own four walls; the home you live in. It’s your family, whether through blood ties or those you choose as family. Cancer represents who you are when your guard is down; your soft inner side that only those special people who are closest to you get to see.

I just heard about the passing of someone in someone else’s family. I shed a few tears. Sorrow is something will all know. I’m one of those people who cries just as easily for others as I do for myself. The already emotional Moon is trine to Neptune and widely opposite Pluto. Feelings then are intensified – grief, longing, love, compassion, forgiveness. There may be a powerful undertow that pulls you back to old memories from childhood, those that make you smile, those you’d rather forget. It’s the memory of standing at the seashore, bare feet gritted with sand, the soft foam of water washing them clean as the tide comes in. It’s a sense of belonging, the soul’s longing to reconnect, to dive into the ocean.

You may feel nostalgic. In Portuguese there is a word ‘saudade’. It describes the longing for something that may never come again, the sweetness of what once was, the hope that it will return. It’s all these things and more, wrapped up into a single word that expresses that beautiful ache in your heart.

New Moon in Cancer - June 2014

Look to where the New Moon occurs in your own chart and the house with Cancer on the cusp. This is where you need to treat yourself tenderly, where you need a soft spot to fall. It is also the place where you may need to learn to develop a hard shell to deal with what’s beyond your front door.

With the New Moon aspecting outer planets, this lunation reminds you of the big picture; the turning of the seasons; the grand passage of life to death and beyond. Bless your ancestors. You are called to remember your love for those nearest and dearest but also to spread that love beyond your immediate family.

We all need a little softness sometimes. The New Moon chart captures the waning Mars-Uranus opposition. There may have been shocks, upsets, unsettling things happening. In stressful times, it’s good to know who you can count on. Sometimes you may need to curl up in a foetal position and rock yourself to sleep. And that’s ok. Give yourself what you need at this time. Go with the flow.

The New Moon is on the Sabian Symbol :-

Game Birds Feathering Their Nests

There’s an element of preparing for growth in this symbol. Jupiter is in the degree of the Nodes during this Moon in a tense square aspect. Growth is a dynamic process. It’s important to prepare now for the opportunities that are coming later. The process begins at home – not only your physical home but the ‘home’ within you. Do you feel at home with yourself?

Maybe you need a nest egg for future developments – a course of study, to travel, to do the things you want to do. What do you need to put in place in order to ensure your security for the future? Whilst the sign Cancer is generally good with money, think beyond the material. What needs to be secured within you?

Note the reference to ‘game birds’ in the Sabian symbol. It implies that the young of these birds will eventually become food for humans. Symbolically then, there is a suggestion that what you are growing has the potential to ‘feed’ others. It’s about being aware of the interconnection of all life, the symbiotic round. What you do has an effect on others. Prepare well now and you can provide not only for yourself but give sustenance to the world as a whole.

The strength of this Moon is that it opens your heart. Go with it. Let the process happen. Embrace your inner child. By connecting with your emotions you learn to trust your gut instincts. Show kindness to yourself and others. A single act of compassion can be life changing. And remember – whilst emotions can be complex and unfathomable, when you were a child you laughed when you were happy and cried when you were sad. There is a simplicity in just feeling. So just feel it and then let it pass – for all things come and go, like the ocean tide. It is the ebb and flow of life.

Painting – ‘ The Black Sea at night by Ivan Aivazovsky

11 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer – June 2014 – Saudade”

  1. I would love to have a chart done..I have asc Scorpio with saturn on it, Sun in Taurus in 8th house and 9th house have jupiter conjunect uranus in cancer. I feel like this new moon is very important to me. I live nearby, how much would you charge?

  2. This new moon is on my birthday. My Sun is 5’46 Cancer. My new begining happened 3 weeks ago and still is very difficult. Tomorrow I took the day of to go to the spa, by myself and medidate, relax. Looked like the right thing to do.

  3. Hi Diana – Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I’m sorry you’re experiencing a difficult time right now. Yes, looking after yourself, nurturing – this is exactly the thing to do. I hope things improve for you soon.

  4. Thank you Leah. I really enjoy reading your posts. Work has been the busiest ever – a reflection of what’s happening in the sky. And thank you for the new word “saudade”. I was thinking about these type of feelings the past few months, and wishing I had a way to describe them.

  5. Dear Leah, as usual you are spot on!

    This New Moon falls in my 4th house. It forms a sextile to my natal Sun, Mercury and to itself as I have all three in conjunction in the 2nd house. It also squares my natal Chiron at 1 degree Aries in my 1st house.

    Sooooo … I guess an accomplished astrologer such as yourself could come up with many interpretation. My amateurish version, based mostly of knowing myself, selects the option of having the opportunity to increase earned income and added sense of value by using something close to my core being, my true home … once I discover and heal an old wound to my sense of self.

    It’s what I’d like to see happen, anyway 🙂

    Don’t forget to listen to the song – Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) by the kings of Bossa Nova Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. May they bring you happiness!.

  6. Just realized Wednesdays lumpectomy fits this new moon.
    Little worried cause May’s solar return has moon saturn conj.scorpio.
    By Oct. opposed tauras sun.
    Vertex moved back by solar I think into health hse too. This 2nd round. 14 yrs apart. I’ll be into juicing. Heard 96 yr yoga teacher Porchon-Lynch doesn’t drink water only home made juices. But
    she doesn’t seem to eat much either. Leo.

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