Weekly Astrology Forecast – 2nd – 8th March 2015

rhythm - weekly astrology forecastThe week begins with Mercury in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn on the 2nd March. This influence adds weight to your words but Pluto reminds you that less is more. You don’t need to explain yourself. Sometimes, over-emphasising the point can damage communications. Thankfully, Mercury is on the asteroid Kalliope, the eldest of the Muses who gifts us with eloquence. Choose your words carefully to make more impact.

Jupiter retrograde in Leo re-forms a trine to Uranus in Aries on the 3rd March. This aspect first appeared last September. As the mid hit in a trio of trines between these two planets, this promotes a review. Look back to last September to see what was occurring then for an idea of how this aspect may play out. Bear in mind that whilst Jupiter does provide benefits, he tends to work more on a ‘help those who help themselves’ vibe.

Jupiter trine Uranus adds a sense of sparkle – it’s feisty, creative and inspirational. There’s an air of excitement and the possibilities seem endless. Take your time to review your choices though as there could be an urge to say yes before you know what you’re getting into – especially if an opportunity comes out of the blue! Jupiter and Uranus will repeat this trine in June later this year so there is still time to think about it.

This transit will form a backdrop to the rest of the month. We have quite a wild feel going on during March with a lot of cosmic influences at play. This trine could be helpful or a hindrance depending on how you use it. Look to where Jupiter and Uranus are travelling in your chart to get an idea of where opportunities for expansion and doing something different exist and also where you may feel unstable and inclined to over do it to make a point. The trine will take place at 14 degrees of Aries and Leo so planets or points around these will be getting an energy boost. Just to add to the festivities, Mercury will also exit the shadow zone from the previous retrograde today!

Venus joins the action on the 4th March with a conjunction to Uranus. You may experience a sudden change in taste, a desire to embrace something (or someone!) new. Venus and Uranus has that pleasing unpredictable element like being pleasantly surprised when you try new food that you thought you wouldn’t like. There’s a curious quality to this aspect that prompts you to reconsider what you think you like and don’t like.

But the 5th March sees Venus moving into an intense square to Pluto. Coupled with Mars conjunct the South Node and a complicated Full Moon in Virgo, this feels like an endless game of cats cradle with a danger of becoming a tangled mess instead of a beautiful pattern.

Firstly, Venus square to Pluto and still conjunct Uranus feels stormy. Venus isn’t happy in Aries much anyway so this could produce some prima donna behaviour. Mars isn’t up to much as he’s stuck on the South Node, draining all the fight he has in him to stand up to Miss Bossy Boots. Relationships that have been under stress may come under fire here and there’s a caution not to get caught up in jealous one-upmanship. Generally, Mars on the South Node is about letting go of defective defensive behaviour born from old issues and slights. Mars conjunct the South Node can show you where there’s a chip on your shoulder or a chink in your armour. It can let you know where your defences are too high or too low. Positively speaking, use this energy to look back at those times when you thought you couldn’t but you did – when you thought you were afraid but braved the situation anyway and won! Remember each situation where you conquered a fear and use that knowledge to brave new situations to come.

The Full Moon itself is in Virgo. One of the themes of this chart is about keeping an open mind. There is a powerful tendency to go off the deep end if things aren’t just perfect with this Moon. Issues of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ pervade the lunation chart with everyone at odds trying to figure out the best way forward. Sometimes, you just have to go with what’s right for you and let everyone else find their own way.

Amongst all the awkward quincunxes in this chart will be a trine from the Full Moon to Pluto so whilst it may take some negotiating, ultimately, Pluto may help to transform this all into something workable. Those of you with planets or points around 14 degrees of the mutable signs may feel this Full Moon more intensely (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Click here for a full breakdown of the Full Moon chart.

Things begin to calm down a little by the 6th March as the Sun in Pisces moves in to sextile Pluto. The strongest position may be to live and let live. On a personal note, you are likely to feel more empowered by acting on your intuitive hunches. This sextile has the potential to put you in touch with your personal power by exploring the deepest mysteries of yourself. Ask yourself – who am I? Think, does the reality of your life reflect your inner soul? If it doesn’t, use this energy to begin to cut away those things that are clouding your inner light.

Mercury in Aquarius creates a semi-sextile to Ceres in Capricorn on the 7th March. This aspect helps to nurture communications, especially if there have been any ructions with the awkward Full Moon. It’s also an aspect that encourages you to feed your mind. With Mercury travelling through Aquarius, there can be a hunger for information and connections which bring new perspectives. Talk, read, share your knowledge – even better to do it over dinner 🙂

The week ends with a healing vibe as the Sun forms a conjunction to Chiron in Pisces on the 9th March. This may sooth some sore spots after the week’s challenging Full Moon. It also promotes a freedom to express yourself in the way you see fit, not out of an urge to rebel but simply from a place of knowing who you are. You don’t need to be perfect, nor do you need to be fixed.

This is a compassionate aspect that encourages all of us to recognise that we are all fallible. We all make mistakes sometimes. Be kind to yourself. With this conjunction taking place in spiritual Pisces, healing practices such as Reiki or shamanic healing may be helpful. If you cannot afford a private treatment, sit quietly with your favourite calming music on and open yourself up to the universe. Ask for healing. Those of you with planets or points around 17 degrees of mutable signs ((Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) may feel this conjunction more intensely. For everyone, look to the house where the conjunction takes place to discover where healing energy is available.

Weekly Astrology Forecast – Aspects

2nd March Mercury semi-sextile Pluto
2nd March Mercury conjunct Kalliope
3rd March Jupiter trine Uranus
4th March Venus conjunct Uranus
5th March Venus square Pluto
5th March March conjunct South node
5th March Full Moon in Virgo
6th March Sun sextile Pluto
7th March Mercury semi-sextile Ceres
8th March Sun conjunct Chiron

Painting –’ Rhythm’ by Robert Delaunay

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