The Astrology of 2015

star-of-the-hero-1932So last year was a blast with the Cardinal Grand Cross wasn’t it! Honestly, on a personal level, I could do without dealing with that again! On a mundane level, it seems to have evoked the anticipated tension in the world and we are still dealing with the rumbling from the Uranus-Pluto square which culminates this year. With wars, rebellions, growing threats from militants, continuing economic crisis, health scares and more, it certainly does feel like the crisis continues. But on a more positive note, it feels like there’s also a shift of awareness with more information being available to the masses along with mass protests and shifts of opinion. With spiritual energy working at a much faster rate than the physical, it seems to take time for the physical world to ‘catch up’ with what is happening on a cosmic level. But my sense is that there is more to come, especially as Uranus and Pluto hasn’t quite finished with us yet. I also note that Black Moon Lilith (true position) will enter into a dance with the North Node between April and October this year, joining and re-joining this point 11 times altogether. Collectively this indicates old ghosts that need exorcised and also where we begin to say ‘no more’ on mass. Those we demonise must finally be faced.


1st January Mars opposite Jupiter
12th January Mars enters Pisces
15th January Mars square Saturn
21st January Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
15th January Pluto square Nodes
20th January Uranus conjunct South Node

January catches my eye in particular as Pluto will perfect a square to the Nodes (true node) and Uranus will conjunct the South Node. It’s almost as if the universe is clearly pointing out that this Uranus-Pluto square is our collective karma and we’d better sit up and pay attention.

The new year begins with Mars in Aquarius opposite Jupiter retrograde in Leo which is rebellious, self-righteous and tempted to trample over the few in order to make things better for the many. Whilst it’s true that we can’t always please all of the people, all of the time, this aspect seems to take things to an extreme and can ride rough shod over the little voice. And those little voices are the ones that need to be heard right now.

Mars then enters Pisces on the 12th January, which may bring an apathetic tone and then anchors that with a square to Saturn on the 15th January. There’s a depressive, ‘when will it get better?’ feeling going on here. It’s like everything moves in slow motion and then Pluto comes along and perfects the square to the North and South Node. The heavens call us to recognise a missed step. There’s something that hasn’t been done and with Pluto it has to be done, like it or not. It’s no use just wondering when it’ll get better, it’s about doing what it takes to make it better. For some this may be about taking control. For others this may be about relinquishing control. Both Pluto and the Nodes have a ‘fated’ feel to them. These kinds of transits often come with clear calls to action from the universe – synchronicity abounds, patterns become clear. Pluto is about power and empowerment, change, transformation, elimination. All these issues are likely to be raised during this month. Whilst January will see this transit’s energy at its height, it will grumble on in the background until around June, slowly dissipating as the nodes move away from Pluto.

Uranus joins in with the karmic call on the 20th January as he unites with the South Node. Looking at it, it’s rather like Pluto brings the nightmare and Uranus is awakening with a start! On a personal level, there’s no need to panic. The planets are simply forcing us to wake up. There are things beneath the collective unconscious that may spring up to the surface now and they need to be looked at. It’s no different to having a nightmare which clearly points out your fears and things that need to be dealt with now on a conscious level.

Amidst the karmic drama, Mercury stations retrograde on the 21st January in Aquarius. Each Mercury retrograde this year will take place in air signs. There’s a need to look at how we relate, how we think, how we communicate. Mercury retrograding through Aquarius alludes to the group mind. There may be a need to change our mindset as a result of what comes to light from Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes.


11th February Mercury stations direct
14th February Yod – Pluto sextile Chiron quincunx Jupiter (til 28th Feb)
19th February  Pisces stellium

February sees Mercury station direct on the 11th and then we have a interesting yod pattern that comes into play from the 14th February. Pluto enters into a sextile with Chiron and both quincunx retrograde Jupiter making the latter the focus of the yod. There could be issues here regarding over-zealous teaching or beliefs. With Pluto sextile to Chiron, there is a potential to engage in healing changes. Learning from pain could be a big theme of this yod. Perhaps it’s possible to avoid more pain by questioning our belief systems and moral codes. Yods are ‘fated’ aspects. They shows the solution as well as the problem. If we let it, life could teach us a few good lessons this month that can ultimately have a big impact later down the line.

On the 19th February a stellium of the Sun, the Moon , Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron all falling in Pisces puts the focus on this sign. Bear in mind that Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces. Victims and saviours, do-gooders and doing good, the lost and the forgotten, all these issues come into the foreground. There’s a feeling of ‘we’re all in it together’. Some part of us knows that we are all connected, that when it comes down to it, we are just the same. But Jupiter on the apex of the yod stands out like a sore thumb. It’s hard to marry the soul’s understanding of connection when there are clearly different beliefs and outlooks on an earthly level. February seems to be about, how do we accept the unacceptable? How do we forgive differences? How do we live with each other?


3rd March Jupiter retrograde trine Uranus
11th March Mars conjunct Uranus, square Pluto
14th March Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius
17th March Uranus square Pluto
20th March Solar eclipse in Pisces

March is heavy in cosmic activity and feels one of the most stressful months of the year. That said, we do have a lovely recurring trine forming between Jupiter retrograde and Uranus on the 3rd March so there is the potential to translate some of the more frenetic activity that follows into something positive and meaningful.

Firstly, Mars in his favourite stomping ground (Aries) will trigger the Uranus-Pluto square on the 11th March which could make things volatile. There could be a flare up of previous discontent as this kicks off. Saturn then stations retrograde in Sagittarius which immediately makes me think of ‘breaking the rules’. In the mundane world there may be issues with groups who over-step the mark.

Then comes the final Uranus – Pluto square in this long trek towards revolutionary change on the 17th March. Those of you (like me!) with planets or points midway in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will feel it most. This last square takes place at 15 degrees so 14 – 16 degrees of these Cardinal signs is the focus. If you’ve been battered by this duo in the past year or so, you could find that this is the final resolution, a breakthrough point. Most likely a new perspective has been born that has changed everything. With Jupiter retrograde trine to Uranus, perhaps you may see the blessing that was heavily in disguise.

And talking of disguises, a solar eclipse in Pisces on the 20th March occurs on the last anaretic degree of Pisces. With ruler Neptune already under siege from a Saturn square, it suggests that issues connected to cover-ups may come to light. With the eclipse trine to Saturn though, whatever emerges now may ultimately help to bring some stability.


4th April Lunar eclipse in Libra
8th April Jupiter stations direct in Leo
16th April Pluto stations retrograde

April begins with a Lunar eclipse in Libra on the 4th April. This is opposite to the October Lunar eclipse so there may be some culmination to issues raised around that time. This is an intense chart with the Moon conjunct the North Node and square to Pluto. The Sabian symbol of this eclipse is ‘ Circular Paths’. What goes around, comes around. Venus, ruler of the eclipse is on asteroid Arachne, another symbol connected to ‘fate’.

Jupiter stations direct on the 8th April which releases energy to be expanded outwards again. Note which house Jupiter is transiting through in your own chart. This area of life may have been ‘held up’ for the past few months but now you’re free to move forwards again.

A week later on the 16th April, Pluto stations retrograde, a subtle signal to re-visit the inner world. The collective psyche is forced in on itself again, perhaps to review what has happened so far.


12th May Mars enters Gemini
14th May T-square Mars opposite Saturn square Neptune – until 22nd May
15th May Mars opposite Saturn
19th May Mercury retrograde in Gemini
25th May Mars square Neptune
31st May Yod begins Mars sextile Jupiter quincunx Pluto (until 4th June

Mars enters Gemini on the 12th May forming a dodgy looking t-square as it edges towards an opposition with Saturn on the 15th May. Both are square a sickly looking Neptune. With Mercury also stationing retrograde in Gemini on the 19th May, there seems to be strong suggestions of media issues, blackouts, problems, distortions. It could be lambs to the slaughter, the toppling of a star. At the same time, it makes me think ‘don’t believe everything you hear’. This t-square could be about breaking down illusions and delusions. It’s about holding on to reality, trust, believing in a little magic without seeking to escape the here and now.

The very end of the month sees a transiting yod formation begin to take shape from the 31st May which carries over to the 4th June. Mars forms a quincunx to  Pluto then a sextile to Jupiter. We are motivated to get out of our own way to allow change to happen for the good of all. It’s possible that those in power may be forced to re-assess their personal interests in an effort to benefit the many and questions may arise over government benefits systems.


11th June Mercury stations direct
12th June Neptune stations retrograde
15th June Saturn retrograde re-enters Scorpio
22nd June Jupiter trine Uranus
24th June Chiron station retrograde

Mercury stations direct on the 11th June, releasing mental tension and freeing up the flow of conversation again. Neptune stations retrograde on the 12th June turning your dreaming mind inwards. This meditative movement sets the scene for Saturn returning to Scorpio on the 15th June. ‘There’s still ‘stuff’ to sort through’ says Saturn. We’re not quite done yet with the excavations. There’s still buried treasure to be found and we’ll need this to fund our travels when Saturn returns to Sagittarius later in the year.

And that treasure sparkles with the last trine between Jupiter and Uranus on the 22nd June. Whatever else is going on, we have this zing of inspirational energy to fall back on. Expansive and inventive it makes me think of scientific discoveries. With the Large Hadron Collider due to be fired up again from early 2015, who knows what else they may discover. With Chiron stationing retrograde on the 24th June, perhaps there will be some announcements that warrant further investigation in medical fields.


1st July Venus conjunct Jupiter
13th July T-square Mars opposite Pluto square Uranus (until 25th July)
15th July Mars opposite Pluto
25th July Mars square Uranus
25th July Venus retrograde in Virgo (back into Leo)
25th July Uranus stations retrograde in Aries
25th July Grand water trine begins – Mars, Saturn, Chiron (til 19th August)
26th July Uranus stations retrograde

July begins on a high note with a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. If you have planets or points around 21 degrees of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you’ll benefit from this feel-good vibe. A repeat show will occur as Venus is about to turn retrograde. Hopefully this benefic vibe can carry us through a replay of Mars triggering the waning Uranus-Pluto square. Mars will be opposite Pluto on the 15th July so this will be a good day to exercise some restraint. The 25th July sees Mars square Uranus, Venus station retrograde and a Grand Water trine beginning to form between Mars, Saturn and Chiron. Uranus stations retrograde on the 26th July. Whilst there are some unpredictable elements at work here, the Grand Water Trine encourages you to go with the flow. Venus is asking, ‘what is it all worth’?


1st August Saturn stations direct in Scorpio
3rd August Jupiter square Saturn
4th August Venus conjunct Jupiter
11th August Jupiter enters Virgo

Saturn stations direct in Scorpio on the 1st August. The dirty work is nearly done but a square to Jupiter on the 3rd August holds us in check. With Jupiter at the very end of Leo, it’s rather like the end of playtime where you’re dragging your heels as the teacher calls you indoors.

But in we must go because Jupiter moves into Virgo on the 11th August and it’s time to go through everything with a fine tooth comb. Blessing the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), Jupiter is now in a far more sensible mood and ready to put everything it’s learned to good use. This is a spirit of service transit. Whilst Jupiter is in this sign, we may see more about people helping people, acts of kindness, opportunities regarding mentoring and personal development. It’s a get better to do better aspect! Advances in medical and health fields are also possible as is a general push towards increasing well-being amongst the population.


6th September Venus stations direct in Leo
13th September Solar eclipse in Virgo
17th September Mercury retrograde in Libra
17th September Jupiter opposite Neptune
18th September Sat re-enters Sag until Dec 2017
24th September Pluto stations direct
24th September T-square Mars opposite Neptune square Saturn (ends 11th Oct)
28th September Lunar eclipse in Aries
25th September Pluto stations Direct
28th September Lunar eclipse in Aries

Venus stations direct in Leo on the 6th September. Now you know what it’s worth and what YOU are worth, you are likely to feel freer to put yourself forward.

A solar eclipse in Virgo on the 13th September is on the Sabian symbol ‘A Girl’s Basketball Team’. With the eclipse opposite Chiron, maybe there’s issues around people not playing well together! This eclipse sets up questions regarding those who are ostracized and criticised for being different. Thankfully a trine to Pluto indicates changes are afoot. Perhaps there will be changes in society to create a more inclusive atmosphere.

Mercury stations retrograde in Libra on the 17th September provoking some reassessment around relationships. Note that this is the same hotspot as the Lunar Eclipse back in April not to mention last year’s cardinal Grand Cross, so this may prompt difficult but necessary discussions exploring all that has occurred in the past 18 months or so.

Also on the 17th September, Jupiter moves in to oppose Neptune. This is a strange vibe. On the one hand, it can prompt wonderful acts of compassion, promote charitable causes and worthy individuals. On the other hand, this aspect can lead us widely off course. We are in danger of being mislead.

Saturn re-entering Sagittarius on the 18th September only seems to add to some kind of religious/spiritual overtone to the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. Perhaps however, Saturn will help to restrain the over-zealous. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius now until 2017 so there may be many changes in religious structures during the next couple of years.

Pluto stations direct on the 25th September and is followed by a t-square with Mars opposite Neptune both square to Saturn. Once again these three planets dance together. Our dreams must be contained within the realms of reality.

The month ends with a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 28th September. With the eclipse opposite both Black Moon Lilith and Mercury, this has an element of spell-weaving surrounding it. Lilith remember, knew the name of God. Words have power. With a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, what is said now becomes manifest. Guard your thoughts.


9th October Mercury stations direct
11th October Jupiter trine Pluto
25th October Venus conjunct Jupiter
27th October Mars triggers 13th Sep Solar eclipse in Virgo eclipse point

October is perhaps the quietest month of the year. Mercury stations direct on the 9th October leaving things to move forwards again on the relationship front. Balance is re-established. This is followed up by a powerful trine between Jupiter and Pluto on the 11th October. Perhaps now we are beginning to see the benefits of big changes. Venus is conjunct Jupiter again on the 25th October firming up the feel-good factor. At the tail end of the month on the 27th October, Mars triggers the Solar Eclipse point from September. If this eclipse was on a natal planet or point in your chart, watch around this time as Mars will activate the themes of the eclipse.


3rd November Jupiter opposite Chiron
12th November North Node (true) enters Virgo
18th November Neptune stations direct
26th November Saturn square Neptune
28th November Chiron stations direct

November begins with Jupiter opposite Chiron where we may question what we are learning. But this is a ‘no pain, no gain’ aspect so sometimes we have to accept that even if it hurts, it might be doing us some good.

The North Node (true) enters Virgo on the 12th November and this may help us to put up with the pain and see it as a teacher. Our collective karma is now geared towards helping those who perhaps cannot help themselves. The danger here is getting tied up with lost causes, rescuing or simply numbing the pain through escapist behaviour. We will need to pay attention to the details but not get lost in them. With the Nodes in Virgo, we all become the master’s apprentice. We learn to discern what’s best for us and what is best to let go of.

Neptune stations direct on the 18th November and soon after is squared by Saturn on the 26th November. We may be disturbed by dissolving structures. Things that seemed solid may now feel unstable. This aspect will show us which dreams have staying power and which sink under the weight of reality. Saturn and Neptune will show us what was anchored in illusion. On the 28th November, Chiron stations direct. After an inner healing period, maybe now we are more equipped to teach others what we have learned.


6th December Mars triggers 4th April’s Lunar eclipse point in Libra
6th December Mars square Pluto
11th December Mars opposite Uranus
26th December Uranus stations direct in Aries

Finally December offers us a flashback to the Cardinal Grand Cross with a square to Pluto on the 6th December and an opposition to Uranus on the 11th December. Whilst Uranus and Pluto have drawn closer together again over the past few months, the main show is over. This perhaps just serves as a reminder of everything we have been through on a collective level. At the end of the year, Uranus stations direct on the 26th December indicating the possibility of a new awakening.


With Jupiter and the North Node moving into Virgo, it feels like the Astrology of 2015 is about clearing up the mess caused by the Uranus-Pluto square! It’s about putting things back into place, seeing where we can help, doing something practical instead of over-analysing. Black Moon Lilith’s contact to the North Node suggests drawing a line under it all and finally embracing what we have in the past rejected. With Saturn passing into Sagittarius and squaring Neptune, some of our great dreams may fade away but in their space comes the possibility of creating something real and long-lasting. As ever, it’s about the journey, not about the destination.

Painting – ‘Star of the Hero’ by Nicholas Roerich

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  1. What a treat ! a Gift !!! I shall read and re-read this many times over the course of this next year. I wish I had known you last year at this time. However, all is well Now. Thanks you, Leah, for this timely forecast. Truly at Treat/Gift to/for us all.
    We are All hoping you a wonderful and prosperous next year. I Am SURE !

  2. Hey Leah, such a great astrological job . Thanks.

    All the best for 2015.


    Bernardo Mora
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  3. Looking forward to the 17th March as this Pluto Uranus square, which sits on my Capricorn Venus, has been all about waiting for me and I’m ready to see the end of it! A nice synopsis and well laid out for readability. With so much going on it would be easy to get overly wordy but you’ve kept it simple and clean.

  4. Diane Greenblatt

    This forecast definitely is brighter than last years but this year so far for me has been challenging so many changes and so many ups and downs..I have learned to be more in “acceptance ” whicht truly placed in the state of grace on numerous occassions. Being a Capricorn (jan. 18) and my acendant ( libra) it seems like such rough waters for so long …and then when I feel as if things are more uplifting and moving forward ..there is another obstacle ..I am working veryhard at being in the now of the moment of my life ..namaste and thank you

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