June 2015 Astrology Forecast – Video

June 2015 Astrology Forecast – Aspects

2nd June Full Moon in Sagittarius
5th June Mars sextile Jupiter
9th June Mars sextile Uranus
9th June Last Quarter Moon in Pisces
11th June Mercury Stations Direct
12th June Mars square Chiron
12th June Neptune Stations Retrograde
15th June Saturn re-enters Scorpio
16th June New Moon in Gemini
21st June Sun enters Cancer/Summer Solstice
22nd June Jupiter trine Uranus
24th June First Quarter Moon in Libra
24th June Chiron Stations Retrograde
24th June Mars enters Cancer
24th June Vesta conjunct South Node

Tarot Card of the Month
Five of Wands – Radiant Rider Waite

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  1. I bow to the Master. I’ve studied and practised a long time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Mary

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