New Moon in Taurus May 2015 – Thrive

vase-of-flowers-1907The New Moon in Taurus occurs at 04:13 (UT) on the 18th May 2015 at 26°Ta55′

Taurus, more than anything else wants to see tangible results – results that you can taste, touch, see, hear or feel and preferably results that bolster the bank balance to boot. This creative sign has a desire to manifest its potential in the real world. It’s flourishing life.

This Moon taps into the t-square that’s been playing out between Mars, Saturn and Neptune but the aspects are all wide and out of sign. The Moon is very widely conjunct Mars and opposite Saturn. It’s like something niggling at the back of your mind. Something doesn’t feel quite right and you can’t put your finger on it. Maybe you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for.

The ruler of this lunation is Venus and with her trine to Neptune, things can seem OK on the surface. After all, those weeds have pretty flowers…It’s easy to gloss over the unquiet feeling inside. This trine is a creative, magical aspect that positively encourages you to appreciate the good things in life – but not at the expense of not addressing those things that aren’t sitting comfortably. The opposition from Venus to Pluto suggests a confrontation with the truth. The more I look at this chart, the more it feels like walking into a tidy house only to find that everything has been hastily shoved away higgledy piggledy under the bed and in the cupboards. Things look good on the surface but underneath there’s a mess to be sorted out.

New Moon in Taurus May 2015 – Chart

New Moon in Taurus May 2015 - Chart

Mercury is also about to station retrograde. It’s like a loose thread that threatens to unravel. Venus trine Neptune can have a Pollyanna approach and see everything through rose-tinted glasses. The wide opposition to Saturn may be an approaching challenge that you’re trying not to see. The wide conjunction to Mars hints that you know at some point you have to do something but Mercury stationing retrograde suggests that maybe you’re not thinking about it or haven’t made a decision or perhaps you just don’t know what to do. Taurus can procrastinate ’til the cows come home.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

An Old Indian Woman Selling The Artifacts Of Her Tribe To Passers-by

The Moon in Taurus is associated with an instinctive drive to survive.  We all do what we can to make it through one more day, to make one more dollar. It’s relentless. The problem comes when we are so focused on surviving we forget about thriving. The wide opposition to Saturn may manifest as a vague feeling that there isn’t enough to go round. Venus opposing Pluto can be obsessed with the having. We exist but we aren’t living.

Money is simply an exchange of energy.

  • Are you selling yourself short?
  • Do you value the work you do?
  • Do you feel you deserve what you have?
  • What are you really worth?
  • Are you offering the best of what you have to give?
  • When did you last stop to smell the roses?
  • Do you love yourself unconditionally?

This New Moon offers you the chance to transcend your limits and engage with profound personal transformation but it can’t be done unless you address the truth of your reality.  Accept that it takes time for things to grow to fruition. Allow yourself time to think and reflect. Maybe it feels like mud is sucking at your feet, threatening to pull you down. Reframe it. This is the stuff of life. Take this clay and mould it into something both functional and beautiful. Work with what you have.

Painting – ‘Vase of Flowers’ by Theo van Rysselberghe



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