Karmic Mates

Karmic Dates and Momentary Mates – Book Review

Karmic Dates and Momentary MatesI remember when I was learning astrology, it took me a long time to wrap my head around the fifth house. It’s romance, it’s children, it’s hobbies, it’s self expression, it’s this, it’s that – what the hell is it?

If you too are struggling, I definitely recommend ‘Karmic Dates and Momentary Mates’ by Jessica Shepherd.

In the book, Jessica addresses the issue of short term relationships and karma. Whilst much is geared towards romantic relationships – you know, those ones that zoom in, break your heart and change your life, THAT kind of thing – there is also a very generous amount of discussion on the fifth house in the general.

Using both personal and client examples, Jessica initially builds a picture of what exactly a karmic mates relationship is. In the book, she defines short term but significant relationships ‘karmic mates’ and long term, til death us do part relationships as ‘soul mates’. Karmic mates typically include the heady experience of falling in love but can also include other special people who come into our lives and change our lives – a friend, a teacher, a guru, a neighbour – anyone who acts as a catalyst for exposing your specialness and who encourages you to light up from within.

“Sharing karma is both a gift and an obligation”
Jessica Shepherd

When I first began reading, it was clear that Jessica and I hold very similar views regarding the nature of karma and the contracts we have with those from our soul group. Karma is about the life lessons we are here to learn and karma is something that is unfolding lifetime after lifetime. We have contracts with others in our soul group, each of us helping the other in a karmic lesson for the benefit of our soul’s growth. Sometimes those lessons are tough, sometimes they are fun and easy. Sometimes, our own free will interferes, delays or attaches too long to a karmic mate. But even so, generally life or spirit will step in and make it clear when the contract has been fulfilled and the connection ends.

Initially, I was struggling to see how the fifth house relates to karma in this sense. When I am looking at past lives and karmic connections, I primarily concentrate on the 12th house, Nodal connections and Pluto. That said, sometimes it is very clear that a particular lesson is reiterated through a variety of planetary placements and contacts. But I had one of those ‘penny drop’ moments as I was reading.

My realisation was that as the Sun is the natural ruler of the fifth house, there is a suggestion that what is contained in this house comes from the source – the centre. We are all part of the source, the creator, the divine, God or however you relate to it. As karma is something stemming from source, it is then perhaps natural that we can include the fifth house as the place where we meet our play or karmic mates, those that remind us of our living flame. As Jessica puts it, these people “reignite the spark”

What I loved about this book is Jessica’s depth of understanding about how these karmic relationships work and also how she compassionately addresses the ending of such relationships which can catapult us into a world of pain. Through a series of questions, she allows the reader to gain a higher perspective and a glimpse at the karmic contract involved.

The main part of the book explores the planets through the fifth house (or corresponding sign on the cusp). Rather than just an interpretation, she also presents ideas of the type of karmic contracts that may be in play between mates, the chemistry that may occur in romances, how to revive a relationship, how these planets/energies may manifest on a personal level and finally how to generate what I call your own ‘love spark’ that puts you back in touch with your inner child and true inner spirit.

Whilst Jessica has clearly done her research and there is much for the serious student of astrology to ponder, this book is also accessible enough for beginners too. It’s an excellent addition to your astrology library.

You can purchase a copy through Amazon here or directly from Jessica’s site – Moonkissd.