Weekly Astrology Forecast 3rd – 9th November 2014

reclining-odalisque-1839So Samhain comes and Samhain goes and I discover that a pumpkin carved three days before the special day becomes a mouldy Halloween decoration! Lesson learned 😀 But I’m sure my spirit friends didn’t mind. They drifted through the house, orbs flashing in corners as the heady incense curled into the air. Outside, children dressed in spooky costumes squealed and spooked their little hearts out. Those with their lives yet to live and those on the other side of life met merrily in the middle. It was the warmest Halloween on record.

But now as we descend into November, the ghosts have been chased away and replaced by a surge towards Christmas madness. Fireworks are repeatedly heard as the street kids light their illicit bangers. Night falls faster and despite the warmth, I crave hot chocolate…with a shot of brandy.

We begin the week on the 3rd November with Venus after a little of what she fancies too. At first, with a trine to Chiron, Venus becomes aware of her wounds, or the wounds of her lover. She wants to kiss it better. Whether self love, or love of another, there’s an intense desire to let love do the healing. Because Venus is in Scorpio, she is willing to go beyond surface appearances. Scars, emotional pain and fear of rejection don’t frighten her off under this trine – in fact she’s pulled to it with an even compulsive need to make it better or provide comfort. It’s intensely soothing.

But then right after this, Venus is brought up short with a quincunx to Uranus. It’s rather like one minute she’s cuddling you, making you feel all safe and warm and then suddenly she breaks away, announcing you’re all better now and there’s something far more interesting going on over there…

It’s possible that you could waver between wanting to care and wanting to just get some space and do something different – anything to take your mind of it. Positively speaking however, these two aspects could indicate that if you care for your wounds and love yourself faults and all, this gives you the impetus to dare to try something a little different. Maybe, by looking after yourself better, you can allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

The Sun in Scorpio comes along to help with a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on the same day. This is an empowering aspect which gives you the chance to find out just how strong you are – yes even with those wounds and scars and all the painful stuff from the past.

The 5th November sees the Sun repeating the pattern of Venus. With these two travelling in tandem, the message at the moment is love yourself to know yourself. By showing yourself love and valuing who you are, you become clearer about your identity and true purpose. Perhaps part of the message this week is to mentor yourself through changes. A lot of the time people say, oh I can’t do that, it just isn’t me. Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes we don’t know until we try. It feels as though Venus and the Sun are offering some gentle encouragement to go a little deeper, push a little harder and stretch those definitions of I like this and I don’t like that and I am this and I’m not that. Be prepared to redefine those statements as necessary.

And with all of this comes a sextile between Mars and Pallas which promotes the wisdom of action. It’s potentially potent creative energy. It’s up to you to draw upon it. Make a plan, implement the plan.

The 6th November sees an powerful Full Moon in Taurus. With the exalted Moon creating a trine to Pluto and sextile to Chiron, this should create some empowering opportunities for positive change,

The only thing is of course, Taurus doesn’t like change. Taurus likes to dig his heels into the mud and just darn well sit there and wallow! With Venus over in Scorpio still, it’s not easy to change, even when change is requested – or demanded. But Pluto is a strongly supportive aspect. If you can do what Taurus does best i.e. deal with the practicalities, this can help to ease any discomfort and give you the strength to weather the storm.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 8th November crossing over the eclipse degree as it does, giving voice to any revelations that manifested. Answers are beginning to form in your mind to questions you may have had. The mind is more insightful now. It’s easier to see the truth of the situation and even if you don’t like it, at least the truth makes it clearer.

Let yourself think the things you normally push away – even if your thoughts seem dark, twisted or you are obsessing over an problem. Those thoughts that ripple up from the deep are reflective of underling issues that need to be addressed. The more you are consciously aware of your hidden motivations and shadow self, the less you are drawn into the mind games and power plays of others. Don’t be afraid to name your fears. Unknown shadows are far more scary. Naming them empowers you to enter into a dialogue with your deepest self.

The week ends on a square between Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo on the 9th November – it’s back to Venus and her wants, needs and desires. With all that heavy thinking, maybe you need a break. Maybe you want to lounge on the sofa with a large plate of nachos. Maybe you’re planning a bit of fun in the bedroom 😉 Whilst squares between Venus and Jupiter tend not to be too problematic, there is an element of going to excess. The pleasure principle is at work and once Venus in Scorpio has got her claws into whatever it is she wants, she wants more…and more…and more.

A classic signature is over-spending. Taking a gamble now is probably not in your best interests, whether it comes to love or money. But overall, if you are looking to party, chill out or over-indulge, this is your aspect. Just be mindful of the Monday morning hangover!

Weekly Astrology Forecast Aspects

3rd November Venus trine Chiron
3rd November Venus quincunx Uranus
3rd November Sun sextile Pluto
5th November Mars sextile Pallas
5th November Sun trine Chiron
5th November Sun quincunx Uranus
6th November Full Moon in Taurus
8th November Mercury enters Scorpio
9th November Venus square Jupiter

Painting – ‘Reclining Odalisque’ by Francesco Hayez

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  1. Thanks for the interesting imagery & advice, in particular the reminder to allow the dark thoughts in. I’ve found that entering into the thoughts about an ongoing situation instead of labelling them as ‘obsessive’ has allowed me to explore different perspectives & approaches to dealing with the people involved. The humour that bobbed up to the surface was a bonus.
    I’m interested to see what Mercury crossing the Solar eclipse degree & then the degree at which it stationed retrograde will bring…

  2. Thanks Leah , I always admire your readings , even with my humble Astrology Understandings I find myself running throughThis Deep Valley of knowledge , stumble then run again but honestly saying I love reading you, keep up the precious pearls , throw them on us.


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