Natal Aspects – Venus square Saturn

the-birth-of-venus-1Venus square Saturn in the natal chart can be an uncomfortable aspect to live with but like other challenging Saturn aspects, potentially brings great rewards. The difficulty is that Venus is the pleasure principle and Saturn by its nature isn’t too interested in pleasure. For Saturn it’s all about work, responsibility, duty and a bit more work!

You may have been brought up to believe that you have to work hard for a living and put aside your own wants and desires. Maybe you feel that no matter how hard you work, you never seem to get any further. Often there can be an ingrained belief that money is hard to come by generating a poverty mindset. If you are creatively inclined, maybe you find it hard to believe you can make a living doing what you love. Perhaps deep down, part of you thinks that being an artist, writer, dancer or whatever you want to do is a cop out – not real work; not something worthy of being paid. This same aspect can be what propels you to become a master of your art as you discipline yourself to improve.

Because Venus rules harmony and pleasure, the square can at times trigger a melancholy response. Maybe you feel like you never get to do what you like. Your inner parental voice may tell you that you’re ‘not allowed’. Depression can result from deep-seated unhappiness. You may feel lonely yet hold yourself back from love for fear of rejection. People with this aspect can feel very unworthy of both money or affection.

You may find it difficult to relate. Maybe you feel like you’re never quite up on what’s going on socially. Perhaps sometimes you feel left out. You may feel awkward, self-conscious, shy or inhibited in social environments. Some people come across as aloof. You may have an underlying feeling of being dissatisfied in relationships and sometimes like you’re the one who does all the work. Perhaps you feel you have to earn the love of others or that love is never given freely: that there’s always a cost, expectation or obligation underneath those loving overtures. Deep down there can be a fear of rejection so strong that you put up defences to ward off the chances of it happening. Better to be lonely than to be rejected mutters Saturn. But in doing this, you ultimately reject yourself out of hand. Venus needs to relate so if she is denied, the pressure inside builds.

Sometimes, you may set yourself up for failure by setting impossibility high standards. Traditionally this aspect is said to denote disappointments in love. This may come from limiting your choices so much that it becomes impossible to find someone to meet your requirements. A long check-list of ‘they must be like this…’ leaves no room to bring the right person to you. Plus the check-list itself may be faulty, built upon your own fears and limitations. In a similar vein, your standards may be as low as your self esteem, accepting someone because anyone is better than no one. Venus and Saturn may be so concerned with ’til death do us part’ that it’s hard to get a relationship off the ground. Maybe you take relationships too seriously and forget how to just have fun.

Until your first Saturn return, you may be plagued by self doubt, wondering if you are good enough. You work harder, trying to make it ‘good enough’. And this is where the square can come into its own. It doesn’t let up. Squares require action. In feeling this inner tension, Saturn slowly encourages you to master the art of Venus, teaching you that you can relate; you can do what you love; you can earn a living and you are worthy.

The sign and house positions (as well as other aspects) give clues to the resolution of the Venus-Saturn square. Saturn shows where you need to show self-discipline, accept responsibility, face reality and work hard. Venus shows the area of life that gives you the most pleasure, where you need harmony in your life, where you may find financial gain and what/who you love. Essentially Saturn needs to learn when to back off a bit so that Venus can enjoy life and Venus needs to learn that not everything that does you good, feels good at the time.

Venus square Saturn working at its best means that you are a loyal and stable partner who takes responsibility for your own feelings. You don’t expect your partner to make you happy. You know that love is a verb and you are willing to put the work in to a relationship. You don’t give up when the going gets tough but at the same time, you know when to draw the line if things aren’t working out.

In the realm of finances, working positively, Venus square Saturn gives you the ability to make good financial investments. You tend towards quality over quantity and can also be good at hunting out a bargain. You are frugal without being mean and can save for what is important to you without feeling guilty once the money is spent. If you are so inclined, Venus square Saturn also gives you the ability to make your creative interests a real and tangible business.

The resolution to Venus square Saturn is an inner journey towards self-love. To know you deserve love and respect brings with it a healthy level of self-esteem which allows you to say yes to what you want in life and no to what you don’t want. Maturity comes when you no longer need the approval of others. Instead you are your own authority who loves and respects yourself. Over time you have the potential to discover partners that give without expectation of return, love that lasts and a recognition that the key to happiness lies right inside of you. All good things come to those who wait.

Celebrity Examples – Venus square Saturn speaks…

Dustin Hoffman – Venus in Cancer square Saturn in Aries

“I envy people who can just look at a sunset. I wonder how you can shoot it. There is nothing more grotesque to me than a vacation”

Jacqueline Bissett – Venus in Libra square Saturn in Cancer

“Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful”

Oprah Winfrey – Venus in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

Anthony Hopkins – Venus in Capricorn square Saturn in Pisces (out of sign but only by one degree)

“Why love if losing hurts so much? I have no answers any more; only the life I have lived. The pain now is part of the happiness then.”

Painting – ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Odilon Redon

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24 thoughts on “Natal Aspects – Venus square Saturn”

  1. Thanks Leah! I recognize most of the traits you describe – they must be valid for the conjunction too, for I have Venus and Saturn in conjunction, and in the 1st house no less.

    Sometimes people with this aspect look imposing the way a cathedral or a pyramid or the Parthenon look imposing, and seem a tad haughty, even when they themselves feel “not good enough” as you say.

    You are right, when you learn to work WITH the aspect, beautiful things can happen.

  2. I have this aspect with venus in10th house and saturn in libra 7th. That’s a triple whammy… oy vey. My saturn return few years ago only made me more bitter and hateful!

  3. Hi Johnny – I’m sorry to hear that. Saturn is exalted in Libra and therefore doubly strong in the 7th house. If you can work to release the pain of the past, maybe then Saturn can work to bring you the rewards.

  4. what about a venus saturn opposition? my lover’s is 7th/1st and man it’s been a rough ride. his venus being tied up with chiron doesnt help matters much

  5. Does house placements strongly affect this aspect? I have Cancer Venus in 10th house square Saturn Aries in 7th house.
    I can relate to mastering the art and career part. So does that mean it strongly affect my relationships and career or something?

  6. Hi Hazel, yes this aspect would likely have an effect on career and relationships and also have bearing on the houses ruled by Venus and Saturn in your chart. But nothing can be taken in isolation so it would also depend on how these planets are aspected by other planets as well.

  7. I have Saturn in the 4th house in Taurus and Venus in the 2nd in Aqua. I have trouble finding a partner because their all not up to par. Can you give me a heads up on what should I do with this aspect. Thanks

  8. Wow this is the most detailed interesting write up on venus square saturn I’ve read so far! Thank you Leah!! I can actually relate to most of them even though I have Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer in 10th house in my natal chart. I find matters of love/relationships and finances very very challenging 🙁 What made me read up on venus sq saturn is because this aspect (0?16′) is in my solar return chart now. Venus retrograde in 1st house along with Jupiter, Mercury, Juno and Lilith. Saturn in Scorpio in 3rd house. Would you say this aspect to be more prominent/powerful in solar return chart for the next one year instead of the conjunction in my natal chart? Or should I be more concerned with my progressed chart? Your input would be much appreciated! 😀

  9. Hi Leo – thanks for your comment. I would say, start with your natal first to get a real feel of the potential of the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Check to see if they trine or sextile other planets or points which can show things that help to break down any Saturn barriers. Look to which houses Venus and Saturn rule too.

    Then look to the progressed chart to see what aspect (if any) Venus and Saturn form between each other now.

    The solar return square would emphasise both the natal aspect and also anything going on in the progressed chart. I’d say natal, transits and progressions are more important but the SR does give an overall feel for the year ahead. Your natal chart shows how you are naturally inclined to deal with Venus/Saturn issues. Your progressed chart shows how you’ve developed that understanding over time. Venus conjunct Saturn in the natal blends those two together so it can be hard to separate them. Venus can get a bit overwhelmed by Saturn. When they are square in your SR, it shows that this year you are more aware of how one impacts on the other and the square also pushes you to take action so although challenging, it can also be productive.

    I can relate as I have Venus conjunct Saturn in my natal and an opposition between them in my SR this year – oh the joys, lol 😀

  10. prasanna sridharan

    Hi leah…its so amazin tat many of d traits u had written match perfectly in my just 25 wit saturn in sagi n venus in gemini..til nw had to give up in many relationships which r failed either due to external or our own differences..reduced my self esteem to d extent tat am ready to correct myself and give d max love without expectin anythin in return frm d next one onwards..also as i had said maybe v shld take hiccups n brk ups nt too deep to heart n carry on..your last para gave me a moral boostin spike in mind tat those who hav a setup like this will definitely rewarded if we jus wait for time 🙂 🙂 thank u very much fr d post 🙂

  11. prasanna sridharan

    Addin to previous cmt, i have mars in aries(own sign) jupiter in cancer (exalted) and venus(ascendant lord) in 2nd house(gemini) to lagna (taurus) this setup quite bad or ok enuf to have a life endurin happy relationship? Yr advice s appreciated 🙂

  12. Hi Leah,
    So happy to have found this post. The most accurate description I have read in a long time. Any insight into saturn in aquarius in the 3rd house square venus in taurus in the 6th?

  13. I’m currently interested in a person who has venus square saturn and mars conjunct saturn. Any strategies in how to get through to them?

  14. Very interesting . I have had an on/off relationship with sun Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus 29 sagittarius degrees squaring his north node and Venus degrees Pisces . Lots of contacts, I am sun Leo opposite his sun , he has Mars 18 degrees trining my sun and I have Pluto 24 degrees trining his Jupiter 24 degrees in Aries. Lots more contacts

  15. i have saturn in capricorn in 9th square my R Venus in aries in 11th & i often feel as if i will never get to do what i love: music, singing. i have played musical instruments since i was 9 yrs. of age & i am now 57 year old mom of 5, 3 boys & 2 girls, 15 grandchildren. i only have one son who is interested in playing music with me but he is miles away in virginia saving money to get to mn. & play music with me. i often feel like this will not happen because the powers that b do not want me to be with my son & enjoy myself or play music because i enjoy it so much & life wants me to suffer & be depressed, broke, in pain & crying. i used to believe in God but i have been let down so much when it comes to my mothers family, my sperm donor & relationships with guys. i trust nobody anymore. i always get hurt, neglected, cheated & lied on & to, & left alone so i feel as if i am better alone anyway since that what life has given me since i was born.

  16. have this square un my natal chart venus exalted in pisces squares saturn in early capricorn. By progression venus is now in gemini sign of saturn exaltation just free from quince ( i have a natal yod, a boomerang to be exact involving saturn and gemini as apex sign) i did spend most of my life alone and by years coming find peace while recognizing that love is not for me… by the way i lose a huge bunch of testy feeling about this existence and quietly wait for it to end without any dramatic statement. I am just experiencing my second saturn return.. Thank you for your website… Very interesting

  17. I have this aspect with Saturn in Virgo in 12th ( close to 1st) and venus in Sagittarius in 3rd (close to 4th). I have been working on “receiving for the sake of receiving” and “working for the sake of working.” I have separated them and it seems to help a lot! Instead of working to receive, which gets me in very unhappy territory, I enjoy to receive (love, money, time, experiences) and I enjoy to work (on myself, my relationships, my experiences, my life). Thank you for this eye opening affirmation that I am on the right track.

  18. I hope my vomment gets read. Since this thread is years old! I’m a venus ( Taurus, 5th house) and Saturn in the 8th house/ Leo. Every word of this explanation fits perfectly. To complicate things. My sun is conjunct my venus ( 6°). I’ve experienced all the downside of this aspect, worked on myself my entire life, and i honestly can’t say I’ve much success. Divorced many years, and every relationship I’ve had didnt end well. Problems finding good friendships as well. It makes me feel that this is a situation that perhaps I can’t overcome.

  19. Most correct .
    My sidereal Saturn is at 15 degree Pisces and Venus is at 14 degree Gemini the sidereal Ascendent being at 2:30 degree minute at Cancer .

  20. I agree 100% with your insight. My Venus is also square pluto and conjunct north node that seem to be other two challenging aspects. Actually my relationships are quite an issue but I am trying to find an outlet for this emotional energy in music and convey this pain and suffering in it. Definitely It helps

  21. Patricia M. Sesoko

    I have Venus in Sag. in the 11th house sqaure Saturn in Virgo in the 8th house. I also have Capricorn rising. I am very lonely except for my 8 cats. With make up on, I am very beautiful, and people tell me this a lot. I was a professional Dancer for 15 years. That was my first job. What can we or I do about this?

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