Bridge - Singer Sargent

Full Moon in Pisces September 2014 – The Bridge

Bridge - Singer SargentThe Full Moon occurs at 01:38 (UT) on the 9th September at 16PIS19

Within the nebulous waves of Pisces, sorrow swells. There is something sentimental in this Moon, an aching poignancy that spirals up out of the depths. The Moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Maybe you feel hurt, drowning in a sea of emotion. Maybe you just want to cry but you don’t know why. Maybe you are crying for all the wounds of the world, the mystery of life, the sheer pain of living.

And that’s OK because tears are healing. Tears flow into the river and back to the sea to be recycled and reborn as cleansing rains.

Venus is edging towards an opposition with Neptune, the ruler of the waves. There could be thoughts about love lost, love found, unrequited love, the love that never came. Black Moon Lilith is there too, nestled beside Venus in Virgo. Lilith knows that not everything was perfect in paradise. This lunation asks you to accept imperfections and to accept that what is perfect for you may not be perfect for another and vice versa. Live and let live. Face the chaos to find your bliss.

The Moon moves you to have compassion, for yourself, for others. And we need compassion right now. We need peace. Perhaps though, someone else is crying out for your attention. Maybe you want to save them. The caution here is whether helping will only push you into deeper water. Throw them a life line by all means – but don’t throw them your life line. There are certainly times when intervention is necessary but often rescue doesn’t teach someone how to save themselves. Saving has to be carefully balanced against enabling.

Full Moon in Pisces September 2014

Full Moon in Pisces 2014 - Chart

Go inwards, seek out that stillness inside.

The Moon is trine to Saturn in Scorpio. The stillness you are seeking is there, anchored to your soul. It’s beneath all the floating debris and the stuff that sunk to the bottom. If you allow yourself to be still, you will feel the tug of your own tide, pulling you back to the source. It’s your cosmic connection to the collective unconscious. The dance of light upon water. It’s the Gods speaking to you in dreams.

Think, who or what do you turn to when life is overwhelming? What saves you? This is the time to seek out ways to re-connect. Remember you are the captain of your own ship sailing towards an unknown destination. Jupiter is co-ruler of Pisces – rejoice in the journey!

Asteroid Polyhymnia is conjunct the Full Moon. She is the Muse of sacred song, poetry and some say meditation too. Can you find your faith within the swirling masses, the endless conflicts, the relentless wars?

Meditate, pray, send out a healing thought. Everything is energy. Nothing is separate. Reach out to the other side for help. Ask your angels or guides for a message in a bottle and trust it will appear.

The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

An Easter Parade

What was lost will come again. New life is born from the old. Beneath deep sadness lies the gift of hope. Beneath vulnerability lies strength. Balance mourning for what was lost with celebrating what is to come.

There is nothing to fear. Chiron is the bridge over troubled waters. This is about re-membering. Let old memories surface, however difficult. Old memories are pieces of you that lay forgotten. Release your sorrows to the universe. Surrender to the cosmic tide. Welcome your soul home. You are nothing but whole.

Painting – ‘The Bridge of Sighs’ by John Singer Sargent

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3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Pisces September 2014 – The Bridge”

  1. Lovely
    knowledge Is power
    I shall seek the Hill Country in the Fabulous Moon Light. There are parts of the Texas Hill Country where the old hills have been washed clean of most of the fertile soil. This leaves the Caliche Cap Rock and the Cedar. The ground is white. At night it becomes a wonderful Lunar Lit Moon Scape. I will try and photograph it for you to see. It may well not work for me, but I have a nephew with a killer camera and everything he needs to photograph ANYthing. I’ll get a shot, A panorama Even !
    Once Again, Leah, so lovely, you show us ourselves

  2. Oh my, it was conjunct chiron. How did I miss that. It formed a kite with my moon Saturn sesqui. The full moon axis fell across natal mars rx and PoF. I was miffed looking at that kite. But could not help but think of my NN that sextiles natal chiron. It’s all good. It just ain’t like they told me it should be. They can threaten me, shake me, rail against me, but I just can’t fit that mold. The road less travelled is written about, talked about. But I see no sign of any road. 😀

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