Transiting Venus Retrograde in Astrology

a-young-beautyWe think of Venus as the Goddess of Love and she is – but she is also our tastes, our values, our likes and dislikes. And all of these speak to the heart. They are an artistic expression of who we are. Venus can never stray far from the Sun – our heart centre and identity.

Venus is there when you wrinkle your nose at a bad smell, when you mingle at a party, when you batter your eyelids at an attractive stranger and when you trail your fingers over soft skin. She’s there when you put your favourite album on and curl up on the sofa or when you visit the art gallery and sit in front of a painting that calls you. She is there when you create your art journal and when you breathe in the heavy scent of jasmine.

When Venus moves into retrograde motion, we enter a period where we question our tastes, our likes and dislikes. We start asking questions – do I really like this? Is it worth it?

Venus represents our core values, those guiding principles that we live by that define what we feel is right and wrong for us. Working well, Venus knows what is true for her and bases her decisions guided by this internal compass. In touch with the body (Taurus), we can feel when something attracts or repulses us. When our Venus is out of balance, we tend to project (Libra) onto others – blaming others or circumstances for our unhappiness. Our compass becomes skewed as we focus on outside factors to make us happy. We love them but not ourselves and somehow expect the other person to love us enough for both of us. Low levels of self-esteem and lack of self-love create an inner vacuum that can never be filled. Even when love arrives at our doorstep, doubt creeps in. I’m not lovable, you can’t possibly love me. Our sad inner Venus doesn’t recognise love because somewhere along the line, we stopped loving her.

How we value ourselves commonly relates to our financial situation too. Venus symbolises our general attitude towards money and our spending habits. As ruler of Taurus, Venus likes to have lovely things around her and money in the bank. She needs to know she has enough to survive. There can be an inclination however to base self-worth on net worth. As ruler of Libra, Venus can be too concerned with outside appearances, constantly comparing herself to the haves and have nots and trying to keep up with the Jones’s.

Essentially, when Venus is retrograde it’s time to re-evaluate all aspects of our own inner Venus to understand why, what and who we love. How well you practice the art of self-love too naturally falls under this review. Venus retrograde puts you back in touch with what is truly worthy of your time, money and energy and reconnects you with your heart.

General ‘Rules’ and Common Occurrences for the Venus Retrograde Period

  • Ex partners may re-appear but it doesn’t always mean a relationship re-start. It may be to put matters to rest or highlight where healing is still needed after a break-up.
  • Relationships may be tested. A good relationship doesn’t necessarily suffer but if there have been underlying problems, the retrograde may bring them to the surface.
  • A very new relationship may go ‘off the boil’.
  • New relationships started under Venus retrograde may take time to take off or perhaps have more obstacles to overcome in order to solidify. It may be more difficult to express feelings.
  • It is generally not considered the best time to get married or open a business.
  • Bumping into old friends and old flames is possible.
  • It’s the perfect time to review your wardrobe but don’t commit to a new look until the retrograde is over. Likewise with a new haircut!
  • It’s better to avoid making large purchases or investments.
  • Re-evaluate your finances and make sure everything is in order with your money.
  • Do your accounts but wait to submit them after the retrograde is over if possible.


Working With Venus Retrograde

To work with the retrograde period from your own chart, first consider your natal Venus placement. Which house is she in? What sign? What aspects does she make? Consider what this tells you about your own inner Venus. What does she like, need, want, desire, love? What does she truly value?

List your personal values and consider how you are bringing them into your every day life.

Journal about who and what you love and why.

Check your progressed Venus. Has she changed signs or moved houses? How have her aspects changed? How do you think this matches your changing relationships, love nature or relationship with money? Have your core values changed over time?

Look to the house or houses where Venus will be retrograding and whether she will make any aspects to natal planets or points. These are the areas of life that need re-evaluating.

Finally, look back to 8 years ago as the last Venus Retrograde cycle would have been occurring in a very similar place to the current cycle. What was unfinished then may be re-visited now.

Upcoming Venus Retrograde Periods

Venus Retrograde October 2018

Painting – ‘A Young Beauty’ by Eugene de Blaas