New Moon in Aquarius January 2015 – Wake Up

lightning-1909The New Moon occurs at 13:13 (UT) on the 20th January 2015 at 00°AQU09′.

This New Moon chart hums with cosmic vibrations, not least because ruler Uranus perfects a conjunction with the South Node shortly before the New Moon becomes exact. Those of you with planets or points around 12 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will feel the impact most.

Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer and this conjunction between Uranus and South Node is like having a bucket of cold water thrown over you!

“Are you awake now?” enquires Uranus

And that’s the question, whether to waken fully from your slumber or whether to attempt to continue dreaming despite your sodden PJ’s. Mars is still in a sleepy conjunction to Neptune. Maybe you don’t want to do anything. Maybe you’re flat out defeated, tired, broke, sick of the fighting, the noise, the sheer damn difficulties of life. You just want some space dammit.

New Moon in Aquarius January 2015 – Chart
New Moon in Aquarius1 Jan 2015 Chart
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Venus is still opposing Jupiter along with Mercury. It would be easy to just talk about it and do nothing, easier still just to bury your head under the blanket where it’s comfy and warm. With Black Moon Lilith close by to Jupiter, maybe you feel tired of opposing views, conflicting moralities, over-zealous belief systems and the demonisation of certain groups. Maybe sometimes you lack the faith that we can ever sort ourselves out. Maybe you lack faith in yourself, struggle to understand your own beliefs or political persuasions. Maybe you say no when you mean yes and yes when you mean no and really you just don’t know what you want and consequently you want it all.

And still Uranus says, “Are you awake now?”

Because he’s not going to STOP with this because you are a member of the human race too. You are part of the group, an individual in a sea of other individuals. Your mind is the group mind. You have a purpose here and you can choose to be part of the solution. The New Moon is sextile to Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius. This lunation offers the opportunity to see reality with crystal clarity. Together we can build a better future.

The New Moon is on the Sabian :-

An Old Adobe Mission In California

Some things are built to last. Some belief systems and perspectives will serve you well. But other views, associations, groups and communities may no longer match your current experience. It may be time to question whether you feel liberated or restricted by these issues.

Saturn is in Sagittarius, so stability comes from being mature enough to let go of beliefs and ways of thinking that are no longer in line with the person you are today. At the same time, this is about taking the best from the past and applying what you have learned to the future.

Uranus conjunct the South Node deliberately throws a curve ball. He likes to shock. But in truth, the function of Uranus is to tip you unceremoniously out of your comfort zone because there are changes that need to be made. Consider this the rocket up the dragon’s tail! It often feels like Uranus causes disruption, but really he shows you where energy is stuck. He shows you where you have stopped growing for fear of change and there is no constant except change. Uranus helps you think outside of the box by kicking you out of it!

“Ok, I see you’re awake now” says Uranus.

 “So would you like the blue pill or the red pill?”.

New Moon questions for your journal

Where do you need more freedom?
What beliefs give you structure?
What have you outgrown?
What shocks you – why?
What is your role in society?
Who are you as a friend?
What crazy idea would you do tomorrow if you could?
What is unique about you?

and just for fun…

Would you take the red pill or the blue pill? 😀

Painting – ‘Lightning’ by Mikalojus Ciurlionis

14 thoughts on “New Moon in Aquarius January 2015 – Wake Up”

  1. Great Article. I’m a Cancer Sun 13deg32, 1st House. Libra Moon 13deg26, 4th house & my Natal Nodes are 12deg06. Uranus 11deg 42. New a Moon falls in my 8th. Excited & nervous at the same time. Am already packing up to move house, as we speak. Got a feeling the house is going to burn down & l’ll be left with nothing. Who knows. Thank you.

  2. Margaret Motheral

    My moon is 12 Aries. My Sun is 13. Jupiter is conj my Pluto/Athena conj in the 7th. Of course Pluto sq and I have 28 Scorpio Midheaven so Sag just went into my 10th. Transiting Chiron conj my Mercury. Just left my 2nd Scorpio Saturn. Just blew the Uranus thunder bolts and confronted the corruption that harmed me in Philadelphia tonight. They have always chosen to harm me. I have too much stuff on them. This has been going on since they poisoned me with chemical haz mat and other crimes from an illegal and political construction site 4 feet from my house. They called me crazy, so I did detective work and found so so much. They could all go to jail if the system worked right, but the whistleblower retaliation has nearly killed me. I have aquarius rising MARS IN sag. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop , but sometimes it is dangerous. I always tell them. “You have a free will choice to harm me or to bring healing resolution. ” I’ve been in the bulleye of every cardinal cross moment. We’re approaching the last one. Please please. GODS AND GODDESSES- BRING ME JUSTICE AND PEACE AND FREEDOM FROM THIS!

  3. Hi Angela – nervous and excited is very Uranus! By the sounds of it, you are already in that Uranus flow by changing your home. Wishing you much love, peace and happiness in your new place!

  4. This New Moon is triggering all my map, just like the New Moon in Capricorn.

    So, this Moon is falling on my 7th house, conjunct to Júpiter, square to Mars and the Sun, trine to my Pluto and Moon, sextile to Neptun and MH… Well! Júpiter is the ruler of my 6th, the Sun rules the 2nd, and Mars in the 10th rules the 10th! Talking about firing Up my T-Square!

    Big hug*

  5. I dont chave a journal so im turning your comment section into my journal.

    Where do you need more freedom?
    Physically. Stress kills me, I need to move, stretch, exercise. House needs space in order to do so. Room needs space in order to personalize. So much stuff, get overwhelmed before I can even accomplish anything.
    What beliefs give you structure?
    I dont really have much structure
    What have you outgrown?
    Harming myself through the people I associate with. Hopefully.
    What shocks you – why?
    The lack of humanity shown by people in positions of power
    What is your role in society?
    To create.
    Who are you as a friend?
    I’m always there, just behind the scenes until I’m really needed.
    What crazy idea would you do tomorrow if you could?
    Go to space and do drugs while listening to music.
    What is unique about you?
    My internal monologue is almost non-existant, yet I somehow manage to have excellent communicative abilities

    Also the moon today is doing some shit.

    Mars trine Moon, Moon conjunction Ascendant, Moon conjunction Saturn, Moon opposition Chiron, Moon in 1st house, Moon trine Mercury. Moon sextile MC, Moon sextile Pluto, Moon conjunction Neptune.

    I feel like this means something but I don’t know what.

  6. Hello, I am a Virgo September 10 (Decan 2) I want the best from this January 20 New Moon. Do you have any suggestion of what I can do to achieve goodness or what I should stay clear of???


  7. Hi Sheila – Your intention for the best is the best place to start 🙂

    Generally though, it would depend on where the New Moon is occurring in your chart and what other transits are active in your chart at the moment. If you would like to explore your chart further, I offer readings

  8. I really like your reference to the nodal axis. Haven’t seen that mentioned but it keeps poppin up in my nut brain. How can balance be so liberating. That’s another word that hasn’t been mentioned much with the whole pluto uranus thing, liberation. Rebellion isn’t really freedom or liberation is it? There seems to be some confusion around that.

    I am experiencing liberation through surrender on some level. So it does feel a little sleepy, but very real. It’s not all exciting (well maybe to me on some level) . I keep hearing some words I heard in an interview, something like freedom comes after discipline. blah blah blah. But good to read your stuff again. I find you unique onto yourself.

  9. whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

    First thank you for the wonderful blog Leah

    I can relate to what Notch mentioned what he said I have asc in Aquarius
    been slow lately but not bad at all liberating mentally is much better
    Having mercury in first decan of Scorpio this square is trying to clean some
    perspective regarding myself it feels good as I learn more when hard transit occurs

    The NM message is very clear that tells me to rely in yourself ……

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