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New Moon in Sagittarius – Things to Come

Sagittarius - Centaur - BlakeThe New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 12:32 (UT) on the 22nd November 2014 at 00SAG07

This lunation, with its conjunction to Saturn and square to Neptune, makes me think this is a prelude to what’s to come. During Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius, it will form a series of squares to Neptune, the real and the ideal clashing. Whilst Saturn is still in Scorpio currently, the two are not quite in touch yet, but the Moon draws them together, communicating something between them, whispering of things to come.

Generally the Sagittarius New Moon¬†denotes a yearning to be free, a desire to go out and discover the world. Sagittarius is ready for an adventure. This lunation reminds you that it’s a big world out there and there are great possibilities. Where zero degrees of Sagittarius falls in your chart shows where you need some inspiration. You want to stretch your mind. There’s a hunger for knowledge. Even deeper is a hunger to understand. Sagittarius makes you ask those big old questions.

The Sun and Jupiter are in mutual reception so there’s a special understanding between the two even though they form a wide square aspect. What will it take to believe in yourself?

New Moon in Sagittarius - November 2014 - Chart

There are some challenges to this vibrant, excitable Sagittarius energy. Firstly, the New Moon sits on the Sabian symbol :-

Army Veterans Gather to re-Awaken Old Memories

In one way, this symbol speaks of ‘awakening’ yourself to your own story. If your life were a novel, what would it be? You are the hero or heroine and no doubt there have been highs and lows, gains and losses along the way. Tuning in to your back story may help to give you some context to what brought you to the here and now. Sagittarius is normally a very forward thinking, future oriented sign but this Sabian reminds you that it is your history, or your understanding of it that will dictate the future unless you consciously ‘awaken’ to the war wounds stored in the deep unconscious.

The New Moon is nestled between Saturn on one side and Venus on the other. It also squares Neptune and ruler of the New Moon, Jupiter.

A desire for freedom and expansion calls you but there could be a tendency to drag up your war wounds and old battles in order to try to extricate yourself from a difficult situation. The conjunctions to both Saturn and Venus, put you in a place between love and fear.

A troubling square to Neptune sets up a conflict between forgive and forget or it can catapult you into victim consciousness. The wide square to Jupiter only emphasises which side of the debate you fall on.

Is it going to be love or is it going to be fear? With the square to Neptune, there’s a danger that you could be envisioning a future that’s entirely unrealistic. It could mean that your memory of what happened in the past has been distorted which also then twists your perception of things to come.

Saturn wants some boundaries to work within. The problem is with Sagittarius is that there are just so many choices, so many different roads to travel. Saturn would like to narrow down the options a little, just to be practical. Neptune wants to keep it all free-floating and reminds you that there are just no guarantees, whichever path you choose. Maybe you feel like you can see what you want but your can’t touch it. Maybe it feels like a mirage.

Clear your vision and focus on love and what you value most. With hindsight, this may prove to be an important time in your life. Don’t cloud your future horizons by embellishing or distorting the truth of what once was. Be in the here and now so that you can plan your future. Be open to what may come. Remain optimistic. Sometimes there is war, sometimes there is peace. The trick is to remain open to it all as a learning experience.

Be prepared to explore your beliefs. Look to what gives your life meaning. You can either choose to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or you can turn your bow to the sky and aim for a higher truth.

Painting – ‘El Centauro caco amenaza a Vanni Fucci’ by William Blake

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