Eclipse Shenanigans – Personal Experiences

StrengthOh the planets – they do like to have a laugh don’t they! The Lunar Eclipse just gone was directly on my IC. The IC is the root, the lowest point in the chart. It’s the fundamental private self, the core, the base.

I was ready and waiting for the unexpected, except of course when the unexpected hits you just don’t expect it! That’s the point with eclipses, they are unpredictable. On Tuesday my daily personal tarot reading produced a combination which I associate with ‘threat’. The Devil and the Strength card combined. They are a particular duo that catch my eye. They were there when I was mugged, they were there when I hit the self destruct button. They were there when my dog got caught up in a dog fight and I was pulled to the ground and cut my face open. They were there when I witnessed insanity. So it was threat and I didn’t like it because it was already in play in my reading.

That’s odd. I thought to myself. Everything seems calm.

It’s morning, I’m ready to work…I switch on my laptop…

First up, someone reports my name as false on Facebook. Facebook has a real name policy and I use my real name and have done for the last 8 or so years. But of course it’s an unusual name. I have no idea who reported it and I can’t get into my account. As many of you know, I post regularly to my page there. I interact with clients. I get bookings via Facebook. So it’s a pretty big deal not to be able to access it. I’m furious and frustrated by an unknown enemy’s petty action. The Moon by the way, rules my 12th house of ‘secret enemies’. I’ve never experienced a personal attack such as that. I find it a strange thing to do. But then, it’s eclipse season…

The only way I can get in to my account is to change my name but if I don’t choose a name that Facebook thinks will be ‘real’ I might be locked out altogether. So I choose ‘Smith’, the most common name in England. The Moon in mundane astrology relates to ‘the common people’.

I’m very attached to my name, Whitehorse. It’s me. It’s my identity. The Midheaven is what we project into the world – our public image. With an eclipse to my IC, my public image is erased in a click of a button.

I begin chanting the Ganesh chant to remove energetic blockages.

Twenty Four hours later, after going through the faff of uploading my credentials to the powers that be at Facebook, my identify is verified and I’m back to Whitehorse and back to myself.

A few moments later, I see a Facebook post that deeply upsets me and shocks me to the core. Yes, here is what I was anticipating – the conclusions, results, crisis from the last eclipse season in October. I mentioned this in my lunar eclipse post. And there it is and I’m in tears. Then, after a day of shock, struggling to find some sense of equilibrium and finding none, I discover it’s a joke – a bad April Fool. I’m rendered speechless! My IC is in the 3rd house (mind and communication).

And so finally, on the morning of the eclipse, I’m back to myself. I’ve regained control and hit the re-set button. I decide on a walk to clear my head before seeing a client.

There is a small tunnel just before the canal where I walk. I step on a slippery flagstone. Of course I fall, straight onto my backside, covering myself in mud in the process! Did I mention the IC is the very base of the chart? I didn’t hurt myself.

Yes, please laugh. I did. I laughed so much I could hardly get up. Thankfully my Leo Ascendant pride wasn’t hurt by spectators as there was no one around apart from a pigeon that eyed me suspiciously.

What did I learn? The eclipse was square Pluto. There are forces bigger than you at work. Sometimes, darkness is attracted to light. Sometimes, you will fail or fall. There will be challenges and battles lost but you live to fight another day. Each challenge reveals more of where your personal power lies.

The eclipse was opposite Uranus. People can be utterly unpredictable. Sometimes you have to work to reach a higher perspective. Your originality gains attention – not always the kind you like. But your originality is you. Don’t shy away from it for fear of what others may do or think. If you know who you are, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter what anyone else projects.

The eclipse was sextile Jupiter. Have faith that things will work out for the ultimate good.

And finally, back to the cards. You can prepare for the worst/’threat’ but you can’t change your life for fear of what might happen. Living like that is living in chains. Prepare and then live your life as normal. Sometimes you just have to laugh in the face of the Devil.

And lastly, you always, always have the Strength to overcome…eventually 🙂

7 thoughts on “Eclipse Shenanigans – Personal Experiences”

  1. And amidst the chaos we find we can still laugh and rise! 🙂 Beautiful post as always, Leah.

    Thought of you while listening to Eddie Vedder´s “Rise Up”:
    “Such is the way of the world
    you can never know
    Just where to put all your faith
    and how will it grow?
    Gonna rise up
    burning black holes in dark memories
    Gonna rise up
    turning mistakes into gold…
    Such is the passage of time
    too fast to fold
    Suddenly swallowed by signs
    lo and behold
    Gonna rise up
    find my direction magnetically
    Gonna rise up
    throw down my ace in the hole…”

  2. Oh Leah.. I know the Gods aren’t fair but ouch!!! Considering that great work you do online its not surprising some kind of dark forces tried to stymie it….. also so many people have been having falls lately, I read in a blog on earth changes that falling is part of what is occurring as the biosphere is going through all of this bombardment with new energies. Don’t know if that make sense but it seems to be happening for just so many people. When you fall just got to get up again, though sometimes it takes time to get back up when its a really bad fall. I love the insights you got out of the eclipse.. love your website and the week updates…

  3. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences as example of how the energy
    of the universe effects each and everyone of us. I enjoy your ‘astrology forecast’
    because you weave many facets into it. Tarot card, western & eastern astrology,
    quotes and music. You’re writing has texture; can be earthy or flowery but flows
    well and always ends with and uplifting thought. Happy full moon eclipse to you!

  4. Thank you Deborah – That’s interesting re falling and new energies. I shall have to look into that. Certainly this lunar eclipse swept me off my feet haha!

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