Tarot Card Meanings – Eight of Wands

Card Description

Eight wands fly through a beautifully clear blue sky. The fourth wand from the top seems a little shorter than the others. The wands are all sprouting leaves.

At the base of the card flows a river. Fertile land surrounds it and just in the background we can just see a house on top of a grassy hill.


Astrological Association
Mercury in Sagittarius

Card Meaning

When the Eight of Wands zooms into your reading, it’s likely that things are going to get a little busier. Life tends to speed up with this card. It can represent communication of all kinds but can be particularly connected to long distance communication such as phone calls, texts, emails. I find it can also represent communication through the internet and social media. Sagittarius as a sign can connect to foreign places – it broadens your horizons, so consequently the Eight of Wands can represent information and communication via the world wide web. If you are waiting on a call or an email from someone, this card normally indicates it’s coming in soon (provided surrounding cards agree).

Rachael Pollock notes that this is the only card in the Minor Arcana not to show a human being or part of a human being. To me this indicates that this is about being driven by the divine spark. The wands appear to fall from the sky – like ideas that just pop into your head. As a card belonging to the element of Fire, there is inspiration and creativity here. Perhaps you have thrown everything up in the air just to see where it lands. Maybe you have a ton of ideas that have got you really excited about life. There are so many creative possibilities says the Eight! But in truth, not every plan can be developed. Not every wand will land upright in the ground to take root. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius as it is opposite its ruling sign (Gemini). What this can suggest then is that there’s a danger of having too many ideas and some may fall short (like the fourth wand from the top) of hitting the intended mark.

But the sky is clear, the river is flowing and the land is fertile. You may have a sense that whatever happens, at least you are going somewhere. Sometimes this card can imply travel although it’s not a typical travel card. Often it is associated with travelling to a conference, workshop or course – something that inspires you to think differently. Alternatively, it may indicate travelling by plane given the wands flying through the air.

The Eight of Wands brings with it a sense of freedom. If falling after difficult cards, it may indicate that suddenly your mind is cleared. Your beliefs may change along the way but that’s ok. Maybe it’s time to have an injection of new ideas. Bear in mind the previous card, the Seven of Wands, shows someone defending their ideas and their position. The Eight shows that whilst it’s good to feel strong in what you believe, it’s important to allow for alternative points of view that challenge those beliefs. There’s always more to learn. After the struggles of the Seven of Wands, the Eight indicates a feeling of space and movement. This card is about mind expansion.

The little house on the hill shows that you are perhaps trying to rise above something in order to gain a different perspective. Perhaps something in the past occurred which gave you an alternative viewpoint. Maybe you are more aware of the big picture now.

Perhaps you’ve set your sights on a distant goal and feel focused on the future. In your minds eye you can visualise what you want with this card but bear in mind not everything will follow a set pattern. Because of the speed associated with this card, it can indicate needing to be ready to take action because things tend to happen fast. Most likely though, with the appearance of this card, there’s no stopping you. Enthusiasm can be at an all time high.


Throwing everything up in the air just because you need some excitement may not be the best idea just now. There’s a danger that none of the wands will reach their target or too many will! If you are barrelling ahead, this card suggests a need to slow down and consider all your options as well as the end goal.

It could be that you are holding on to a fixed view of the world. Perhaps you are too close to a situation. Step back to gain some perspective. It’s possible you have lost sight of the big picture and even though things are in motion, it feels a little out of control. Perhaps the ideas you had that once excited you, now feel too chaotic and disorganised.

The Eight of Wands reversed can also indicate frustration with things moving too slowly. You may be feeling impatient. Perhaps a message you were expecting has not come through and the delay is annoying you.

This card can also appear as procrastination born from having just too many ideas but picking none of them. Likewise, this card can indicate that you have a tendency to start too many things at once which means your attention is too unfocused to finish any one project. If you are multi-tasking, this card reversed can indicate a need to change to a more single tasking approach.

I am inspired to create my vision

Keywords and Phrases
Upright – Inspiration, excitement, speed, new horizons, mind expanding, communication, travel, broadening your horizons, strike whilst the iron is hot, a sense of urgency, time to take flight, hitting your target, dreams into action.

Reversed – vacillating between too many ideas, lack of focus, losing sight of the big picture, impatience, frustrating delays, communication going astray.

Image – Eight of Wands – Rider Waite deck