Weekly Astrology Forecast – 27th October – 2nd November 2014

autumnI have to say, the solar eclipse along with Mercury stationing direct last week certainly packed a punch! Gosh, some intense situations, feelings and thoughts, powerful Scorpionic shifts. Hardly a surprise with the solar eclipse directly opposite my natal Sun and Mercury stationing on my South Node. Deep stuff, bubbling up, bubbles popping, revelations. Not all good, not all bad – all essential to acknowledge and work with. I set up my Samhain altar which involved digging through old photographs, a task that I generally avoid. So many photos like little knives, stabbing at my heart. Too many memories best left in the past. I considered burning some of them (again) but put them back where they will probably lay until next Samhain when I may be more ready to finally lay those demons to rest. But I pushed through it, found photos of my great grandfather, grandmother, great-grandmother, drawing strength from my ancestors who sometimes lived hard lives and learned to face problems with stoicism and wisdom.

Sometimes, when the Sun is transiting Scorpio, emotions are all consuming. The veil between the worlds is thinning and Spirit calls us to face death in life as much as life in death. Doors open and doors close and sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which!

I don’t know about you, but I sure could do with a rest!

Thankfully, it looks like that prayer might be answered this week as we enter a cosmic lull before the next build up.

On the 27th October, Venus moves into a soft trine to Neptune, stirring love, compassion and deep soul tides. Maybe you feel moved to offer someone a helping hand. Whilst Venus struggles a little in Scorpio, here she is longing to make her feelings known. If there have been conflicts, this is the perfect day to forgive and forget. Make up and move on. The flow of feeling here could help to dissolve intense emotions or to transcend them. Either way, your heart is opened. It’s all about unconditional love.

If you’ve been working too hard, this aspect is rather like lying back in a bubble bath. Relax! Take time to show yourself love too. The only negative with this trine is that money may tend to slip through your fingers, especially if you see a pretty something that catches your eye.

Ceres will slip quietly into Sagittarius on the 27th too. Embrace a positive outlook to feed your soul. Whatever you hunger for, know that you can find it. See it as an adventure.  If you feel empty, use this transit of Ceres to embrace new cultures. Open your mind (and mouth!) to foreign cuisine, try a recipe from another country. Watch how people in other places live and prepare their food on a daily basis. Our relationship with food says a great deal about our relationship with mother earth as well as ourselves.

The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune on the 28th October echoing the transit of Venus yesterday. This is about aligning your heart with your soul purpose. This is a passionate and creative aspect that lifts your spirits, perhaps making you think that anything is possible. The truth is that anything IS possible. There is the potential of magic in every moment.

Tune in to your imagination and listen to your hunches. Your intuitive radar is wide open to receiving cosmic information. The Sun and Neptune highlight compassion, charity and acts of kindness. The pleasure is in the giving. It’s a day to be heart centred.

We continue with the Neptunian vibe with a trine between Pallas in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on the 30th October. This is a beautiful blend of intellect and intuition. You can draw upon your intuitive knowing to make wise decisions. You are able to recognise cosmic patterns and embrace mystical experiences whilst still maintaining an objective outlook. Again, charitable and social causes are emphasised.

There’s a small bump between Venus in Scorpio and Juno in Leo also on the 30th October. Maybe it feels like someone else is hogging the limelight. If you are in a  relationship, it may feel like one person is dominating, taking what they please instead of sharing. It doesn’t have to mean a cat fight though.  Fall back on that lovely Neptune vibe. Listen to your intuition. Maybe your loved one is feeling a little fearful. Maybe you’re the one feeling the fear. Relationships can sometimes be hard but often follow recognisable patterns. Maybe the key is to simply show your affection. Sometimes you need to give a little, to get a little.

The first quarter Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 31st October on the Sabian symbol ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures On Display’. Of course with it being Halloween, my first thought was of those creepy waxworks that look like they are going to come alive any minute – especially the minute the lights go out! Silly horror antics aside, this degree speaks of the image that we all tend to project when we are in company. Sometimes you want to only show your best side and that’s ok. As long as you remain aware the image you project may not be the real you. These wax figures aren’t animated with soul. They are just dummies on display. Take care that you don’t become so concerned with how you appear that you dumb down the real and vibrant you. It’s ok to be yourself in company…even if you are dressed up like a zombie nun for the sake of Halloween festivities.

Mercury also revisits its conjunction to the North Node in Libra on the 31st October. It is still on the same Sabian as the last conjunction ‘A Rabbi Performing His Duties‘. Combined with this being the sacred festival of Samhain, it speaks of following an ancient soul calling. What rituals were sacred to your family at this time of year? It may have been fun or it may have been spiritual. Even way, there is a sense of ancestral bonding when following old customs. From pumpkin carving to visiting the graves of loved ones who have passed, all bring a sense of continuity between past and future.

This is the time of year to take stock and reflect on your life and to give thanks. Thank your spiritual guardians and guides. Remember your ancestors. Speak the names of those who now walk in the spirit world. Honour them. Let them know you remember them.

The 1st November sees a trio of sextiles to play with.

Mercury in Libra sextile Jupiter in Leo is first up offering mind expanding potential. Maybe you suddenly have an abundance of bright ideas or perhaps you have a story to tell. You may feel more inclined to talk but equally eager to listen. Stay open to learning and keep in mind that everything’s possible.

Next up is Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn which seems to take the ethereal loving feeling from the first part of the week and puts it in real terms. Love here has a transformative quality if you can let yourself surrender to its power. Harmony and a feeling of peace come from making deep connections.

Finally on the 1st, Mars in Capricorn moves in to sextile Neptune in Pisces. This is about working to make your dream real. Whether it’s love or a business, the incentive is spiritual progress. If you have been lacking in motivation, visualise your ideal then look at where you are now. Whether you are at the beginning of the ladder or the middle or one step away from the top, all it takes is a little effort to push yourself up. Be patient with yourself. Self compassion is more motivating then trying to beat yourself over the head!

The week ends on an edgy square between the Sun in Scorpio and Juno in Leo on the 2nd November. If you have made an agreement with yourself, stick to it. It may take some work but you do have Mars working in your favour. Maybe you need to let go of something in order to fulfil your contract. At the other end of the scale, don’t be afraid to release a commitment if it isn’t in tune with your heart’s desire.

Finally, Uranus in Aries picks up the pace with a trine to Vesta in Sagittarius also on the 2nd November which is a helping hand to the Sun/Juno dilemma. Uranus here brings flashes of insight when it comes to your spiritual path. It may show you where you need to free up time and energy to devote yourself to those aspects of your life that are most important to you. The more you allow yourself to focus and express your unique path, the brighter the flame burns.

Samhain blessings to you all!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast Aspects

27th October Venus trine Neptune
27th October Ceres enters Sagittarius
28th October Sun trine Neptune
30th October Neptune trine Pallas
30th October Venus square Juno
31st October First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
1st November Mercury sextile Jupiter
1st November Venus sextile Pluto
1st November Mars sextile Neptune
2nd November Sun square Juno
2nd November Uranus trine Vesta

Painting – ‘Autumn’ by Jacek Yerka

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  1. Leah,
    This is such an inspiring forecast. It was very touching your account of digging up old pictures and memories. You said once to me that Pluto makes us dig deep. Perhaps that was the tone this eclipse in Scorpio set to a lot of us. Thank you for keeping writing and shining your light!

  2. Yes, doors close, doors open. This is like the gift that just keeps on giving. This is all happening in my 12th so stuff is getting ripped out by the roots. It does take some energy though, doesn’t it? I guess the laundry will have to stay on hold for awhile. 😀

    And that first quarter square degree in Aquarius. Omg that explains everything. Natal chiron resides there. Now I am laughing. Natal chiron is in a yod with sun moon sextile. Uranus is opp chiron. I’ve never admitted that before. 😀 What’s the story about the Emperor’s clothes?

  3. this is really great information and help lot people to understand what is really going on theirs matters. thinks for your great job and appreciated

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