Tarot For Business

Developing Your Tarot Business – Ask Your Cards

Tarot For Business

I was having a business planning session the other day, jotting down ideas for development and in the process, I thought I’d ask the tarot for some advice. The result was quite interesting and the guidance succinct so I thought it might help some of you who are also developing your own business. What follows is a brainstorm with the cards themselves.

My question was, what advice do you have about developing a tarot business?

Deck Used: The Rider Waite
Cards Drawn: Six of Cups, Two of Wands, Knight of Wands

The Six of Cups – Sun in Scorpio

  • Demystify what you do.
  • Stay true to yourself.
  • Know what you can give
  • Consider what you can give instead of thinking about what you can get, especially if you are worried about money. Money is just a form of energy exchange.
  • Keep in touch with past clients, send them a happy birthday message or a quick email to see how they are doing. This isn’t about promoting, it’s about making a connection.
  • Give something away – a reading, a deck, a tarot bag.
  • Offer your services to a charity, community even or similar good cause.
  • Foster an childlike attitude of humility. You don’t know it all. There is always something more to learn.
  • Take pleasure in everything you do in your business from giving readings to doing your taxes!
  • Don’t get stuck in past worries, fears or failings. Learn from your experiences and keep moving forwards.
  • If you’re having a wobbly moment, take a look back at the beginning of your tarot journey. Look how far you’ve come!
  • Remember those who have helped you along the way.
  • Be aware that some of your clients may have deep issues rooted in childhood. Be willing to venture back in your own past and look at things that were difficult for you.
  • Support your clients but don’t try to rescue them.
  • Be willing to face your own shadows as well as your client’s.
  • Think back to childhood and consider what natural inner psychic skills you may have. Did you see ghosts; hear your spirit guide; know things before they happened? Were you sensitive to pets and other animals, plants, wildlife? Did you have an imaginary friend? Did you have a special sacred place you used to visit?
  • Read fairy tales to tune in to archetypal language.
  • Engage your imagination.
  • Support your own inner child. Building a business is hard work, don’t forget to play!

Two of Wands – Mars in Aries

  • Don’t stand there waiting for your ships (readings) to come in. Be proactive.
  • Another way to read this is – Don’t give up, your ship may well just be about to come in!
  • Find someone you can bounce ideas off.
  • Foster good connections with other readers. They are your colleagues. There are more than enough clients for everyone. It’s not a competition.
  • Consider going into partnership with another reader or alternative practitioner.
  • Considering teaming up with someone to offer a course, meeting or study group.
  • Consider the type of clients you want to work with and market yourself accordingly.
  • Develop your own ideas.
  • Readings are just one branch of your business. What else could you offer?
  • Strike up a conversation with someone. You never know who might be interested in a reading.
  • Open a conversation on your Facebook page or blog – invite your reader’s comments and opinions.
  • If you don’t know, ask.
  • Make a business plan
  • If you feel stuck or overwhelmed with possibilities, just start anywhere. The key is in starting.
  • Consider your long term goal. Is what you are doing now bringing you towards that or taking you in a different direction? It’s OK to change course.
  • Prioritise your to do list to make the most of each day.
  • Track your progress – How many readings did you do last month, last year? Compare it to now. What does that tell you? Check your website stats. Find out who your visitors are. Who are your Facebook or Twitter fans? Engage them in a real conversation not just promotion.
  • Remember, the world’s your oyster. If you work online, your clients will come from all over the globe.
  • Mars is an adventurous warrior. Take a calculated risk.
  • Sometimes you just have to jump right in, even if you’re scared; especially when you are just starting the journey towards having your own business.
  • Notice the step in the card. Be prepared to show up and step up for your clients.
  • Remember your own continuing development and education. Take a course, join an association, attend a workshop.
  • Pioneer new ways of doing things. Trust your hunches.

Knight of Wands – Sagittarius

  • Have a vision for what you are doing.
  • Stay in touch with the big picture. Don’t let one difficult day put you off.
  • Where do you want your business to go?
  • Be bold.
  • Be positive about what you are doing.
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Take one action every day to keep you moving forwards.
  • Be confident in what you are doing.
  • Channel your energies wisely. The Knight can get carried away burning the midnight oil. Whilst you’re likely to work long hours building your business, ensure you leave enough energy to do the work itself.
  • A client or opportunity may present itself to you at any time. Are you ready?
  • Decide whether you will give ’emergency’ readings.
  • Be prepared to be busy. Consider how many readings you can do a week/month before getting burn-out. Pace yourself.
  • Consider teaching a class.
  • To be self-employed, it helps to be flexible. Go with the flow.
  • Practice what you preach – and don’t preach 😉
  • Have faith.
  • Get excited! You’re doing what you love!

What do your cards tell you about your tarot business?
Share your readings or experiences in the comments.