New Moon in Libra September 2014 – Reprieve

ballet-dancersThe New Moon in Libra occurs at 06:13 (UT) on the 24th September 2014 at 01°Li08′ D

The focus shifts to relationships, balance, compromise, agreements. Libra is the sign of relating and relationships. At this time of year, we are moving into the a new season. It’s time to reset the scales.

Libra is the sign of the other. It’s me in you and you in me. It’s where you are given a chance to see yourself through the eyes of another.

Libra’s function is to find harmony. Ruled by Venus, it’s not about the differences, it’s about the similarities. Working at its highest, Libra is the perfect give and take: the poised prima ballerina perched in the arms of the principle male dancer. It’s yin and yang, whatever your sex or sexual persuasion. When in balance, you move with grace. Each imperceptible movement, whether heart, mind or body shifts to accommodate the other, an eternal call and response.

When the New Moon is in Libra, it’s time to consider the relationships in your life – partners specifically but it can be broadened out to all forms of relating. How balanced do your relationships feel to you? Look to the kinds of people you attract in your life. What does this say about the person you are?

On an inner level, this is also about balancing all areas of life. Work, home, family, partner, social life, personal and spiritual development. Each area is part of the whole. But it’s easy for one area to become all encompassing, leaving other aspects of you yearning for some loving attention.

New Moon in Libra September 2014

New Moon in Libra - September 2014

What characterises this Libra New Moon is that it makes no major aspects to any of the planets. This is a quiet chart, a moment of stillness in which you have a chance to take a breathe, pause and reflect.

But behind this quietness is a powerhouse of energy. Libra is a cardinal sign. For all its need for niceties and social adeptness, Libra has a go-getting side too. It’s this energy that can be channelled into something of value.

Ruler of the New Moon, Venus, is in a sexy sextile to Saturn. And Saturn CAN be sexy if you give him the chance. He may well be a gentleman but he’s a bit of a devil underneath that serious suit. There’s something here about getting beneath exteriors and down to the bare bones of it all. Venus is also sextile to Juno, Goddess of marriage and commitment. Showing genuine appreciation for each other brings mutual support and forms strong bonds of love and affection.

The New Moon is conjunct asteroid MakeMake, named after the creator God of Easter Island. It’s potent. I love the play on words. ‘Make’, said twice – one for each side of the scales. It’s about doing something. To make, to create, to bring into form (like Venus sextile Saturn says). Creativity occurs when you bring both sides of yourself together.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is :-

The Transmutation Of The Fruits Of Past Experiences Into The Seed-Realizations Of The Forever Creative Spirit

You live and learn. Every experience along the way is a ‘seed realisation’ for the future. Nothing is wasted. Everything is for a reason. In order to regain your balance, you may need to re-frame the past. Your soul is eternally creative. You are constantly ‘in the making’. Likewise in life you have an endless supply of creative potential, an endless sky full of love.

The New Moon is semi-square to both Jupiter and Ceres. Semi-squares are like an itch that must be scratched. Ahhh, the relief! There’s something big here itching for your attention. Uranus too is closing in to perfect a trine to Uranus. It’s high optimism, heart-bursting, brilliance.

There’s a lightness to this Moon – I want to say delight. It’s eddying autumn leaves. The glory of trees in the Fall, the soft misty light of September mornings, the richness of blackberries that stain your tongue.

This is a lunation of reprieve. After the recent emotional highs, we all need a bit of a rest. The cosmos is being kind. Take advantage of it whist you can. Kiss your lover, get out your paints, re-vamp your wardrobe, get some air in the park. Re-charge, re-set, re-balance…

…because next month is a whole other story 😉

Painting – ‘Ballet Dancers’ by Constantin Piliuta

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