Full Moon in Leo February 2015 – Fanfare

carnival-in-arcueil-1911The Full Moon in Leo occurs at 23:08 (UT) on the 3rd February 2015 at 14°Le47′.

This is a noisy Full Moon! The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, loud and proud in Leo and trine to Uranus. It feels as though someone is sounding a trumpet – like Gabriel announcing the day has come.

It’s a call, a wish, a dream, a desire. Leo is the sign of self expression, creativity, children. Leo loves to be seen and with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, it would be hard to miss this show. Uranus is pressing for a dazzling finale, a sweeping bow and a brilliant smile. But maybe you aren’t sure if you want to take centre stage. Those old feelings of failure, stage fright, performance anxiety come back to hit you in waves.

The Moon is at the apex of a boomerang yod with Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces at the base. There’s a chance here to heal your demons – the ones who tell you that you will fall flat on your face in front of everyone. The ones that tell you everyone will laugh. These are the voices that whisper even when the crowd is applauding and telling you how well you did.

Full Moon in Leo February 2015 – Chart

Full Moon in Leo - Chart
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I have horrendous stage fright. You would never believe that I am Leo Rising with Jupiter in the 1st house. Sure I’ve sung on stage, given talks, put myself out there – but not without extreme anxiety beforehand or after and yes I over-rehearse…because Leo does care very much what you think, even when he says he doesn’t. Because the little child in all of us wants to be praised. And those of us who were perhaps criticised too harshly as children, who grew up not feeling good enough, these old demons are hard to exorcise. Their insidious whispers resound even after applause dies away.

I dreamed the other night, I was watching a carnival coming down the street. There was a woman playing a flute, melodic and lovely.

The Full Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With Cheering People

I tried to find the flute player in the crowd but I could only hear the melody. When she finally appeared, the flute was huge, carried by around 40 people, giant holes released the sound. I was trying to figure it out – how is she playing this huge instrument? The Full Moon will exactly trine my Midheaven and Venus. Perhaps this Full Moon for me is a reminder that the song I play, the work I do is carried by others in their souls too. It becomes part of their song. It feels a great responsibility and it’s also a great joy. But equally, the flute is seriously over-sized. I have a tendency to over-reach, to try to do the work of 40 people! All I need to do is play my song. With Jupiter in Leo and quincunx Pluto, there’s a caution not to make a drama out of a crisis.

And this is the meaning of the Full Moon Sabian. It’s about being spectacular by just being who you are. Pluto quincunx to the Full Moon has an abiding fear of being found out or caught out. Jupiter is saying believe in yourself. Chiron feels vulnerable with all those people staring at him.

There’s a tendency to go overboard in an effort to make an impression, to over-promise because you think that people need more than you have to give. The trick is to speak your truth. Give only what you have but be generous with it. Let people take from it what they will. Take five people to the theatre, each will come out with their own understanding of the show. Life is pretty much like this too. You can only do your best and then the rest is in everyone else’s hands.

At this Full Moon, this is a time to celebrate your achievements. Maybe you need to take the spotlight and face those fears. Perhaps there is something you’ve been wanting to do but it could be uncomfortable. This Moon says give it a try – in fact, it’s shouting.

Go on, you can do it!

Uranus would love to show off your unique talent or perspective. Bearing in mind that Uranus is the ruler of opposite sign Aquarius, there may be an element of shaking things up, doing something you don’t normally do which effectively shines a light on you. Perhaps you decide to put yourself out there, despite what everyone else might think. It’s scary (Pluto) and it might hurt (Chiron) but with protective Jupiter nearby, you may walk off that life stage feeling just that bit bigger than when you walked on.

Listen for the fanfare.
Take a bow.

Those of you with planets or points around 14 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will feel this the most.

Full Moon Journal Prompts

List 10 achievements in your life
What are you most proud of?
What is your best talent?
What makes you unique?
Where in life are you afraid to put yourself in the limelight?
What would your inner child like to do today?
What is the most important praise or advice you ever received – who from?
Who do you look up to?

Painting – ‘Carnival in Arcueil’ by Lyonel Feininger

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17 thoughts on “Full Moon in Leo February 2015 – Fanfare”

  1. Leo rising here, too, with the Moon nearly conjoined my Ascendant, and Uranus just 3 degrees before, and Moon/Ascendant opposite Chiron and trine Saturn in Sag. This Full Moon has echoes of these things. Thanks for these prompts – some interesting energy to work with here!

  2. Very cool… and the addition of the dream is right on… Im an Aries with the rising in Leo… and feel very similiar.. just the stronger inner child in me…the arian child.. doesnt care what others think.. love the stage.. and recognize how being my best self.. helps all together the whole society… how others may get inspired.. each of us is unique.. and has something to offer….and if we all do just our part… ooo BOY.. this planet will be one VERY HAPPY PLACE TO gain spiritual expeience…THANK YOU for each and every loving heart out there!
    With excitement and love Gabriela

  3. I dreamed a dream last night. My only Sun, Jesse, was prominent in it. I had difficulty reaching him.
    I walked through the streets of a city with my chickens on my shoulder and surrounding me, following me. We were trying to reach a ‘Temple’ (?). A man told us to wait at an address and someone would pick us up and bring us.

    As you might imagine there was more….these are highlights.
    I rarely remember my Dreams.
    When I woke I knew exactly what they meant and had a strong nudge to Google…February 3, 2015….Leo Full Moon…here I AM. Peace and Abundance~Grammy

  4. Dear Leah

    Thank you for the beautiful full moon write up.
    I was wondering about asteroids and the meaning of the sabian symbol
    having transit Juno there wondering if that’s about a big bash of wedding ceremony
    and the Ceres conjunction Pluto is maybe the mother in law pointing to
    full moon degree not very happy? Lol maybe my imagination and no I’m getting married although full moon is in my 7th house square my natal mercury in Scorpio 9th conjunction natal Neptune @10 degrees Scorpio
    needless to say mercury rx transit square the same spot 3 times.
    my natal moon is late degree Leo is untouched.

  5. I meant to say no I’m not getting married hahaha been there done that more than once as I have Uranus conjunction moon in leo and pluto in Virgo all in 7th house.

    Interesting everyone mentioned dream yes I had a dream last night also as I hardly remember dreams that often I could remember this one haha throwing shows at my ex boyfriend hahaha really not joking in real I have never done that we broke up last year January and this was a first dream about him how strange.
    I think Venus on Neptune creates beautiful dream or illusions lol transit Venus was also trine my natal Neptune 😀

  6. Lol Mina! It’s interesting, I think this Moon has triggered a lot of dreaming minds. Lots of people seem to be talking about them. And yes, Neptune transits or being transited sometimes brings those dreams bubbling up 😀

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