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Personal Update June 2015

Hubble pic 91Hi everyone

This is just a very quick update. Unfortunately I have been horribly ill for the past two weeks. My health has been troublesome for the last couple of months and Pluto transiting my 6th house square my MC/IC finally said enough’s enough and forced me to stop entirely. My Solar Return chart from April this year also features an unaspected 6th house Sun which put me on alert, not to mention transiting Uranus conjunct my 6th house (health) ruler Saturn in my natal chart. Oh and progressed Moon conjunct the South Node opposite Saturn – thanks for that universe…

And yes, I did see it when I was doing my own yearly transits and no, I did not listen because I’m a stubborn Taurus with a wild ‘to hell with that’ Aries stellium! So Pluto forced the issue and here I am…

But now I’m listening. I’m doing yoga as best I can and learning the art of releasing expectation with my body. I’m doing Qi Gong to realign my energies. I’m drinking gallons of camomile tea. I’m walking round the little organic garden at the back of my flat every day to inhale the scent of wild rose and pet the cats. I’m sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and my dreams are letting me know little by little what I need to do. Right before I got too ill to work, I dreamed of being in a car hurtling towards a lorry. Sometimes dreams just tell it like it is! I’ve had a battery of doctor’s tests. Lupus flags up on my results but may or may not be actual Lupus as it’s a low level. Even so, it has come back the same twice, indicating inflammation in my body and my immune system has certainly gone into overdrive.

So, to that end, right now I am back to doing recorded readings, catching up on those who kindly waited whilst I was ill – huge thanks to all those concerned. I will put audio readings back on sale when I have fully caught up both with clients and with myself. I am leaving off Skype readings for the moment as my symptoms have been somewhat unpredictable. I may need to leave the newsletter and video this month although I will try to post a monthly forecast when I can. Right now, catching up on client work is my priority.

So, apologies for the lack of posts etc. at the moment. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly, if Pluto will oblige 😀





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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. Your work is amazing so lots of healing energy your way to feel well and continue the great work. You may find this resource of interest: I follow this protocol/dietary lifestyle myself and have had amazing results.

  2. Oh my darling… I have become so connected to your brilliance, your art. Every morning I cannot wait to see what you think is the focus for the day. I have had cancer in my lung.. Pluto conjunct ascendant. Birthday 01/23/1956…. 6:17 am… Carthage MO What can I do for you? Come to my home.. bird bathes, good food, talks and walks. Clean food and friendship.. Mary

  3. Dear Leah,
    Evolution is so hard! At least, I tell myself illness is a chance to take the next step, to move forward. Been through a re-shaping myself many times, and know how frustrating and debilitating it can be. Be sure you give yourself all the time you need. Wishing you all the best, and a speedy recovery of energy! xo jd

  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, I had/have Fibromyalgia, which is a sister to Lupus. The only thing that helped was changing my diet to organic foods, no dairy and a gluten free diet..Blessing and love sent your way.

  5. I read your daily astrology fb page and happily follow your twitter posts. You are quite amazing at interpreting how we can all best use the energies at hand. It makes all the difference to be able to align with what is good and true at the start of the day. Thank you so much for sharing your insights up to this point, and I look forward to reading more, whenever you are able. There are such difficult alignments for you right now, I hope you feel as best you can each moment. I, too, have been stepping up my Yoga and Qi Gong “workouts”, and I can’t say enough about the incredible benefits! You’re on an awesome path with those disciplines (at least Saturn is good for something that actually feels good, lol). I’m a Taurus, too, so I’ll be stopping to smell the roses as well! ????

  6. Your doing the right thing ? I too struggle with letting up my grip on work, and I probably should be taking better care of myself being that Pluto is transiting my 6h and Saturn my 6h ruler is about to hit my natal Saturn ect…. abundant positive vibes to you 🙂 Get well soon!

  7. Kelly Davidson

    I feel your pain,Saturn has been conjunct (28 Scorpio)Mercury my 6th house (health) ruler.Hope things resolve soon. I so enjoy your writing.

  8. Hi Leah,

    Please get well soon, you are a special soul and I’m so sad to hear you are suffering.

    All the best,


  9. So sorry to read that you have been ill Leah. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I was wondering…it Lyme’s disease prevalent where you are? Here in the U.S. it is. A few years ago I became deathly ill and my physician never thought to test me. Finally, I demanded to be tested and sure enough…I had been bitten by a deer tick and that was the cause. So, I wanted to share in case you wish to consider this going forward. Blessings to you…take good care.

  10. So sorry to hear of your illness, Leah. Go with it: hear it, see it, breathe it, live it, till its ‘had its say’; all will be WELL again. x

  11. Dear Leah. I am sending you heart felt good wishes and blessing that you will recover soon. Take the time that is needed. And as you said smell the roses for a while. Jackie

  12. Leah, I’m so very sorry to read that you have been ill. I hope your efforts to find balance and the healing powers of the universe will bring relief. I remain amazed at your ability to synthesize art, astrology, myth and symbols into deeply intuitive messages to an undefined “you,” a kind of “thou” every day, even when your energy is taxed by physical suffering. Your readings and reveries are fascinating and affirming. Thank you, and may you soon be feeling completely whole.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with your health. I absolutely LOVE your postings. I hope your feeling better very soon!!!!! 🙂

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