Uranus conjunct MC - Transit - wheat-fields-at-auvers-under-clouded-sky-1890

Transits – Uranus conjunct the Midheaven

Uranus conjunct MC - Transit - wheat-fields-at-auvers-under-clouded-sky-1890The Midheaven in your chart marks the highest point in the sky at your time of birth. Consequently, in interpretation it is associated with your aspirations; what you reach towards; your goals and your standing in the wider world. The Midheaven is your public face, your reputation and status. There is often a strong correlation to events regarding your career with the MC as in some house systems this point marks the beginning of the 10th house cusp. Regardless of the house system, the Midheaven is one of the angles of the chart and therefore extremely sensitive to planetary movements.

When Uranus crosses your Midheaven, it electrifies it. Change is imminent, necessary, needed. It could be welcome or unwelcome. Uranus doesn’t care. He shakes what needs to be shaken. With the conjunction, it comes from inside you – a bubbling up of energy that desires something new. It can be an extremely exciting time with many things happening at once and opportunities to branch out. You may get married, land that high flying job or break out and go it alone. One client I had was made redundant out of the blue, another quit, another packed up home and moved abroad. One married, one left her partner. Each were life changing experiences that opened up whole new vistas and a new perspective on life and themselves.

Essentially Uranus is asking, are you being yourself in the outer world? Are you happy with where you’re headed? If you’ve been feeling restricted and unable to express your true originality through your work (and sometimes through your relationships too), then Uranus can trigger upsets in this area in order to break free of limitations. If you’ve been sleeping your way through a boring job, Uranus will wake you up with a start. Sometimes a job can suddenly end or you quit. If a job ends, it is because a fresh start is needed. Caution is advised if you and your boss don’t get on. Uranus here can give you a strong rebellious edge! Uranus isn’t that keen on rules ,especially those that make you feel restricted and stifled.

You may feel restless, wired, full of energy, ready to snap. You may be fascinated by new technology; excited by the thought of new faces; thrilled by opportunities that come out of the blue. You may be offered the chance to change or redefine your job position. Perhaps new technology or techniques are brought in. Maybe you just feel like you want to do it differently. Thinking outside of the box can get you noticed now. This can be used positively or negatively!

As Uranus will also be opposite the IC, events that occur may also affect your home and/or family life. I have seen some people change jobs then move as a result. This isn’t always the case but it’s worth noting if that’s a direction you’ve been considering.

If you are coming up to this transit, consider how you are feeling about your work in the world, the things you want to achieve and how you would like to be seen by others. What changes would you like to make? Check out the position and aspects of Uranus in your natal chart as this will also be part of the story. Look to the house that Uranus rules in your chart as any changes or disruption may also manifest there. Watch for those crazy signals that point you in the right direction. Uranus is weird and wacky. Sometimes odd things happen under Uranus transits. Flashes of inspiration are also invited – a bolt from the blue where you just ‘know’ what to do. The only caution is that if you are the one instigating chances, be sure you’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

As with any Uranus transit, expect the unexpected but don’t fear it. Uranus changes what needs to be changed. It’s a breath of fresh air. Roll with it. Get excited by it. Uranus conjunct the MC is liberating.

And lastly, if you’ve been thinking of becoming an astrologer, Uranus conjunct the Midheaven is the perfect time to start 🙂

Painting – ‘Wheat Fields at Auvers Under a Clouded Sky’ by Vincent van Gogh


10 thoughts on “Transits – Uranus conjunct the Midheaven”

  1. Audrey Fishburne

    Thank you so much. I am very anxious about my own chart which I used to do – I’m not sure what you do….

    but THANK YOU so much for being there.

  2. Hi Leah,

    Thank you for writing about such a difficult transit from such an optimistic perspective, it ha seriously given me some hope that there might be something more rewarding coming for me. I am going through this transit and it seems that uranus is going to bounce back and forth around my midheaven for another three years. Since Uranus entered aries, i have only seen doors closing in my face. You have mentioned in your article that that uranus ends something in order to begin something new. But somehow that hasnt happened for me yet, regardless of my efforts to find that new and more meaningful direction. is there anything I am not doing right? with this planetary transit, do I have to just sit back and wait for things to happen or should I continue to make the effort to find that new thing?

    Need your guidance

  3. Hi Fiza
    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear Uranus is being a bit tough at the moment. It can feel very unpredictable. I would always say work with the planet in the best way you can. You say you are making efforts to find a new and more meaningful direction and that’s exactly what it’s about. Just because certain doors have closed and the new opening hasn’t manifested yet doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing it wrong – it may just not be the right time or the right opening…yet.

  4. Perfect, what I thought it’d be.

    Now let’s just wait for the conjunction to happen in 6• or so and I’ll update you.

  5. I have natal venus conjunct the midheaven. Transiting Uranus will conjunct my venus before it reaches the midheaven. But since venus rules my midheaven, am I right in thinking that the transit to venus will actually activate my midheaven too, in effect prolonging the following Uranus conjunct Midheaven transit? I hope this makes sense! Thanks for the great article!

  6. Hi everyone, Uranus will soon conjunct Aries in its last degree and reach the Midheaven sometime in 2017. It will also oppose moon in scorpio on the IC. I have had issues of being refused a US Visa to visit New Mexico and have been more grounded than usual in London. i have felt a bit imprisoned. I have tried to continue my creative life in London and to an extent it has been a good experience getting grounded. But I have a huge love for New Mexico and strong connections there. I am going to re-apply for a B2 Visitor Visa in early Spring 2017. Would anyone please advise me that this is a good time for a visa application? You know how tricky it can be sometimes going to the US. They said I should develop strong social and economic ties to the UK. Which I have done and I have no intention of ever giving up my main home here. I am also coming to the end of finishing a first novel/book and it has been very hard and laboured but I have slowly improved the ‘vintage’ over the years. Anyone have any bright sparks and flashes of insight or advice for me? Thanks Much Love Maggie xx

  7. Dear Leah,

    I was searching transiting Uranus article and I saw yours. I started a new job in June 2015 when Uranus conjuncts my MC. Now I just had Pluto squares my MC. I am considering of changing job now. But given the two planets aspect my MC, I’m a bit worried about my career.

  8. Just thought I’d add, Barry Manilow just officially came out as gay w/ transiting Uranus conjunct his Midheaven. He must be feeling super free about now!

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