Weekly Astrology Forecast 6th – 12th October 2014

lunareclipseSo, as I write, Mars has just perfected a trine to Uranus. The Grand Fire Trine is in action and I’ve just discovered that you really can burn boiled eggs! So whilst all this fizz of energy is happening in the background, we still have a tricky Mercury retrograde to deal with and a lunar eclipse this week. Whilst Uranus bounces around my MC and Venus, apparently I am more easily distracted as well as inspired!

The week begins with Vesta entering Sagittarius on the 6th October. Dedication to faith and devotion to the truth become paramount. This aspect can certainly tap into the inspirational feel of the Grand Fire Trine but it also can amplify fanaticism. The sacred fire can burn out of control. On the plus side, this ingress is a reminder that your cause is best served by a commitment to understanding and knowledge. Nurture the flame by searching for your connection to the divine and know that the journey is a lifelong one of learning.

The Sun creates a quincunx to Chiron and opposition to Uranus on the 7th October which evokes an unsettled mood. Maybe you feel provoked. Maybe you just don’t want to conform. Perhaps you feel caught off guard.

It’s possible that these feelings manifest within you. Perhaps the problem is that you may feel so different, it’s hard to connect. Perhaps you feel people don’t like you. Perhaps you are trying to distance yourself from an aspect of yourself. Uranus is your quirks, those little things that make you who you are. Instead of ostracising them, embrace them. This heals the wounds, fills in the missing parts and makes you shine brighter. You are different and that’s the beauty of it!

The Sun opposite Uranus can trigger instability and unpredictable behaviour. What you anticipated may not manifest that way. Instead of feeling put out, focus on your heart centre. The more in balance you are with yourself, the easier it is to withstand the push and pull of the outside world.

Juno helps this along by moving into Leo, also on the 7th October. Be proud of who you are. Commit to your creative self-expression.

The Lunar eclipse in Aries occurs on the 8th October and as it’s conjunct Uranus, this sets the Grand Fire Trine alight. It’s volatile: a spark to a fuse. With the eclipse being square to Pluto, this could be like fireworks or a bomb going off. It could either be gloriously pretty or absolute mayhem. Venus also perfects a square to Pluto on the same day adding just a little more ‘intense’ for the hell of it. And then Mars spins into action perfecting the trine to Jupiter therefore amplifying everything.

This is a South Node eclipse as well so essentially there’s a theme of being liberated from restricting circumstances so that you can move forwards or go your own way. This is the fight for freedom or domination. Emotionally feelings may erupt that have been kept under wraps for quite some time. Whatever is coming up now demands to be looked at. Uranus is the planet of awakening and he’s not your average civilised clock with a gentle beeping alarm. He’s your screaming alarm that you want to throw across the room when it shocks you from your sleep.

Eclipses are by their nature unpredictable and this one has an extra edge of unpredictable behaviour. Whatever is happening, the rules of the game are changing. Something bursts into the light, all guns blazing and maybe you need to think on your feet. It taps into your sense of adventure, your daring. Sometimes big changes require bold reactions.

Whatever happens here, be assured that this is resetting the balance and clearing the way for spiritual and creative growth. I will be writing more about this eclipse shortly, stay tuned!

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is square to Juno in Leo on the 9th October. You may feel the victim of broken promises. It could be someone else that’s not playing ball or it could be that you’ve broken a promise to yourself. Either way, a contract needs re-negotiating but with Mercury retrograde, it may be better to simply observe for the time being before going head to head. Ease up.

Mercury alleviates some of this intensity by slipping back into Libra on the 10th October. Now things may not feel quite so scary or overwhelming. This could be a good time to check in with those you love and talk through some of your fears and concerns. A different perspective may help you to clarify your thinking. On an inner level, this is about presenting yourself with the other side. If you are struggling, considering an alternative viewpoint to your own may help you to redefine your own argument – or point out where missing information is causing an imbalance.

The Sun in Libra also sextiles Jupiter in Leo on the same day which can add a boost of confidence in the mix. Yes, thinking positive will help to open doors. Have a little faith. Along with the Mercury retrograde action, this could be the perfect day to debate (not argue!) possibilities, discuss politics, religion, philosophy, morality. This is all part of the process of becoming informed about the world and your place within it.

Venus echoes the Sun’s movements from earlier in the week with a quincunx to Chiron and opposition to Uranus on the 11th October. Yes, you’ve been here before and that’s what makes it a little easier to handle. If you get that prickly feeling or something is uncomfortable, shift your position. Not everyone has the same values or tastes. It doesn’t make one right or one wrong. Take yourself off if you need some space but avoid shopping therapy! Venus opposite Uranus is inclined towards impulse buying and what looks good today may look decidedly different tomorrow!

Thankfully Mars is working hard in the background, still enjoying the ride in the Grand Fire Trine and now sextiles the North Node also on the 11th October. Even if you’re feeling put out, irritated, annoyed, rejected, dismissed or the myriad of other feelings from Venus, Mars reminds you that there’s a bigger journey. Bear in mind the Sagittarius vibe and consider the big picture. What do you feel called to do? Actively working towards your long term aims on a daily level keeps you motivated despite outside distractions.

The Sun highlights this long term and spiritual potential on the 12th October with a conjunction to the North Node in Libra. The Sun and the North Node will be on the Sabian symbol ‘A Rabbi Performing his Duties’. Use this time to reflect upon your spiritual practices in your daily life – or to devise ways of bringing spiritual practice in your daily life.

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a pattern of doing things a certain way at a certain time but these patterns can quickly become habits that are performed on automatic pilot. The key here is to become conscious of what you are doing and why. Daily rituals both spiritual and mundane can create a sense of continuity and security but only if you are fully engaged in them. As the Sun and the Node Node meet, this could be an ideal time to devise a small ritual of your own to re-affirm your intentions and ensure that your life is balanced enough to take them into account every step of the way. Those of you with planets or points around 19 degrees of Cardinal signs may feel this more intensely (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Weekly Astrology Forecast Aspects

6th October Vesta enters Sagittarius
7th October Sun quincunx Chiron
7th October Sun opposite Uranus
7th October Juno enters leo
8th October Lunar Eclipse in Aries
8th October Venus square Pluto
8th October Mars trine Jupiter
9th October Mercury retrograde square Juno
10th October Mercury re-enters Libra
10th October Sun sextile Jupiter
11th October Venus quincunx Chiron
11th October Venus opposite Uranus
11th October Mars sextile North Node
12th October Sun conjunct North Node

Painting – ‘Eclipse’ by Nicholas Roerich

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  1. I am scared with this eclipse, suddenly my 6 month old solid relationship looks like its so fragile….
    afraid it might break, i am feeling insecure about its success in future as a marriage…hope its not got to do with this eclipse…last saturday had a fight with my best friend too…they was shocked of my sudden burst…

  2. Hi Garry
    I’m sorry to hear things have been difficult for you recently. Mercury is also retrograde at the moment. Maybe give things a little time, let the dust settle and then see where you are then x

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