Grand Fire Trine October 2014

the-triangle-playerThe Grand Fire Trine has been building since the last week of September and it’s currently beaming from the skies like a great cosmic smile. Whilst there are some challenges this month, namely the Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season, this configuration gives us all something to fall back on.

With Mars perfecting trines to Uranus on the 5th October and then Jupiter on the 8th October, the Grand Fire trine is now at its peak. This pattern will be in play until around the 15th October. I feel it intensely as Uranus is conjunct my 14 degree Aries Midheaven and Venus!

With Mars, Jupiter and Uranus highlighting the element of fire, this trine taps into your creativity and spirituality. This is a visionary pattern filled with inspiration. The word that reverberates through my mind is ‘animated‘. Fire brings things to life. It’s the essential spark within. There is something vital and alive within this pattern.

Mars is courage, life blood, fight or flight, motivation. He’s your inner warrior who is sworn to protect you. Sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he gets it wrong but always there is the impetus to push ahead. Mars is your ignition button.

Mars in Sagittarius is a crusading placement as this is the sign of religion. Given the chance, Mars in Sagittarius can trigger fanaticism. But on the plus side, it generates the willingness to strive towards knowledge and understanding. Mars in Sagittarius gives you a feeling that there’s something worth fighting for.

Jupiter is your faith and belief, blessings and opportunities. Jupiter in Leo is big, bold and brash. It’s colourful, larger than life and endearingly generous. With Jupiter in Leo, you can afford to be more confident and more playful with life. This placement touches the child in each of us and promises you can have what you want.

Uranus is your independence and uniqueness. He celebrates difference. As the higher octave of Mercury, he shocks us awake by suddenly showing us a completely different perspective.

Uranus in Aries is rebellious and inspired! There can be a tendency for it to be all about me, me, me but essentially it’s vibrant and quivering with anticipation. It’s all the possibilities and then some. New beginnings are its inspiration. Uranus in Aries is determined to do it his way or not at all. It’s a drive for freedom, a pioneering spirit, knowing you can go it alone and survive.

Grand Fire Trine October 2014

Grand Fire Trine

With these heady energies at play, this pattern is anything but quiet. Trines can sometimes have a habit of slipping into the background. They can be the things we take for granted – the things that come so easily to us that we don’t recognise the opportunities that lie within them.

But this Grand Fire trine is up in our faces. There’s no way we can miss this one. If you have planets or points around 13 – 18 degrees of the fire signs, buckle up! The trick is to actively tap into this energy. Choose to use it otherwise it may just take you for a ride anyway. The trouble with trines is there’s nothing to slow down the energy. It makes me think of a Catherine Wheel. It’s beautiful or it can be simply explosive! Fire can be life giving and fire can be deadly.

A Grand Trine is self contained, the energy free-wheels around and around, bouncing from one point to the other. It’s perfect for being self-motivated but not so good at taking into consideration other viewpoints. Stay aware of when you need to apply the brakes.

Watch around the 8th October when the Lunar Eclipse turns this Grand Fire Trine into a Kite. I will write about this more in the Lunar Eclipse post shortly but suffice is to say that this could be the time when things take off – or kick off.

After the crucifying Cardinal Grand Cross back in April, the October Grand Fire Trine is a time of resurrection. It’s a cosmic gift, a chance to make amends, an opportunity to fix what is or was broken. Take the initiative. Take a risk. There are heroic stories to be told. Great things can be achieved with this energetic pattern. Use it wisely.

Ideas for the Grand Trine
Start a project
Go travelling or plan a trip
Sign up for a course
Show your courage
Just do it
Take action to create the future you want
Stop procrastinating and start doing
Take a risk
Find your faith
Believe in yourself
Get Inspired
Be positive
Be pro-active
Be bold

Painting – ‘The Triangle Player’ by Georges de la Tour

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