Full Moon in Sagittarius - Zeus

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2015 – The Scenic Route

Full Moon in Sagittarius - ZeusThe Full Moon occurs at 16:18 (UT) on the 2nd June 2015 at 11°SAG49′

When the Moon is full in Sagittarius, you are moved by visions of the future, endless possibility. New horizons call and there may be a restless, even fretful urge to go beyond the garden gate. Sagittarius as a sign is connected to travel, foreign cultures and countries. It is the desire for exploration as a way to access a new understanding of the world. This visionary sign has a keen interest in experiencing the unknown and untried. It’s the call of far off shores. It also connects with higher learning, philosophy, morals and laws – all those things that help us to understand who we are within this world.

The house with Sagittarius on the cusp in your chart is where you need to go further, pursue understanding, develop belief and have faith. It’s an area of life to be pursued enthusiastically with a positive attitude.

The Full Moon is square to Neptune in Pisces which makes me think of an armchair traveller. It’s dreaming of all those wonderful things you can do and places you can go but not actually doing it. It’s wonderful to be inspired by the stories of others but there comes a point where reading about successes of others simply becomes a second hand experience. You become an observer, not a participant in life. Mars in this chart has just perfected a quincunx to Pluto – it takes action to change things but maybe you’re afraid of the competition. It’s easier to dream…

The Full Moon is also opposite to Mercury (retrograde) and Mars in Gemini. Also with the Neptune square, maybe you find yourself wondering how you got lost. Maybe you feel unsure of your destination. Perhaps you don’t even know where the destination is anymore! It may be hard to pinpoint the feeling of dissatisfaction or disillusion with these aspects. Mars is square to Chiron so you may be worried that your actions will be seen as too ‘out there’ for some – or perhaps you think it might be better to not do anything in case you get hurt.

Neptune’s influence may give you a severe case of wanderlust – or a desire to find an escape route. Perhaps you are just overwhelmed with choices. Limitless possibilities can paradoxically become limiting.

Whilst the Moon is under some duress, she is widely trine to Jupiter and Uranus (very wide in Uranus’s case but just in orb). Jupiter as ruler of this Moon suggests that behind everything is an overwhelming desire to make a difference, to have a different experience, to try something new, to break out, to experiment, to gain a higher perspective. This aspect wants something different to look at for a change. Mars is also sextile to Jupiter, an opportunity to take action that will benefit you.

The sextile between Mars and Jupiter forms the base of a yod to Pluto. It reminds me of that painting by Blake with Zeus  pointing down from the skies!

“There! That’s where you’re going” says Zeus!

It’s a diversion to Hades on your way to [insert destination of choice] because unconscious fears must be confronted. It’s about knowing what’s in your control and what isn’t and knowing that nothing can stay the same. This journey you are on will change you.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Chart1

The Sabian for this Full Moon is :-

A Flag Turns Into An Eagle; The Eagle Into A Chanticleer Saluting The Dawn

This Sabian is symbolic of achievement of your highest aims. The flag flying is a symbol of leadership, ownership, success, achievement, honour. The regal Eagle is connected to royalty. It also connects to the idea of being a ‘high flyer’. Eagle can see both the big picture soaring as it does in the skies yet it is ‘eagle-eyed’ and therefore able to recognise the details too.

The cockerel proudly announcing the arrival of the Sun at dawn is like announcing your success. The cockerel is puffed up and proud and so he should be.

Something of this Moon asks you – what is your highest aim? What are you trying to achieve? What vision do you hold of yourself in the future? Are you proud of what you have done so far? Are you willing to put that on the line to gain further experiences or are you playing it safe? This lunation may generate a longing for excitement.

When my Grandmother was younger, she and my grandfather used to love going out on day trips. My grandfather would get the car ready, Nana would make a picnic and off they would go. To add to the excitement, they rarely decided where they were go beforehand. They would simply jump in the car and drive to wherever they ended up – picking left or right at random. They didn’t worry about getting lost because the destination wasn’t the main agenda, it was the journey that provided the inspiration and excitement. Getting lost meant finding a lovely pub in a tiny village that serves an amazing lunch, a fabulous but hardly ever seen view point high up on a hill, a cute little gallery in the middle of nowhere.

Life isn’t a straight line from A-B – it’s meandering path. Sometimes you feel lost when you aren’t. Sometimes you are lost but if you can stop for a moment and simply enjoy the view, you aren’t ‘lost’ anymore. Perhaps one of the lessons of this Full Moon is to learn to appreciate the scenic route.

Painting – ‘The Ancient of Days’ by William Blake

12 thoughts on “Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2015 – The Scenic Route”

  1. I love your grandparents’ travel/adventure technique. Your last two paragraphs remind me ~~~~~ 5 (?) years ago I wrote a short song, like a recitatif in Handel sort of. It goes, “You are immune, & so immortal, when you pursue the Tune thru a fading portal. Getting lost is not in the Cards, when you’re at home in the Unknown, and you realign with it daily ~~~~~~~~~~~ When in doubt just follow the Girl with the Gold Ukulele ……..” Thanks, my friend & sage! >>>>> Rm, aka, Luke

  2. When in High School the girls and I would pile in the car and go get “lost” in the city. We joked that, if found, we would ask a cute boy for directions.
    Lovely memory to revisit.

  3. Jennifer Livingston

    wow…I’m glad I wandered off to find you….love your voice in Astrology…thank you for sharing your lovely grandparents story…that’s the way ta do it, isn’t it?…wander off the beaten path…get lost to find the magic… wow to Luke too.

  4. Margaret Motheral

    Pluto is now 3 degrees approaching my north node in the 12th house. I guess that is where I’m going.

  5. Hi Leah, I notice you are using Placidus in this chart, as opposed to your usual equal house system. Why is that? Thanks

  6. Hi Jacintha – Uh oh, that would be a classic Mercury retrograde. I created the chart on my laptop which for some reason defaults to Placidus and I forgot to change it. Well spotted, lol! Edited 😀

  7. Thank goodness for that! My eyes were ‘swizzled’ in trying to make out what went where! I’ve ‘wrangled’ with both house systems for donkeys & STILL can’t reach a conclusion as to the better of the two. Can you?? 🙂

  8. I’m an Equal House girl through and through Jacintha. Other house systems where the houses are unequal make me feel like i’m looking at the chart lopsided! Personally I’ve found Equal to be the most accurate to work with, especially when planets move into houses as they really seem to make an impact. I started with Equal in my early years then spent some years toying with Placidus but never felt right with it. I never tried any of the others after that. Being a Taurus, I stuck with what worked for me 🙂

  9. Thank you Leah for the sweet vignette about your grandparents! I was touched by the ‘drive and end up wherever you end up’ outings. Those types of car trips meant so very much to my Sag planets all my life, but have gone by the wayside during my 23 year marriage. My otherwise super caring and very loving mate is convinced that one needs to plan ahead and definitely know where point B is, otherwise it is pointless, and the wrong way to go about things.
    I’ll now treat myself to some short but sweet unmapped drives without questioning the validity. (I’ll take the fuel-efficient hybrid car, or accomplish the same by hiking about on foot)
    Thanks again!

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