Full Moon in Scorpio May 2015 – Tangles

sketch-for-a-mermaid-1892The Full Moon occurs at 03:42 (UT) on the 4th May 2015 at 13Sco23.

Complex feelings arise as the Moon taps into issues connected to power, control and intimacy. Generally emotions are heightened at the Full Moon and in Scorpio, this is intensified. This Moon’s themes are further accentuated with a square to Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter in Leo wants to be seen but Scorpio Moon is naturally secretive. A sextile to ruler Pluto opens an opportunity to show all that you are – the good and the bad. If someone can see you at your worst and still accept you for who you are, this can be transformative. The square to Jupiter however suggests that there is a tendency to only want to put forward your best side. It’s equivalent to pasting on a smile and attempting to be all things to everyone, giving in to audience demand. This can of course have benefits at times but it can also generate incongruence. At worst, it’s simply bad behaviour. The Moon’s trine to Neptune could go either way: either glossing over the shadow self, masking it with a brilliant smile, or taking the more compassionate approach, understanding that we all have those darker emotions that we try so hard to hide.

Scorpio is business minded. Whether it’s money or love, Scorpio wants to know how much it will cost?

“An arm and a leg” shouts Mars conjunct Sedna in the Full Moon chart.

In mythology, Sedna was married off to a man who seemed at first glance to be the perfect suitor. It was only after he took her away and she found herself deposited on a rocky island and treated badly, that she realised her fabulous new husband was in fact a nasty birdman. Her Father came to rescue her but the birdman whipped up a storm with his wings. Seeing that they could not survive with two in the boat, Sedna’s Father tipped her into the waters. When she tried to hold on to the boat, he cut off her fingers with the paddle. As she sank to the bottom of the ocean, her fingers turned into fish and other sea creatures. She still resides there, hair tangled and demanding the fishermen pay her their respects. To calm her, shamans comb out her hair, remove the crabs from it and braid it. Once she is calm, she releases the sea creatures so that the Inuit people can fish for food.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2015 – Chart

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 2015
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Sedna can be an angry, vengeful Goddess but treated right, she shares all that she has to offer. This is much like Scorpio. If you are treated well by another, you untangle in their love. If you are treated like a human being on a ‘bad hair day’ when you are not at your best it is likely to evoke in you a sense of mutual love, respect and compassion. You feel safe enough to show your deepest feelings. Consequently this draws you together, intimacy develops. It’s a transformative experience. You become more than the sum of parts. The cost is outweighed by the benefits.

But if someone else takes advantage of you. If they use and abuse you, manipulate you or control you, the price of investing in that relationship is too high to sustain. Emotional bankruptcy occurs. The square to Jupiter asks you to look at where you may be over-investing in someone or something that on the surface looks wonderful. The sextile to Pluto and trine to Neptune suggests to use your deep intuition to know what is good for you. Do your research. Jupiter and Pluto are applying to a quincunx – is it an act or is it the truth?

Mars conjunct Sedna may make you fearful that the cost is just too high. If you are terrified of investing, time, money or love, it may be time to explore what is driving this.

In the Full Moon chart, Mercury is opposite Saturn and is also about to enter the shadow zone for the upcoming Mercury retrograde period. There may be some hard decisions to make. Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough information to choose. Mental blocks threaten to hold you back from investigating dark waters.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is :-

Telephone Lineman At Work Installling New Connections

Test your thinking patterns, challenge yourself to voice your deepest feelings. Test what works for you and what doesn’t. If there are faulty thinking patterns, replace them with new ones. If a conversation doesn’t work for you, consider how it can be readdressed or whether it’s worth it. If you aren’t being heard, is it because the other person doesn’t value you enough to listen or is it because you are holding back what is really on your mind? Around 55% of how we communicate is through body language and you can bet that if you aren’t communicating your real thoughts through words, they are leaking out into your body. Under a Scorpio Moon with a trine to Neptune, these unspoken thoughts bubble up from the depths making a loud ‘pop’ as they reach the surface which is received by the psychic radar of others.

Many of our emotional entanglements come from fear of self expression and fear of listening to ourselves. It can seem easy to ignore those inner shadows and instead seek attention from another to soothe that inner pain. But at some point,  our own inner Sedna howls from the deep, withdrawing sustenance, making us feel starved of love, unworthy, dirty, nasty. Feelings of resentment can multiply. Intimacy suffers and relationships become one-sided or disappear entirely. If something within is clamouring for attention, make a connection to it.  A clear line of communication to your inner self is the greatest investment you can make. The Jupiter-Pluto quincunx shows that when you show the truth of who you are, this makes life rich beyond measure.

If you have planets or points around 13 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will be most impacted by the Full Moon themes.

Sketch for A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse


For those who you who visit the blog regularly, I am taking a break from writing the weekly forecast as there have been some exciting developments which now mean I have writing deadlines to meet. In order to write and also perform readings and consults, something had to give! The monthly video forecast, daily cosmic tides, lunations, retrogrades and other posts will continue as normal however.


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  1. As a moon child, I found your May 2015 full moon message to be, not
    only beautifully written, but thought provoking. Thank you.

  2. I’d like to inquire on your availability for a reading. please email me at your convenience. In gratitude. …Michaela

  3. Sunday May 3, 2015 I greet you this morning with a nourished spirit! I have just finished reading your full moon in Scorpio May 2015. Thank you so very much for your offering. My hyperlinking brought me to you for the first time, and I’m grateful. I am a 64 year old early Scorp 10/26 female with Taurus Moon and Cap rising. I have been searching for reason and purpose and recently have been drawn to all things…ancient and natural…astrology, crystals, tarot, meditation et job with its uneven shift changes takes up most of my day/or night and I come home too drained to do much reading for all of my interests.. but I’m so quickened by these does one begin to sort it all out? Again thank you for your offering I truly enjoyed it and I will be looking for your site.

  4. Hi Suzy – thanks for your comment and your lovely greeting! Beginning to study all these wonderful mysteries, ancient ways and new philosophies is very exciting but also I understand the struggle. My book shelves overflow with books! Essentially it’s an inner journey as much as an outer one. I would always advise meditation as a routine practice – even mindful walking on the way to work if time is very limited. From that, you will then know which topics call you the most and where to start. And there’s nothing wrong with dipping in and out of things initially to get a flavour of those things you might want to savour further down the line 🙂

  5. Much appreciation and gratitude for your en-light-en-ing us to this Full Moon in Scorpio … and all that it seems to impart with its particular challenges.

    Your posting resonates very much with my experience this ‘challenging’ weekend of the Full Scorpio Moon.
    I am a Senior Taurus, Scorpio Rising, Sagittarius/Capricorn Moon.

    The ‘full moon energy’ of this weekend has indeed been ‘intense’ in my own experience, to say the least.
    An ornery old curmudgeon in my apartment building has been a veritable ‘diarhhea of the mouth’. My generous Good Nature has become fed up with it; reporting his verbal harassment and sexual comments to the building Owners; and will file with the local authorities if the Owners cannot impart that Very Very Bad, Vile Behavior will not be tolerated in our little micro-community, i.e. “Put a muzzle on the Old Goat” .

    If he cannot behave himself, then he needs to be booted out.
    If The Owners want to retain his kind since he has been here since the Days of Methusula?-sp? — Then yours truly here needs to Give Notice that I shall be seeking Other Rental more amenable to peaceable abiding sans verbal harassment/intimidation/ general misogynist behavior on the part of One Very Bad Apple.

    (Oh yes, by the way, he refers to yours truly as “Mrs. Righteous” … to which I typically respond: “Righteous Brothers. Right On. Beautiful music.” )

    {{{{ S i g h }}}}

  6. Hi Theta – Oh dear, not good to have a bad apple in the mix. I love the humour in your comment although I can imagine it’s really not a very nice situation to be in! I do hope the building owners listen to what’s happening and sort it out for you.

  7. Melinda Light

    Dear Leah. Your words for this full Scorpio Full Moon speak to me truelly.
    Thank you :-). I usually look up and find Sabian Symbols for Full Moon before the event…and wish I had done so this time (rueful smile)!..Has been a pretty emotionally ‘bruising’ time for me (Leo Sun, Pisces Rising, Scorpio Moon) and my Scorpio Sun (and I think Leo Rising), Virgo Moon husband. Also other sudden situations with our two beloved and elderly dogs, and our home business!!!
    Suffice to say, I would appreciate your interpretation of the times specific to my chart. (and perhaps in relation to my husband too 🙂
    How shall I arrange a session with you Leah?. I have had my birth chart, and progressions looked at and interpreted several times over the years, most recently about 2 years ago. I appreciate your perspective; and the clarity, thoroughness and warmth with which you express it. Thank you, Melinda (in New Zealand).

  8. Hi Melinda – Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear this Moon is manifesting as challenging times for you. If you would like a live Skype session, this can be booked directly from my scheduler here As we are on opposite sides of the pond, if my times aren’t suitable for you, I also offer audio readings which can be booked through the site. To see the range of readings I offer, please take a look at this page Blessings.

  9. very insightful. thank you. Loved, “An arm and a leg” shouts Mars conjunct Sedna in the Full Moon chart.”

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