Jupiter in Leo - the-star-dancer-on-stage

Jupiter Enters Leo – July 2014 – Showtime

Jupiter in Leo - the-star-dancer-on-stageJupiter bellows into Leo this week on the 16th July at 10:30 (UT), slamming the door open with a bang and probably with a bit of thigh slapping and a hearty laugh for good measure!

Jupiter has a kinship with Leo as it rules fiery Sagittarius so it’s generally at home in a fire sign. In Leo, Jupiter is larger than life, bombastic and keen to be seen.

Jupiter is your faith, blessings, opportunities. He’s where you want to expand in life. Jupiter is like a balloon, blow him up and let him go! Jupiter is expansive. He sees the big picture. From up there in his flying balloon, he can see the patchwork quilt of the earth below, the patterns made by fields and towns. Jupiter as natural ruler of the 9th house links to the concept of understanding. From a higher perspective, things often make more sense. It’s just like when you go on holiday or on a long journey; when you get some distance on your life, often you can get a better perspective.

Leo is a creative sign, childlike and full of wonder. “Look at me” shouts Jupiter in Leo. He’s a bit of a drama queen or king in this sign. I should know, I have Jupiter in Leo in my first house ๐Ÿ˜€ Attention seeking behaviour, being full of one’s own self importance, arrogance and know it all behaviour can all be the downsides of this transit. Sometimes Jupiter in Leo can have a tendency to want to impress others. The ego can feel humiliated when it feels like it doesn’t measure up. The downside to Jupiter in Leo manifests through playing up to others and sometimes just playing up! The trick here is to simply be the best you can be but be yourself. You don’t need to bow down to anyone else.

With Jupiter entering Leo, you may want more time to play or to simply enjoy life. Maybe you’re more ready to take a risk. Jupiter gives you the faith to take a gamble. The caution here is to ensure it’s a calculated risk because Jupiter can sometimes have a tendency to wing it and see what happens! Too much faith and no preparation may see you take centre stage for the wrong reasons.

Play the part you are destined for in life. You can do it! Jupiter encourages you to shine your light. Be seen. Be loud. Be proud. With Leo being naturally ruled by the Sun, it relates to your life purpose. This transit is essentially saying, you can be more than you are. Jupiter encourages you to stretch beyond what you already know. Your self-confidence gets a boost with every achievement. Be your own cheerleader. Essentially this is about creative growth. Hold joy in your heart. Itโ€™s just beginning. Leo Sun signs get the biggest boost, followed by Leo Rising but Aries and Sagittarius will have some of this happy juice flowing their way too.

In truth though, as always with Jupiter, thereโ€™s enough to go around. Tap into this energy by looking to which house Jupiter is transiting in your own chart. This is the area of life where you need to develop a sense of faith and trust. You are being encouraged to grow here โ€“ through studying, challenging your beliefs, travelling, changing your philosophy. Be optimistic, playful and open to new opportunities coming your way. Jupiter is full of promise but bear in mind itโ€™s necessary for you to take advantage of the chances that Jupiter throws you. Otherwise it can be all bluster and no substance.

Essentially this can be a glitzy, show stopper of a transit. Jupiter in Leo reminds you that you are special and to be proud of who you are. Instead of hiding in the wings, itโ€™s time to step up and take your place in the spotlight. Life isnโ€™t a dress rehearsal. This is a one time show. Make the most of it.

Painting – ‘The Star (Dancer on Stage’ by Edgar Degas

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10 thoughts on “Jupiter Enters Leo – July 2014 – Showtime”

  1. Hi Leah just to let you know that I’ve posted your brilliant inro to Jupiter in Leo on my Facebook Astrology: Questions and Answers Page. I’ve been working on a Jupiter Cycles article but it’s taking a wee while to come out!

    Enjoy your Jupiter in Leo period. I surely intend to enjoy mine! Anne x

  2. Yes that IS good news Leah! Since we’re born a few days apart, of course I have Jupiter in Leo too! But in my 6th house. My 6th house starts somewhere mid-Leo – or is it the other way around? At any rate transiting Jupiter, while transiting signs, remains in my 5th house for now. Would the sign change make a difference? It’s still the same house!

    Transiting Jupiter will conjunct natal Jupiter in December, and not a moment too soon! Christmas may not be the best time to look for a new job or career revamp – which I desperately need – but it is better timing as Saturn will finish its last opposition to my Mars – and yours too, probably – in November. Soooo … we’ll get lucky and the long Saturn punishment would have been worth it!

    You are right in that Jupiter makes people expansive. I am quite introverted at home but a total show-off at work, it’s like night and day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hi Laura – Yes I’m looking forward to this one! I think the sign change makes a difference as you have Jupiter in Leo too and its an energetic shift in the skies from water to fire. It’s more outgoing and creative. It’s going to be a while before my Jupiter return but I can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I had done some research into my zodiac sign, but I had not probed concerning Jupiter enters Leo!

    I am a Leo and I believe that your astrological insight about this thrilling ‘Jupiter in Leo’ is a plus to my inquisition! God’s universe does hold astrological secrets!

    Thanks to you!

  5. Thanks, This is very nice post and writing. Jupiter Enters Leo โ€“ July 2014 is very interesting blog….

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