Eugene de Blaas - Two Children

Full Moon in Gemini – Having Words

Eugene de Blaas - Two ChildrenThe Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 12:26 (UT) on the 6th December 2014 at 14°Ge17′.

As I begin to type, big black clouds are looming up over the roofs opposite and this seems quite reflective of this chart. There’s a storm brewing in the air and yet it’s possible it might blow over, given the right conditions.

The Full Moon in opposite ruler Mercury and square to Chiron so there’s something here about choosing your words very carefully. Mercury is already debilitated in the sign of his detriment and there’s a distinct threat of ‘open mouth, insert foot’ syndrome. It’s time to choose your words carefully.

The Full Moon by its nature heightens emotions. It’s a culmination point and sometimes a crisis point. Even though this is an airy, intellectual sign, the caution is that emotions could bubble out as words which can’t be taken back. Mercury in Sagittarius can be blunt, thoughtless, tactless. It speaks first and thinks later. It’s possible that people could get the wrong end of the stick with this Moon. The right information is mixed up, the wrong information is taken at face value. Something somewhere doesn’t add up and wires get crossed. Be mindful of the rhyme ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names shall never hurt me’. Names, words have power. Words is an anagram of ‘sword’. Words can cut. Words can kill.

And yes, the storm just broke outside – lightning!

Full Moon in Gemini - Chart
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Everything we say to ourselves and say to each other is called into question

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is :-

Two Dutch Children Talking To Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge

Do you speak my language says this Sabian? In other words – do you understand me? Are you hearing me?

Does it feel like someone is speaking double Dutch to you? If so, ask for a translation. Ask for clarity. Conflicts arise when we don’t understand each other. Inner conflict arises when we don’t understand ourselves.

As the Sabian says, this is about knowledge. The more you embrace the other person’s view, the easier it becomes to come to a place of understanding. It doesn’t mean you need to agree but it does mean being open to developing your viewpoint. Speak the truth but speak it with kindness.

And when it comes to inner conflict, this Moon asks you to watch your language. Do you call yourself names? Do you tell yourself that you are too fat, too thin, too stupid, too ugly, too lazy? Do you berate yourself for not finishing things or not starting? Do you think that whatever you do is no good or you’ll never get anywhere? Do you tell yourself that you are unlovable, worthless, pointless, a waste of space?

All these and more are the cruel words of your evil twin – the shadow that lurks in your unconscious. Use this Full Moon to speak kindly to others and to yourself. With the Moon sextile to Uranus and Mercury perfecting a trine to Uranus on the same day, the more you listen, the more chance there is to really gain a different perspective and higher understanding. And from understanding comes the potential for transformative healing to take place.

The storm has passed now.

Painting – ‘ Two Children’ by Eugene de Blaas