Full Moon in Aquarius 2014 – Cosmic Upgrade

barn-owl-viewed-from-the-frontThe Full Moon occurs at 18:09 (UT) on the 10th August at 18AQU02.

With the closest aspect to the Full Super Moon being an opposition to Black Moon Lilith, herself conjunct the Sun and Mercury, this chart seems to scream ‘let me be me!’. The Full Moon is square to Saturn. There’s something here about feeling dominated by the establishment, or established ways of thinking. Part of you wants to pull away, shout ‘no’ and demand that you do things your way. Saturn is rather like Dad laying down the line. Lilith, the Sun and Mercury are like three moody teenagers banging doors! The issue here is that everyone needs space to grow and develop. You cannot allow your spirit to be broken. But at the same time, there are established structures in place for a reason. Somehow it’s about fitting in, toeing the line and allowing yourself to be you all at once. A little detachment and perspective is in order to rein in the urge to flee.

Saturn may represent where you are holding yourself back for fear of failure or plain old self-doubt. The more sensitive you are to that negative inner voice, the more acutely self-conscious you become of where you feel different from everyone else.

Maybe the rules are getting you down and you’re longing to break away or rebel. It’s probably best to bend rather than break. Saturn demands self discipline, now more than ever if you are feeling stressed. Also, it can help to have things in order as this Moon has a slightly unpredictable edge.

Full Moon in Aquarius - Chart - August 2014

The Full Moon advocates laying the ground work. Yes, it’s the boring bit – the preparation, the studying, the making sure the basics are in place. Because these are the foundations you can build upon. You can’t skip it, no matter how much you want to do your own thing.

Part of you may sense that the old order isn’t working any more but you can’t just throw it out and start again. Think of it as a cosmic upgrade that takes the best of what you have learned so far, the most potent established wisdom and then modifying it. The sextile to Uranus promotes experimenting but you can only do this by being consistent in your efforts. Just like a science experiment is carefully repeated to see the results, you too may need to test out your ideas to see if they really work. Whilst patience may not be a strong point under this Moon, it will benefit you to be disciplined in your approach. Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius. He gives Uranus the strong foundations and structures necessary to show his brilliance and try out those wacky ideas.

If you’ve been stuck in your old ways, this Moon could feel a little like a shock to the system but if you listen carefully, you’ll see the wisdom in change.

The Full Moon is on asteroid Barn Owl. If everything seems dark, tune in to your intuition. Sometimes you need to watch and wait. Stillness provides the space you need to carefully survey your surroundings. The Barn Owl is otherwise known as the ‘screech owl’ which is also another name for Lilith. With the Moon in Aquarius, maybe instead of feeling left out, shut out or put out – it’s about finding kindred spirits who share your future vision or finding a sense of community and a place to belong. You don’t have to be alone in the midst of all of this. But being at peace with your own company will bring you the sense of inner stability you are looking for.

The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Forest Fire Is Being Subdued By The Use Of Water, Chemicals And Sheer Muscular Energy

This was the Sabian of Mercury station direct back in February this year. As this symbol is being revisited, it may be useful to check back to see what was happening at that time. What ideas did you have then that may be manifesting now? Has what you envisaged stayed the same or changed over time?

This Sabian contains a sense that you need to throw everything at it. If you’re burning to be seen or heard, maybe it’s time to make your voice known amongst the crowd.

This symbol also could be perceived as many individuals coming together who share a common goal. The water, chemicals and sheer muscular energy represent the different skills people have. Your skills, knowledge and experiences are unique.

Maybe it’s time to allow yourself to make a few mistakes, try something new to see how it works out. But give yourself a time limit. Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over. To get a different result, something needs to change. Distance yourself from the demands of the ego, fear of failure or rejection in order to fly free.

Those with planets or points around 16 – 20 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio)  will feel this Moon most strongly.

If it’s your birthday on this date, the Full Moon message will be contained in your Solar Return chart. If you would like to know how this may manifest for you, click here to book a Solar Return reading…

Painting – ‘Barn Owl Viewed from the Front’ by Vincent van Gogh


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  1. Hi leahwhitehorse. I found you yesterday when looking for something on Magdalena (conjuncting the 18 degree leo sun). You mentioned ‘leaving’ in relationship to Magdalena. You used it in a churchy god reference, But then again that pervades culture.

    Black moon lilith and magdalena. Ha! On the funny mundane side of this, the church lady was in a holy snit at the sun moon square and all of a sudden I was some kind of pariah again. She presented me with her control strategy for me. It makes me tired. It’s really none of my business.

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