New Moon in Leo - madame-edmond-picard-in-her-box-at-theatre-de-la-monnaie

New Moon in Leo – July 2014 – Look At Me

New Moon in Leo - madame-edmond-picard-in-her-box-at-theatre-de-la-monnaieThe New Moon in Leo occurs at 22:41 on the 26th July 2014 at 03LEO51.

This lunation makes a dramatic entrance with a conjunction to Jupiter and a square to Mars along with an over the top sesquiquadrate to Chiron. There’s a whole lot of potential for tantrums, melodrama and hurt pride in this chart and to top it all, the Moon is also conjunct asteroid Amor. It’s like the Moon is screaming ‘Love me, or else’! Look at me, honour me, praise me, look what I can do! Look how fabulous I am!

Look at me.

And it is important to be seen and acknowledged for who we are. To be paid a genuine compliment is lovely and it boosts self confidence. As a child, compliments build self esteem. A healthy level of self-confidence and self esteem gives a positive and realistic self image. In this state of mind we can accept compliments gracefully but have no need to try to elicit them. We probably all know someone who constantly wants attention, who constantly wants to be told how wonderful or constantly tells us how wonderful they are! All shout of low self esteem.

On the one side, this Moon is jovial, delighting in creative inspiration. It’s playful and happy. But with the square to Mars, there’s a sense that some may not want to share the limelight. Someone may throw all their toys out of the pram. This is a spectacular chart for making a show of things and that can be used for good or ill. We may see some manifestations in the mundane world such as posturing and one-upmanship. We’ve already got it going on with Israel and Russia. Unfortunately this lunation could indicate some escalations…

New Moon in Leo - July 2014 Chart

Maybe you want to make an impression. Sometimes it’s important – for example at an interview or on a date. But the best impression you can make is to impress you onto them – the real you. Not a caricature of what someone else demands or you think is required. The point is that the real you IS special. There are seven billion people on the planet and only one of them is you. How amazing is that!

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back From A Hunting Expedition

This just screams of trophy wives, showing off, keeping up with the Jones’s. It’s the ‘I’m better than you’ syndrome at its very worst which kills true creativity. The man’s ‘formal dress’ suggests that he’s trying to fit in with a certain societal group. When you try to force yourself into meeting the expectations of others, the beauty dies. We see it in woman and men trying to twist their bodies into socially expected ‘norms’. Pills, diets, plastic surgery. Yet these ‘norms’ aren’t normal. They don’t embrace the diversity of all life. There’s no live and let live here.

Used at its best, this Sabian is about showing what you can do. Your ‘prey’ may be the goals you are trying to reach – that novel you want to write; the Broadway play you want to produce; the tango routine you want to learn. When we achieve something, it’s important to congratulate each other and congratulate ourselves too. Excessive humility can be just as draining as excessive pride. Recall you achievements both big and small. Let them bring a smile to your face.

This lunation is an exploration of pride in all its forms. Are you proud of who you are and what you have done? If not, why not? This square to Mars and sesquiquadrate to Chiron can be used to actively find a way to move beyond the pain of past failings. A little child doesn’t stop trying to walk just because they fall over. They try, try and try again. With Chiron, maybe you’re afraid of being rejected for who you are. Jupiter here calls you to express your joy and dare to dream. Think big. Get into the game of life. Cheer yourself on even if no one else is.  Tell yourself you can do it. Tell yourself you’re loveable just the way you are.


You are beautiful
You are blessed
You have what it takes
You are acceptable

And you’re a star.

Painting – ‘Madame Edmond Picard in Her Box at Theatre de la Monnaie’ by Theo van Rysselberghe

7 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo – July 2014 – Look At Me”

  1. I love reading your forecasts but was dissapointed to see you mentioned Israel in such a negative way. I live in Israel and i am in the middle of a war with friends sons and my daughters friends going in to battle and some losing their lives. This is a two way war do not forget hamas and some palestinians that want to kill. I am not supporting any side and am an advocate for peace. You took sides and that is wholly unfair.

  2. Hi Laura – No I don’t I’m afraid. I do fast but purely for weight loss reasons and only from morning to evening. Going any longer than that is impossible for me but then I am a Taurus 😀

  3. Hi Kristen – Unfortunately I don’t know a great deal about the star seed theory. I tend to think we are all children of the stars with the potential for awakening awareness. In these times however, it does seem as though more an more people are awakening, perhaps in the face of such conflict on the planet.

  4. Hi there Leah, I like your astrological forecasts very much.
    In response to Lisa’s comment, I commiserate with her and do not wish to be ‘black and white’ about the matter of Israel-Palestine, but she needs to listen to Professor Noam Chomsky, considered to be one of the top thinkers and Intellectuals in the world. Hear what he has to say about the terrible war crimes being committed in the name of the Israeli people, totally backed by the US. The man is not lying and people need to review the whole, sorry mess. This new moon is not going to help, unfortunately.

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