Angel with Harp

Weekly Astrology Forecast – 29th September – 5th October 2014

Angel with HarpHelloooo October! It’s a busy month ahead with eclipse season coming and a Mercury retrograde. The energy feels pretty heady with the Grand Fire Trine building in the skies! It already feels inspirational, a little chaotic and like a big box of tricks has been opened.

The week begins quietly enough with Venus slipping comfortably into Libra on the 29th September along with asteroid Amor following closely on her heels. There’s a little love action going on here. Start your week with gracefully acknowledging the love and beauty in your life. As ruler of this air sign, Venus works on the mental level of relating, the gentle give and take as you negotiate life with the rest of the human beings on the planet. In order to live together co-operatively, there’s a need to take on board the likes and dislikes of others. Venus in Libra understands the art of fairness and diplomacy. I’ll give a little here she says, if you give a little there.

Venus and Amor in Libra help you to define these unspoken agreements by cultivating good social skills. It’s all about how you interact. This is the perfect time to smooth out your relationships.

On a personal level, you might want to pamper yourself or your surroundings. Give yourself a little loving. Bring something beautiful into your home: flowers, a picture, soft cushions, anything that enhances the atmosphere and appeals to your tastes. This is the time to create inner and outer harmony. The more relaxed you are and at peace with yourself, the more your relationships with others find that sweet spot.

The feel good vibe continues through to the end of the month with no other major aspects in play.

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on the 1st October lands on the Sabian symbol :- An Angel Carrying A Harp. It feels like everything is still in cupid mode! It’s interesting however that this symbol falls in the rather stalwart sign of Capricorn. Capricorn doesn’t tend to get into that stuff! It likes a good old dose of reality and this new age nonsense doesn’t wash! The secret however is in the angel’s harp. It’s strings cannot be plucked without tension present. The sweet sound of a harp would sound off key if the tension of each string isn’t correct. Capricorn takes care of these details, methodically tuning the instrument. It takes time and effort to bring something beautiful into manifestation.

Behind this ethereal image is the reminder that the universe needs order. The harmony of the world, the music of the spheres, the rhythm of your own life needs structure which is the domain of Capricorn. Today would be a good time to check out those strings. Where is the tension in your life? Is it good tension producing a vibrant note of productively or is it bad tension where things feel listless and dull? If you feel out of tune, it’s a reminder that something needs work.

The 2nd October sees a quincunx between Ceres in Scorpio and the South Node in Aries. This may highlight a tendency to hold on to something that is well past its sell by date. If you are the kind of person who keeps things just in case you might want them, this aspect prompts you to reassess whether you really do need it or whether it might be better to just let go in order to make room for something that is more nourishing or fulfilling. Check in with your scarcity mindset.

There’s some sticky aspects on the 4th October. Venus starts it off with a quincunx to Neptune. Whilst Venus is lounging in Libra, this might see her feeling a little lost, listless or just too darn comfortable to want to get up and do anything. But something is pricking her conscience. Something needs to be resolved, even if she isn’t quite sure what it is! Maybe you get an intuitive feeling that something isn’t quite right but part of you wants to ignore it, hoping it’ll just go away.

The problem erupts with a square between the Sun also in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. So now we are in Cardinal t-square mode as it triggers the building square between Uranus and Pluto once again. Tension vibrates through the air and maybe you feel a sense of running into a brick wall. It’s gone from an odd feeling that something isn’t right to oh here’s the problem in a short space of time! But it’s ok. Now you know what the problem is, you can start to deal with it.

The challenge here is that Mars also squares Chiron and Mercury goes retrograde, yes all on the same day! So, you’re feeling out of sorts, feeling challenged, feeling like you don’t have the energy to deal with it and oh to hell with it I’m going back to bed

Or…it’s about recognising that life doesn’t always run smoothly and these hurdles along the way empower you when you realise you can find your way over them. Sun square Pluto is strong! And as for those things you can’t change, why worry? Release it and move on. Yes maybe you feel a little exposed and vulnerable with that Mars square to Chiron but you can spend some time reviewing the best ways to heal that pain or strengthen that weak point. Are you easily hurt? Do you tend to hit out before being hurt? This aspect can help you to address these issues. Mars is currently enjoying a thrilling interaction with Jupiter and Uranus so you if you are motivated, this could be a great leap forwards rather than a set-back. It’s how you think about it that counts.

And Mars will ram that point home to you on the 5th October when he springs into a trine to Uranus. You know what, says Mars – you can change things. You can do it your way. Dare to get excited about all the possibilities there are for you, for your life, for the world. Mars trine Uranus is asking you to get on board. Show your enthusiasm and the way the world looks changes in an instant.

Meanwhile, also on the 5th October, Ceres perfects a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio. Now she will show you the benefits of getting rid of that old stuff earlier in the weak. It’s about conserving and valuing what you have. It’s also about knowing what you need and what you can give away. In fact, this aspect reminds me of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Ceres conjunct Scorpio is like sorting out your basic cupboard essentials, both literally and metaphorically. What are the basics that you need in your life that give you a strong foundation to build upon? Less is more with Ceres conjunct Scorpio.

There are a complex array of energies at play this week. Mars wants to you move forwards, Mercury pushes you to reassess and step back. Only you can know what you truly need deep down. Within all of this is perhaps a story about containing your excitement until you are really sure of what you want. Things are liable to change rapidly with Mars trine Uranus. In the first instance, it’s about being able to listen to that bass line in your own life and to become aware of its tune and rhythm. Once you have that in place, you can begin to hum the melody. Tune in, tune up. Strive to listen to the cosmic song around you.

Weekly Astrology Forecast Aspects

29th September Venus enters Libra
29th September Amor enters Libra
1st October First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
2nd October Ceres quincunx South Node
4th October Venus quincunx Neptune
4th October Sun square Pluto
4th October Mars square Chiron
4th October Mercury station Retrograde
5th October Mars trine Uranus
5th October Ceres conjunct Saturn

Angel with Harp by Jan Matejko